June 26, 2015
by melissa

Smart ladies love lists, pop-culture-a-go-go, June 26, 2015

Every week, I will post what I have been listening to, watching and reading lately (& maybe an “other”).


I’m lucky to generally life my life without much knowledge of popular radio music. Have you heard this Andy Grammer song? It’s worse than Jason Mraz. And the video is so dopey. I saw an EW article about him, so I looked him up on youtube and instantly regretted it. Even worse than that, I’m sad that I didn’t hear this song until this week:

Apparently it’s the most added track in the history of radio, shattering the record previously held by Justin Timberlake. All I previously knew of Jason Derulo was his now-defunct relationship with an American Idol winner. Dude, I am SO SORRY. “Cheyenne”? Also KILLER:

I dig the whole record, actually, which features a song with the most beautiful woman in the world Jennifer Lopez and another with Megan Trainor, who does not muck it up with her Megan Trainor-ness.

Speaking of amazing R&B songs:

Wildheart comes out on Tuesday and I have a strong feeling it’s going to be one of my top records this year.


Maya Rudolph as Rachel Dolezal has been cracking me up for DAYS:

Also, last night was the NBA Draft (though it was hard to tear myself away from OITNB). I watch it every year, it is the NBA’s gift to me. It’s so exciting! I love events with pomp and circumstance and very specific rules. There’s also crazy politics, last minute trades, fancy suits, and tear-jerking moments where a player with a genetic disorder is fake drafted. Most of all, everyone is is freaking HAPPY. Also? This Grantland post about last night’s winners and losers is HILARIOUS.


SO well-dressed. Via.


Morrissey cat

Morrissey with Cats tumblr and this article about NBA Catwatch, where I learned that Carmelo is afraid of cats and I will never pick him up on my fantasy team EVER. Because, like the rest of the internet, I love cats.


How a Makeup Mogul Liberated Women by Putting Them in a Pretty New Cage. Collectors Weekly writes some of my favorite long-form pieces, and this bio of makeup mogul Helena Rubenstein is so comprehensive and full of beautiful vintage ads and gilded compacts.

Want Mindblowing Mint Chip Ice Cream? Ditch the Bottle of Extract on Serious Eats. I have a giant peppermint plant this year and this might be a good way to use it. Unfortunately, I can’t have ice cream (do coconut and mint taste good together?) and my husband only eats mint chocolate chip if it’s green. I do not understand wanting MORE artificial coloring.

Mitski & Ryan Hemsworth Predict the Song of the Summer 2015 on Stereogum. I will 100% credit this interview, which I discovered after Mitski posted about it, for helping me to (re)discover Jason Derulo. But I love that the site got two musicians together in the same room to talk about pop music. They are both knowledgeable but are also outsiders to pop music.

Cherry Berry Buttermilk Crumb Cake on How Sweet it Is. This is one of my favorite food blogs, because she also posts about makeup and has a huge recipe collection for various grilled cheeses. I love cake for breakfast and I could definitely get away with it if I make this.

So, shorter this week. I have a really depressing birthday coming up and I always get sad this time of year. I have an exciting weekend planned that includes pizza, record shopping, thrifting, going to the movies, and beer–ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS.

What pop culture have you been getting into this week?

June 22, 2015
by melissa

Smart ladies love movies, this week in trailers, June 22, 2015

I could not find any gifs for any of these movies but enjoy this one from Raising Arizona, THE BEST Nic Cage movie.

I could not find any gifs for any of these movies but enjoy this one from Raising Arizona, THE BEST Nic Cage movie.

