July 15, 2016
by melissa

Smart ladies love lists, Pop-Culture-a-Go-Go, July 15, 2016

Yes, it has been a super long time. The summer weather has made me want to hide in my air conditioned house and watch TV and listen to music all the time… which is why I can write this post of all the stuff I’m digging.


My Discover Weekly on Spotify (I rejoined and so far it’s worth it) is usually full of boring white dude indie rock but it’s gotten a few things right lately.

Summer Flake

I am not sure why this Australian band (mostly the PHENOMENAL Steph Crase) isn’t extraordinarily popular, especially as there’s a bit of a 90s indie revival happening with bands like Palehound and Ought. Summer Flake’s whole album, Hello Friends, is fantastic.

Kweku Collins

This was probably recommended to me due to my love of Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book, as Collins is also from Chicago and writes very thoughtful, personal music.

Kelsey Lu

My playlist this week was pretty disappointing except for this. 4 minutes of ambient/drone followed by something Angel Olsen-y wasn’t what I expected AT ALL.


That guitar line makes me so damn happy. I wouldn’t mind if this was just a touch more twee, but I’m a crazy person.


For pure twee, I turn to Martha, whose record is called Blisters in the Pit of My Heart (so effing cute). I LOVE how this song opens with a guitar and voice and then kicks it up during the chorus.


I’ve been into R.E.M. since I was about ten years old–I went to see them a few times in high school. But one of my favorite recent YouTube discoveries is live R.E.M. concerts from the early 80s–there are several high-quality ones available, I guess because they allowed professionals to come in and shoot them a lot when they were medium-level popular. My favorite is this one from Raleigh in 1982, as it not only includes “Ages of You” (!!!) but it led me to discover several posts about Raleigh’s hidden underground nightclub scene.

I’ve also decided Peter Buck was a total babe back then (above, far right; and below), and that really helps hold my interest when I’m listening to “Hyena” for the forty-fifth time.

At the end of the month, a few of their IRS releases are being reissued on LP! I’m definitely getting Dead Letter Office, but I’m not sure I want to buy Lifes Rich Pageant for a fourth time (CD, original LP, reissue 2XCD).

You guys, I tried so hard to make Jason DeRulo “Want to Want Me” last year’s Song of the Summer, but I guess it was just mine. Here are some other non-Beyonce pop songs I am into right now.

Clams Casino ft. Kelela

I like every single thing Kelela has ever put out or sung on. She’s playing Hopscotch this year (KINGDOM is also on the same show, OMG) so I hope to see her and be blissfully happy.


I always feel like Miguel is singing to me. “Hello stranger/it’s been a while since we last kicked it.” O RLY??

Blood Orange

I haven’t listened to Freetown much yet, I was worried about Dev Hynes following up Cupid Deluxe. Thankfully this is fucking great.

Jamila Woods

You don’t have to believe ME that this track is fantastic–Pitchfork calls it “genius.”



The late, great Wells. Via.

I thought summer TV would be so good this year, but so far I’ve been mostly watching season 4 of The Americans that sat on our DVR for four months, major league baseball, and other stuff I’m late on like The Night Manager (LOVE), OJ Simpson: Made in America (even I am OJ-ed out but this is really interesting), and House of Cards (meh, everyone is an irredeemable piece of shit). The Bachelorette is very entertaining, although Katie and I both miss Chad a lot. And by Chad I mean Wells and Derek.


Machine Gun Kelly, ladies & gentlemen. Via.

A few new things worth mentioning: HBO’s The Night Of, which I thought would have blown up the internet by now ala Serial or the first season of True Detective. I am guessing Bill Camp is this year’s Mark Rylance, where I will be obsessed with him winning every award ever for his performance. Maybe I can win him an Oscar! I watched the first two episodes of Roadies with Katie and will probably keep up with it because I like the music and Luke Wilson (RIP Enlightened). UnREAL is disappointing this season: it wanted to say something about race (like the show-within-a-show Everlasting), but dropped it completely and now everyone’s fighting and Everlasting’s drama has become a secondary thread. I suppose I will stick with it, but I will be fantasizing I’m watching old episodes of Top Chef on Hulu the whole time.

Probably the best thing I watched this summer was the livestream of Broadway’s She Loves Me, which ended a little late for old-lady-Melissa, but was wonderful from start to finish. I didn’t understand some of the reviews, which I think were unnecessarily hard on something that had never been done before for such a large audience. Plus I want to continue to support things like this, so it encourages other productions to do the same thing (coughcoughWaitresscoughcough).

Katie and I watched both The Intern and Jem and the Holograms last weekend and they were both shitty and I have nothing else to say since we livetweeted them both. I think we’re too young to ignore the problems of the former and 30 years too old for the latter.

Stuff I haven’t seen yet that I will eventually: season 4 of Orange is the New Black (I usually watch in the fall, I don’t know why), Hap and Leonard, Baskets (all ten eps on the DVR), new seasons of Casual and The Mindy Project (waiting til I’m sick or something) on Hulu, Horace and Pete.  Plus all the other shit I’m really behind on, like Bojack Horseman. I am really feeling the peak TV thing. There’s so much to watch that I just get overwhelmed and end up watching nothing. Or baseball.


I haven’t been keeping track of this as much as I should.

Understanding Hillary” by Ezra Klein: I am  already in the bag for HRC but I found this portrait to be fascinating, especially how Klein dismantled the patriarchal views on listening. I am a terrible listener (like, so bad I am practicing and failing at active listening) but now I want to rule at it.

The Myth of Millennial Entitlement was Created to Hide their Parents’ Mistakes” by Sarah Kenzior. I recently designed and facilitated a class on the multigenerational workforce so I have been reading articles for months. This is one of my favorites, because it really shows a different viewpoint. Personally, I think a lot of generational differences are a myth and have to do with age and the other generations’ comfort level of getting older.

Drake, Chance the Rapper, and the Millennial Divide” by Lindsay Zoladz. I loved this article so much that I mentioned it in the above class I taught. There is such a wide range of values, even within generations, that making a sweeping judgement on them is insane. I also hold Lindsay’s viewpoints to be well-researched and true.

That’s it for me! What pop culture have you been enjoying lately?

May 4, 2016
by katie

Smart ladies love fashion, Met Gala 2009, “The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion”

Because 2016 is terrible and the 2016 Met Gala is super soon we have decided to go back and take a look at the galas from 2003 – 2012 because nothing is more fun than looking at OLD fashion. For more fashion fun, we have previously covered the galas from 2003200420052006, 2007, 200820132014, 2015, and 2016.

From the Met website:

Exploring the reciprocal relationship between high fashion and evolving ideals of beauty, The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion focuses on iconic models of the twentieth century and their roles in projecting, and sometimes inspiring, the fashion of their respective eras. The exhibition, organized by historical period from 1947 to 1997, will feature haute couture and ready-to-wear masterworks accompanied by fashion photography and video footage of models who epitomized their epochs.

Everyone seemed to interpret this theme as “late eighties to early nineties super model glam” and so we get tons of bright colors (WOOHOO) and lots of mini-dresses (LOVE). Every time I thought of this theme I would sing RuPaul’s, “Supermodel” so here it is for you to enjoy –sashay shante!

Jessica Alba

Well she went very nineties on that chunky wedge sandal and tights (I wore this a lot). I really like the bright blue and the sparkle top. -K

Minidresses and tights! This is going to be my favorite. This is her best Met Gala look by far. -M

Michelle Alves

This is one of the best pregnant lady looks we have seen. -K

She looks so comfortable! -M

Nadja Auermann and Eva Herzigova

Eva’s shoes bring me joy. The beige kind of washes them out but I like that one went eighties/nineties, the height of the supermodel and the other went fifties which was the decade that really introduced us to the “Model” as a celebrity. -K

Can you imagine these dresses in mint green? SWOON! -M

Tyra Banks

Tyra is really working the red carpet. She is also full on SUPERMODEL. -K

She is totally smizing. I especially like her hair and polka dot bracelet. -M

Victoria Beckham

This is like the fifties mated with the eighties and it brings me much joy. -K

The heel on those shoes is so weird. Did we wear crap like that? -M

Kate Beckinsale

This is pretty and basically what she always wears. -K

Again, NO HIGH PONY so I like this better. -M

Lake Bell

Amazing in every way. -K

Lake Bell is so freaking cool. I want her to make a best friends movie with Olivia Wilde. -M

Jessica Biel

Compared with a lot of the other stuff this is very basic and boring. Also I fucking hate those shoes with a passion. -K