Movie Trailer Monday

Each week I review movie trailers that came out the previous week or for movies that are about to premiere. Some of these movies I am excited about, some I am mildly curious about, and the rest I make fun of! [Note: Katie is on a cross-country road trip I am EXTREMELY jealous of. Because of that, I will be picking all the MTM trailers, with comments by my hilarious special guest–my husband PJ! -M]

Notable movies coming out this weekend

Fresh Dressed

Besides Ted 2 and Max, both of which I refuse to write about, a shit ton of indie movies are opening in limited release on Friday. Fresh Dressed is a documentary about the evolution of hip hop fashion which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year. I like that everyone from Pharrell Williams to Andre Leon Talley are interviewed.  [I will purchase and wear a brand new pair of kicks when I go see this movie. – PJ]

The Little Death

This sex comedy came out in its native Australia last year and already lost out at the Australian Oscars (AACTAs), but usually when a comedy from down under comes to America (Muriel’s Wedding), it’s usually funny and weird and charming. [I love the Australian accents and this movie looks pretty good. – PJ]

Balls Out is out onDemand and for rent

Dodgeball set in the world of intramural football but starring current SNL faves Beck Bennett, Jay Pharaoh and Kate McKinnon and Jake Lacy from The Office/Obvious Child/Girls. This looks totally dumb, and was poorly rebranded, but I can see myself watching it on cable. [In a couple months, I’ll pass the digital poster on Netflix or HBO and Melissa will remind me that I made this comment. One of us will watch about 3/4 of the movie before falling asleep. The other, maybe less, but will catch the ending. – PJ]

Movies I can’t wait to see in an ACTUAL theater

People Places Things, August 14, 2015

I giggled throughout this trailer, which stars Jemaine Clement as the best dad ever, who deals with his ex-wife marrying Cal from Orange is the New Black and dates the stunning Regina Hall. I love heartwarming and funny indies so I am all over this one. [Melissa will have to remind me about this movie. Twice. The first time will be when she wants to make plans to see it with her. The second time will be after 90mins of previews. What are we seeing again? “Jemaine from Flight of the..” Ohh yes!  – PJ]

A Poem is a Naked Person, July 3, 2015

This 1974 documentary about Leon Russell was largely financed by Russell himself, but was never released due to creative differences and music clearance issues. The son of director Les Blank, Harrod, spent years working on the clearances so it could finally be released. I love that this is a time capsule of the 70s and includes George Jones and Willie Nelson too! [I will beg to Melissa to watch this with me several times before giving up and watching it on Netflix with Gemma. – PJ]

I won’t go to an ACTUAL theater but will pay for it on Amazon

Gabriel, Jane 19, 2015

ANOTHER acting Culkin? Ugh. Thankfully, Rory is the last one. This came out last week, but there was nothing else that I could even think to put in this category. The performances look great, but I’m a little tired of coming-of-age stories about teenage boys. [Not sure about this one, but it’s got to be better than what Macaulay has been doing. – PJ]

You would have to PAY me to see it in an ACTUAL theater

Captive, September 18, 2015

I don’t know what Kate Mara, David Oyelowo and Michael K. Williams are doing in a faith-based movie that’s based on a true story where Mara, a drug addict being held captive by Oyelowo, reads The Purpose Driven Life to him. Lives are changed. Everything about this trailer makes me uncomfortable and sad. What is up with Mara’s terrible accent? [I will purposely drive my life away from seeing this movie. This story is still being told on CNN daily. – PJ]

The Runner, August 7, 2015

Another bizarre accent, this time Nic Cage attempts to sound like he is from New Orleans. Sarah Paulson, Connie Nielson, Peter Fonda, Wendell Pierce (that’s the SECOND castmember from The Wire in this category this week) and Bryan Batt (AKA SAL FROM MAD MEN) all decided it was a good idea to be in a movie about the 2010 BP oil spill. [I will save gas by skipping this cash-in movie. – PJ]

June 20, 2015
by melissa

Smart ladies love TV, A Deadly Adoption live blog


Though we were waylaid by some rain, PJ and I are liveblogging A Deadly Adoption tonight. We’re starting a bit late, but hopefully we will get caught up soon. Katie is driving cross-country (I hear she’s in the middle somewhere right now), and is very sad to miss this momentous occasion.