Ohhhhh that’s when THOSE shoes were popular. Have we been dealing with the hi-low hem this long? I am so very tired. -M

Marisa Berenson

I love this dress with all my heart and soul. -K

Lovely and her purse is a fun blag of fluff. -M

Rachel Bilson

Love the color of Bilson’s dress and I like the idea of her shoes (wish they weren’t those fugly wedges). Her hair is a little on the dirty side and her make-up is a little basic. -K

I like this in theory, in practice it’s too sloppy. I think she could do a better job with this dress today. -M

Selma Blair

Selma always looks like she is having the best time. This is not my favorite of her past looks but it fits the theme and that handbag is the BEST. -K

I like the high hair. She is great at themes. -M

Kate Bosworth

Bosworth went full on fifties glamour puss and I love it. This woman’s commitment to theme is amazing. I bet she is super fun at a fancy dress party. -K

Even though this is black, it’s not plain and she looks great. -M

Gisele Bundchen

Those shoes are super fug but that minidress is lovely. -K

I love when people match their super dramatic eye makeup to their dress. -M

Rose Byrne

I love the color of this dress and I am very pleased the satin isn’t super shiny. -K

She looks sad, though, and the little point at the front looks off here. It might have been better in person. -M

Marion Cotillard

I expect weirder from Marion plus I don’t think the fit is right on the bust. -K

The color is beautiful on her, though, and her beauty is always A+++. -M

Helena Christensen

Ice skater chic?!? -K

But her shoes are super fun!!!! Why can’t everyone wear fun shoes? -M

Claire Danes

The fit of this is great and it’s super classy I just wish the color wasn’t taupe. -K

The bottom is fine but I’d like the top to be navy! -M

Rosario Dawson

Rosario is pretty and has a lovely personality. -K

This does her no favors. -M

Brooklyn Decker

Her sandals look like flipflops and her jumpsuit looks like a sweatsuit. -K

This is what all the women wear at my Target on Saturdays, but with more sparkles. -M

Agyness Deyn

This is so close to fab but I kind of hate the white lipstick. I think matte red lips would have been amazing. I do love silver silk crepe as a fabric choice. I think two people wore that kind of fabric in 2009 and you don’t see it very often (it was very popular in the late teens/twenties, Issey Miyake has tried to bring it into the modern age) but it photographs so well. In fact I might just like this cause I’m a fabric nerd. I don’t think she needed that necklace. -K

I TOTALLY forgot about this woman for a few years. Remember when she was everywhere? Does this mean Cara Delevingne will go away soon too? -M

Kirsten Dunst

Oh Kiki we are so excited that you are a judge at Cannes this year, though you have some big shoes to fill as Sienna Miller kind of killed it last year. This is cute and your face and hair are nice but I’m not sure how it ties into the theme. -K

Theme be damned, I love this witchy dress. -M

Karen Elson and Jack White

Karen Elson reminds me of Pagliacci the Italian clown. I’m a fan of Jack’s spats (cause I love the word “spats”). -K

He needs conditioner. -M

Isabeli Fontana

I don’t know who she is but she is wearing a fun color. -K

I love the 90s-ness of her shoes and how they match exactly. -M

Carla Gugino

It makes my heart sad when navy and black are mistreated as they are in this dress. I think this might have worked had the fit been better then again whatever is going on in the navy portion is weird. It looks like when you are sewing ribbon and the machine snags. -K

I am as heartbroken about this dress as Katie is. It had such potential but the execution was so poor. -M

Shalom Harlow

Classy trash bags, everybody drink! -K

She could AT LEAST have worn a fun shoe, for the love of god. -M

Anne Hathaway

I think this was at the height of Annie’s collaboration with Rachel Zoe and it’s fantastic. It is very eighties supermodel. -K

This is one of my favorite Annie looks. Note the shoes! -M

Kate Hudson and Stella McCartney

Due to my hatred for black lace I don’t like Stella’s jumpsuit but I am super pleased it actually fits her. Kate Hudson looks very Studio 54 in that gold gown and I dig it. -K

Stella should ONLY wear jumpsuits, I don’t care if she has a hard time peeing. Kate looks wonderful–she does right most of the time. -M

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth is doing classy peach again and I think this is pretty dynamite. -K

Can we bring peach back? PLEASE? I will start. -M


Iman both model and muse. -K

This is beautifully fit and structured. -M

Chanel Iman

Pretty. -K

Pattern!!!! -M

Beverly Johnson

Love the color of this. -K

She looks ridiculously beautiful. -M

January Jones

JJo looks amazing here. I especially love her hair and eye make-up. -K

I just love her so much. This is all wonderful. -M

Doutzen Kroes

Those shoes are pretty epic. -K

Properly on theme. How is it only K? -M

Diane Kruger

This is cute but I wish she had on better shoes. -K

The Krug usually has good shoes, so I don’t know what’s going on here. Amazing hair and makeup, per usual. -M

Blake Lively


This is surprisingly ugly. -M

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Another defunct couple and another baggy suit. Oh God I am suffering from major cut-out fatigue. -K

That cut-out is WAY too big, and I actually miss when she wears giant ballgowns. What is wrong with me? -M


The blues don’t match. Plus is that like an enlarged scrunchy? Ugh I’m just not into this at all. -K

The first of her major Mat Gala try-hard appearances.  This may be one of the better ones. -M

Leslie Mann

I’m bored. -K

She should wear yellow all the time. -M

Leighton Meester

Thank god for you Leighton Meester. This is in my top ten Met Gala looks of all time (we should actually do that post after we finish all of these other Met Gala posts). -K

This is ALSO in my top ten Met Gala looks of all time, it is when I knew I loved Leighton and would follow her to the ends of the earth. Or, just to Country Strong. -M

Eva Mendes

Eva is back on top. I don’t know how on theme this is but I don’t care she is just so pretty. Also her accessories are divine. -K

This exercise has really made me appreciate how beautiful she is. This is a fantastic dress for her. -M

Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs

Those shoes are the worst but everything else is pretty spectacular (except that suit). -K

Sooooo Halston fabulous. -M

Milla Jovovich

This seems too beachy but I love that embellished neck. -K

The shape is very odd. I like her 90s platform sandals. -M

Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha

Snooze. -K

Her sleeves are too baggy. -M

Mary Kate Olsen

I kind of like the whole witchy robot thing (though it would have been better for 2016 than 2009). -K

I also like when designers use multiple fabrics in the same color. -M

Katy Perry

I know you can do better. -K

But if she wore this to the Grammys she would be my Best Dressed. -M

Sasha Pivovarova and Giambattista Valli

They look confused. -K

Maybe they just realized how short her skirt is. -M

Paulina Porizkova

I don’t love the hair but I love everything else. -K

Super glam and lovely. -M

Kim Raver


Remember Lipstick Jungle? Me either, I had to look it up. -M

Bar Refaeli

Tin foil minidress I am your fan. Imagine this with a funky shoe. -K

Also great hair and makeup. 2009 was a fabulous time to be alive! -M

Hilary Rhoda

I think I might hate her shoes, oh wait I do hate her shoes. -K

She should have gone up a size, this is weird in the hip region. -M


Rihanna has so much fun at the Met Gala, I’m so disappointed she missed this year. -K

She always kills it. The gloves here–SO GOOD. -M

Emma Roberts

Dress: awesome. I wish she had done something different with her hair and shoes. -K

That hair color was not great for her and therefore it should have been out of her face. -M

Amber Rose and Kanye West

Man this is super classy, though the bust is a tad snug. -K

Couples I miss. Kanye looks so dapper and isn’t wearing silver contacts! -M

Emmy Rossum

I want to do a lot to this look to make it better. First I would start the flair about 4 inches higher (for her knees), then I would make it a more lively color, and lastly I would make her eyeshadow a tad darker and more smokey. This is also crepe silk, which means there are 3 dresses with nice fabric and not shiny satin that makes my eye twitch. -K

What Katie said. -M

Winona Ryder

And here is the shiny satin and the eye twitch. What do I have to do to stop people from wearing satin sacks? This also looks like an actual trash bag. -K

The purse looks like a tiny trash bag too! And there are FOUR blacks here and now MY eyes hurt! -M

Claudia Schiffer

In a previous post Melissa wanted Claudia to do something with her hair and I second that here. -K

It just detracts from this cool dress. -M

Brooke Shields

Great color. -K

But meh shape. -M

Molly Sims

Those wedge heels were the WORST. I love the clutch. The necklace is nice but too much. -K