PJ Sykes, 08:30:39 PM


melissa, 08:31:43 PM

And… we’re live! I am not good at doing this without Katie. Also, we haven’t started the DVR yet…

PJ Sykes, 08:33:05 PM

We are starting 30mins late, but will catch up to live TV over a few commercial breaks.

melissa, 08:33:19 PM

It’s on the beginning titles and I’m already giggling.

Is this their house? It is REALLY nice.

melissa, 08:33:49 PM

Will Ferrell as a financial guru? HAHAHAHAH.

PJ Sykes, 08:34:01 PM

Robert “Nothing is going to tear me away from my family” hmmm….

PJ Sykes, 08:34:59 PM

Slow motion screams.

melissa, 08:35:15 PM

I don’t know how they are speaking these lines without laughing.

Kristin Wiig, pregnant, just fell backwards into the water and Will Ferrell jumped in after her! I guess this baby’s not going to make it.

melissa, 08:35:48 PM

I  hope Bill Hader shows up.

PJ Sykes, 08:36:08 PM

Hospital coffee, amiright?

melissa, 08:36:55 PM

I don’t watch non-Christmas Lifetime movies anymore so this is a total stretch for me.

PJ Sykes, 08:37:52 PM

It’s like the opening credits of The Shining panning over the water.

melissa, 08:38:53 PM

Will’s hair looks incredibly fake and lacquered with hairspray.

melissa, 08:39:49 PM

Oooh a diverse farmer’s market! Kristin Wiig/Sarah sells sweets there with some loser named Charlie.

melissa, 08:41:07 PM

Sarah’s 100% Organic. Charlie is the best character in this so far. I want a Charlie movie. He makes assy comments.

melissa, 08:41:49 PM

I love how Kristin Wiig keeps playing characters who bake. Maybe she really likes to eat so she forces people to write it into scripts.

melissa, 08:42:42 PM

OOOH I’m imagining Rogelio from Jane the Virgin playing Robert and it is genius. MORE ROGELIO.

PJ Sykes, 08:43:48 PM

Robert is still sad about the accident, Sarah is way over it and into organic baking.

PJ Sykes, 08:44:47 PM

Sarah has a family secret, and it’s sex.

melissa, 08:44:52 PM

Robert blames the doctor for Sarah’s miscarriage. Also their daughter is a diabetic, but Kristin Wiig bakes all the time.

I keep imagining Kristin Wiig saying lines as SNL characters.

melissa, 08:45:25 PM

The pregnant girl whose baby they may adopt looks a lot like Megan Fox, but without all the dumb tattoos.

PJ Sykes, 08:45:47 PM

I hope Wilford Brimley shows up and helps the kid with her diabetes.

melissa, 08:46:25 PM

OF COURSE her name is Bridgette. Robert can’t stop staring at her tits.

PJ Sykes, 08:46:27 PM

Pregnant lady drops family photo and it shatters… hmmm

PJ Sykes, 08:47:19 PM

Robert has a book called “Debt: It’s not just a four letter word”

melissa, 08:47:35 PM

Bridgette should know that student debt would help her get a good job and build credit when she pays her bills off at a low interest rate.

melissa, 08:48:39 PM

“If I could afford to live in a house like this…” I think we can work that out for you, Bridgette.

PJ Sykes, 08:49:13 PM

Preg lady is also over protective of children. hmmmm

PJ Sykes, 08:49:32 PM

Two seconds later, Do you want to live with us?

melissa, 08:49:55 PM

“What if this hot young girl, who happens to have read my book, stays with us?”- Robert

melissa, 08:50:42 PM

It is the saddest that they never built the pier back after Sarah fell into the water. What’s the point of living on a lake?

melissa, 08:51:44 PM

I have Sarah’s striped top in three colors. It’s J. Crew. It’s the best tee shirt in the world.

melissa, 08:52:16 PM

This Bridgette seems like a bad seed. I don’t trust this asshole.

melissa, 08:54:41 PM

Charlie likes Bridgette. Why is he such a bad judge of character?

Bitch is ALREADY ripping Sarah’s face off a picture of she and Robert.

melissa, 08:55:40 PM

Robert, you will get no peace and quiet as long as Bridgette is in your house.