YSL TRIB TOOS! Whew I am so glad I remembered. -M

Jessica Stam

Interesting. -K

The colors do not stand out. -M

Emma Stone

This is fun and flirty, flirty and fun. -K

It reminds me of Anthropologie. -M

Iris Strubegger

Hmmm…. -K

Too much going on. -M

Hilary Swank

Are those harem pants? The way the fabric is draped and pulled matches her hair. -K

I like the draping and color, I wish her boobs were higher. -M

Jessica Szohr

I feel like there is a dress like this in every post. I think there was one at the 2016 Gala but with a hi-lo hem. -K

YAWN. I have a meeting soon so I will rip through these. Sorry. -M

Marisa Tomei

This is fun and I think her shoes might be awesome. -K

She does a great job. -M

Ivanka Trump

Her hair and face are pretty. I don’t hate the gown but I don’t love it either. -K

I am never wowed by her. This is mediocre. -M

Liv Tyler

MORE CREPE –okay there might be 4 dresses in that fabric. Did I miss the “crepessance” trademark pending. This is lovely. -K

FABULOUS! Might be my favorite. -M

Amber Valletta

I love the gold accessories with the yellow. -K

Is that a purse?? Nooooooooooooo. -M

Natalia Vodianova

This was the other crepe dress I keep talking about. This is very 1910s. I’m not sure how it fits here via theme but this is a fit of dress we don’t see much of. I think this might have worked better with her hair loosely pulled back and with a silver belt or if all the accessories were gold. Anyways you can really see the silk crepe here and how nicely it refracts light. -K

I like this a lot though it kind of reminds be of stuff you can buy at like, Francesca’s. -M

Kerry Washington

I kind of wish the ribbon on her shoes were a funky color. I am so tired. -K

What the everloving fuck. -M

Rachel Weisz

Oh dear christ what is this? -K

What was she thinking? She has no taste. -M

Alek Wek

Alek Wek is one of the most beautiful women on the planet and she looks divine in super bright colors. This is amazing. -K

Fantastic plus I love the purse. -M

Anna Wintour

Love the pattern of this dress. -K

Very cool. -M

Renee Zellweger

I don’t know which one I hate more this or Rachel Weisz (at least Rachel was kind of on theme). -K

I would tell her to stop with this but soon we will stop seeing her altogether and that makes me sad too. -M

May 3, 2016
by katie

Smart ladies love fashion, Met Gala 2016, “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology”

We’ve been covering past Met Gala’s for over a week and the fun never get’s old (well the baggy suits and shiny dresses of the aughts have gotten moldy they are so old but in general the fun never stops) so going into this year we were super stoked and so excited about the theme, “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.” Per informative press release on The Met’s website:

Manus x Machina features more than 170 examples of haute couture and avant-garde ready-to-wear, dating from the early 1900s to the present. The exhibition addresses the founding of the haute couture in the 19th century, when the sewing machine was invented, and the emergence of a distinction between the hand (manus) and the machine (machina) at the onset of industrialization and mass production. It explores this ongoing dichotomy, in which hand and machine are presented as discordant tools in the creative process, and questions this relationship and the significance of the long-held distinction between haute couture and ready-to-wear.

Gowns I wanted to see last night were, hand/machine embroidery, embellishments, 3D printing, laser cutting, and anything that really showed the dichotomy of hand versus machine with a look to the future.

Alessandra Ambrosio

This is silver (which is definitely the color of the night) and has tons of embellishment. I also don’t love it. -K

MY theme of the night is that I hate Balmain! -M

LaLa Anthony

I like this but it also kind of looks like she forgot her top. Maybe in the future the breast is free! -K

How did she make her boobs DO THAT? If this had fuller coverage I probably would have loved it. -M

Caitriona Balfe

This is interesting, I would have liked a snazzier shoe. -K

I think this is the wrong event for this dress. Her face is gorgeous. -M

Ellie Bamber

The embroidery pieces on this gown are darling. -K

I like the embroidery too but ball gowns are not my thing. -M


Embellished rubber–only Bey could make me like this. -K

Her clutch looks like my glasses case. In the future maybe all clutches will be made by Warby Parker. Also her eye makeup is THE BEST. -M

Emily Blunt

This is a pretty color and it’s probably machine made lace so I guess it’s on theme. -K