PJ Sykes, 08:56:48 PM

Sarah and the kid are leaving Robert and preg lady alone in the house. The dog is off limits.

melissa, 08:57:46 PM

I feel like Robert’s book editor would be BFFs with Charlie.

PJ Sykes, 08:58:34 PM

Bridget wants sunblock, asks in sexy voice.

PJ Sykes, 08:59:44 PM

SPF 30 is that enough?

melissa, 08:59:52 PM

We have at least eight different bottles of sunscreen in our house and it is only two of us.

melissa, 09:00:06 PM

melissa, 09:02:25 PM

The slow pan of Bridgette laying in the sun followed by Robert’s awkward face is pure hilarity.

PJ Sykes, 09:03:02 PM

How much coffee should a pregnant lady drink? So far that is all she has had to drink lots of coffee.

PJ Sykes, 09:03:44 PM

Gay friend is trying to figure out Bridget.

melissa, 09:04:05 PM

Ohhhh now I remember how I know Bridget… she was on the reboot of 90210. She has very lovely, thick hair. I’ll bet she takes a lot of a vitamins.

PJ Sykes, 09:04:29 PM

Robert doesn’t like big motors on the lake. Is trying to make it a town law.

PJ Sykes, 09:06:57 PM

Creepy reflection of Bridget is staring a the sleeping kid.

PJ Sykes, 09:07:34 PM

Now she is pushing the kid into the road as a car comes.

melissa, 09:07:59 PM

YESSS Bridget has a crazy (ex?) boyfriend that looks like Stuart from the Love Language.

PJ Sykes, 09:08:19 PM

ExBF Duane is here. Cue evil sounding string music.

melissa, 09:08:21 PM

We know he is bad because he has lots of tattoos and the arms of his tee shirt are cut off.

melissa, 09:11:02 PM

How much do Sarah and Charlie make selling cake at the farmer’s market? Like enough to quit a mid-level state job at a university? Asking for a friend.

PJ Sykes, 09:11:57 PM

Robert is afraid of the water and blames Sarah for falling in. Says he can’t lover her the same.

melissa, 09:13:31 PM

I can’t tell if I like sassy black coffee lady or gay baking sidekick better. #ugh

PJ Sykes, 09:13:35 PM

We have met the only black person in town. She is the barista. More coffee.

melissa, 09:14:18 PM

So did Robert sleep with someone on his last book tour? His editor? Maybe Duane? Did he witness a murder?

PJ Sykes, 09:15:20 PM

She isn’t really pregnant! I knew it!

melissa, 09:15:53 PM

PJ totally called the Bridget’s-not-really-pregnant twist! Bridget, don’t trust Sully with this news!

PJ Sykes, 09:17:50 PM

Bridget and Sully are now besties with secrets.

melissa, 09:19:29 PM

OMG Bridget is Joni and Robert may have slept with her after meeting her at a club on his book tour?

PJ Sykes, 09:19:44 PM

Her name isn’t really Bridget! Flashback to his one night stand with Joni

PJ Sykes, 09:20:55 PM

I guess you can have a rock star lifestyle if you write finance books.

melissa, 09:21:03 PM

I’m going to liveblog the Full House TV movie! I hope Katie is available. That will be SO TERRIBLE.

PJ Sykes, 09:24:38 PM

Robert has been sober for a few years. He’s about to have a drink. HERE COMES FRANK THE TANK!

melissa, 09:24:46 PM

In real life, Charlie is a comedian named Bryan Safi. I’m guessing he’s friends with Kristin Wiig and/or Will Ferrell.

PJ Sykes, 09:27:15 PM

Robert cheated on Sarah with Joni on a book tour who is pretending to be Bridget who is presenting to be pregnant.

melissa, 09:28:39 PM

Bridget went from ugly 90s polyester dresses to tiny jorts and huge hoop earrings. I’m so confused.

PJ Sykes, 09:28:54 PM

Bridget is dressed like she’s in a biker gang.