It’s only B and I am already nodding off. This is adequate. -M

Kate Bosworth

Bosworth is always on theme. I love that she went for ultra embellishment rather than “robot.” -K

Super incredibly gorgeous. She looks regal. -M

Skylan Brooks, Tremaine Brown Jr, Herizen F. Guardiola, Justice Smith, and Shameik Moore

These kids are adorable. The suit second from left is my everything. -K

I love these suits!!! The green dress is ok. -M

Rose Byrne

I love this but I think “silver” and “shiny” are the obvious example of futuristic. Again she looks amazing. -K

I really wish she had worn this to a different event and had worn something weirder here. -M

Charlotte Casiraghi

The colors of this dress are epic. -K

Though the top is a little strange, the colors make me so happy that I don’t care. -M

Jessica Chastain

I am super meh on this gown. -K

Compared to all the bright silver and white she looks BLAH. -M


Embellished robot. -K

The hair is REALLY cool. -M

Jennifer Connelly

I love the bead work and irregular hem. -K

Her makeup is a little heavy but I particularly like the boots. -M

Lily Collins

This is NOT my favorite dress of the evening. I am not a fan of the bandeau with pleated sack dress. -K

I do not understand this. It’s trying too hard. -M

Misty Copeland

She is very pretty and this fits well but as per usual I need it to be weirder –I live for a theme! -K


Elizabeth Cordry

This is very on theme, as it is a dress that would have been hand sewn back-in-the-day and yet that dress was most definitely machine made. It’s also fun. -K

So spring-y! I always pretend I know who these people are but I don’t even feel like looking her up. Is she related to Rob Cordry? -M

Claire Danes

Claire Danes never disappoints. The precision hem on this is so very machine. She is one of the few people who can really pull off Zac Posen fussiness. Also this dress fucking glows! -K

I didn’t like this until I saw it glowed and then I realized Claire Danes (ok, and maybe Zac Posen) is a genius. -M

Mackenzie Davis

Sliver, shiny, cape! We are going to see a lot of robot metal. I wish her lips were deep red. -K

For a dress like this, I like it very much, as it seems more futuristic and not like nude silver knit (god I HATE BALMAIN). -M

Elizabeth Debicki

Fun color and machine embroidery. It’s been a long night so I might just shout out how things are or are not on theme. -K

So pretty. And her make up looks very doll-like here. I generally enjoy her. -M

Poppy Delevingne

And more robot metal this time with fringe. -K


Lily-Rose Depp

This is so not my favorite of the evening. It might be down in the hate column. -K

That shrug/coat/??? is fug as shit. -M

Zoey Deutch

The hair and jewelry are so complimentary to the prettiness of the dress. -K

Very beautiful! -M

Nina Dobrev

Way to move out of your comfort zone Nina –snooze. -K

GOD she could at least have TRIED. -M

Idris Elba

Perfectly fitted suit and one foxy fella. -K

Wow those hems are perfect. -M

Anna Ewers and Jason Wu

Out of all the shiny silvers this is the most meh (I don’t actually know that for sure there are a lot of competeing meh silver dresses). -K

It would be cool as a skirt with a really weird black leather top. -M

Dakota Fanning

This looks kind of like a bedazzled nightie. -K

I thought this event would be nightie-free. I was so very wrong. -M

Elle Fanning

I think the top needs to fit better and this is NOT on theme and the theme is not hard to follow. -K

She’s just… there. Booo. -M

Diane von Furstenberg

DVF’s head piece is amazing. -K

I love this lady’s brand of kooky. -M

Lady Gaga

This is so Lady Gaga it’s boring. -K

I particularly love the jacket, it’s beautifully made, but the crotch is so weird and I can’t stop staring at it. It should have been red or something to really make a statement. -M

Tavi Gevinson

I love that dress and her face but it is something I would wear to work. -K

Yeah it’s not perfect for this event but I like her so much IDGAF. -M

Selena Gomez

A lot of ladies are wearing boots and I kind of like it. I also love futuristic polka dots. -K

I saw this on TV and it confused me and now I love it. I hope to see more leather tops. -M

Mia Goth

I love the color of this dress and all of the sparkly bits. -K

Way to be on theme! Way to have boring hair! -M


This is not my jam but it’s very Grimes so I’m cool. -K

Not my jam either but it’s more interesting than silver Balmain gowns. -M

Danai Gurira

I love the high neck and sleeves so much. This is by far the best white dress. -K