PJ Sykes, 09:30:21 PM

The gay guy doesn’t know anything about the car, knows everything about the man she ran away with.

PJ Sykes, 09:31:37 PM

“Mailbox” looks a lot like Gmail. Google may want to look into that.

melissa, 09:31:56 PM

Charlie has been wearing this shirt for a week. The clothing budget on this thing is tiny.

melissa, 09:33:43 PM

DON’T HURT CHARLIE. He is just trying to save Sully.

PJ Sykes, 09:35:21 PM

What! They killed charlie!

melissa, 09:35:38 PM

OMFG THAT ASSHOLE KILLED CHARLIE. I am devastated. This movie means nothing to me anymore.

PJ Sykes, 09:36:21 PM

Montage of “missing child” flyers. Sad puppy sniffing balled up flyer.

PJ Sykes, 09:37:48 PM

I feel like we are gearing up for a boat chase. Please let there be a boat chase!

melissa, 09:37:55 PM

Is it too hard to Google Diabetes and know what this poor kid needs? It’s not fucking candy, morons.

melissa, 09:40:16 PM

Bridget, why are you boating in high-heeled boots?

PJ Sykes, 09:41:37 PM

Joni is sarcastically tapping on Sarah’s car. Now has a gun!

PJ Sykes, 09:43:14 PM

Yes! double choke hold!

melissa, 09:44:02 PM

Sadly, Sarah could not take out that bitch Bridget. She is sitting in the garage with the car running. This is no good for anyone. I hope Sully’s tummy feels better.

PJ Sykes, 09:44:05 PM

Oh no! Carbon monoxide!

PJ Sykes, 09:45:07 PM

Robert has been shot! Joni is on a roll.

melissa, 09:46:28 PM

Is everyone going to die in this thing? FalalalaLifetime movies all have happy endings. Everyone marries a prince or someone rich.

PJ Sykes, 09:48:49 PM

Joni tells Sully her dad is dead, then shoots ex bf in front of her, then tells Sully her mom is dead. I’ll bet she wishes it was just diabetes now.

PJ Sykes, 09:50:19 PM

Robert finds the strength to pick up Sarah after being shot twice… and they have a moment exactly like the water accident at the start of the movie.

PJ Sykes, 09:52:19 PM

We are now caught up with live TV.

PJ Sykes, 09:52:58 PM

How is that BF not dead after being shot in the stomach from like 4ft away?

melissa, 09:53:10 PM

We are finally caught up on the DVR! Whew. Unfortunately I am finding it hard to stay awake. I’m sorry, dear readers.

melissa, 09:54:51 PM

It is such a shame Charlie had to be killed by two of the most boring villains ever.

PJ Sykes, 09:55:48 PM

Sully is going to save the day!

melissa, 09:55:56 PM

Joni/Bridget clearly has some issues with men that she needs to work out.

PJ Sykes, 09:56:54 PM

Robert is such a good dad that he brought her insulin in the boat.

PJ Sykes, 09:59:13 PM

Sully and Robert jump off the bridge! He’s been shot twice, maybe three times now and Sully is almost passed out.

PJ Sykes, 09:59:36 PM

Yes! Sarah shot Joni/Bridget!!!

melissa, 09:59:48 PM

CHEERING FOR SARAH WITH A GUN!!! And I don’t think people should really have guns. But damn, she is a really good shot. Better than Bridget/Joni.

melissa, 10:00:41 PM

Don’t they miss Charlie??? He was Sarah’s employee for YEARS and now she’s working alone.

PJ Sykes, 10:01:05 PM

Cut to super long dance scene in the kitchen as a happy family.

melissa, 10:01:41 PM

This scene was so obviously filmed before they chose the song.

PJ Sykes, 10:01:42 PM

“inspired by a true story”

PJ Sykes, 10:02:59 PM

I wish zombie Charlie would show up or maybe just a shot of his grave.

melissa, 10:03:49 PM

Anddddd I will leave you with the best part of this movie. Good night everyone!


A Deady adoption dancing