I am so obsessed with this. She looks like she could be in Gattica or something (note: I did not see Gattica). -M

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

Zayn’s metal arm is very Winter Soldier (I wonder if Marvel paid for his attendance as subtle marketing for Captain America: Civil War). -K

Her: YAWN. HIM: Ummmm, way to be weird. -M

Zuri Hall

I am not a fan of the hi-lo hem when it is this obvious. I also wish this was a fun color. -K

Everything about this is a bore. -M

Naomie Harris

The detail on this gown is beautiful. -K

I don’t know if this needs the necklace–I love a deep V on its own. -M

Amber Heard

Ugh no. -K

She is so predictable. -M

Katie Holmes

I wish her hair was pulled up so we could see the neck of this dress. In one of our previous Gala posts her hair was in a bob and it was so cute. I love the bottom of this dress. -K

I like this but, yeah, her hair needs to be up. I get that it is very sci-fi to have long straight hair but we need to see the DRESS, lady! -M

Jennifer Hudson

Ugh no, part 2. -K

This also fit her poorly. -M

Kate Hudson

This is on theme and her face is pretty. -K

This looked GREAT on TV. It reminds me of that January Jones dress I loved that no one else did. Both are Versace. -M

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Snooze. -K

I can’t even with this crap. -M

Jack Huston

Another foxy dude in a suit. -K

I don’t like this non-commital facial hair. Have a beard or don’t. -M

Kendall Jenner

I like the periwinkle parts? -K

The colors are nice but everything else is TERRIBLE. -M

Kylie Jenner

Kylie and Kim are almost dressed the same –just think about that. -K


Dakota Johnson

I love the colorfulness and the subtlety of this dress -K

Perfect for a child’s birthday! -M

Mindy Kaling

Mindy has so much fun with clothes on The Mindy Project but she is kind of boring on the red carpet. This does fit her really well. -K

She could have been so much better. Sadness. -M

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim is wearing the shiner twin to Kylie’s dress I wonder if the had a huge fight about it. Kanye wore silver contacts (he is still not as robot as the lady in the silver jumpsuit). -K

Another steaming pile of Balmain trash. Kanye looks a mess. -M

Kim Kassel

Her dress is growing. -K

It looks like a virus. -M

Anna Kendrick

This makes her bust look weird. -K

I like it though and for a plain dress it’s good. -M

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman looks amazing. When she is on she is all on. -K

STUNNING. Nicole, you are my sun, my moon and my stars. -M

Aja King

Fun colors! -K

My wedding colors! The embroidery on top looks cheap. Is that the point? -M

Jemima Kirke

I like her make-up. -K

Very old Hollywood glam. -M

Zoe Kravitz

That mask is lovely. -K

I think her cat is still attached to her shoes. -M

Karolina Kurkova

This is fun. -K

For a sheer dress–perfection. -M

Brie Larson

Carrie Mulligan did this better in 2012. -K

Her shoes are too heavy for that dress. -M

Adriana Lima

This has a nice length. -K

I like shit that doesn’t match but the top and bottom are not friendly AT ALL. -M

Blake Lively

Blake’s dress matches the carpet perfectly (I haven’t decided if this is yea or nay). -K

Her earrings though!! SO GOOD. -M


I’m thinking Lorde needs to leave the squad it’s making her kind of meh. -K

I miss weirdo Lorde. -M

Demi Lovato

Fierce? -K

Fierce Charlie Brown? -M

Julie Macklowe

This is AMAZING! She took silver and shiny and actually went full robot. -K

I am into how this is not skintight. -M


This is very naked. -K

I am not picking on her because of her age but this is just not appropriate. It would be weird and fun on the runway but then the version people wear is lined and less insane. She should have gotten that version. -M

Rami Malek

More hot dudes! -K

Hello, handsome. -M

Kate Mara

Super cute. My one desire if for a colorful shoe but at least she wore cute sandals. -K

Minidresses are my favorite! She looks adorable. -M

Stacy Martin

I love the detail on this dress. -K

60s wallpaper. -M

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

This dress is lovely on her but it is NOT on theme. -K

AND it’s boring, Katie! -M

Rachel McAdams

Great lipstick (so many beautiful dark lips) and lovely dress. -K

The pattern on the skirt is so neat. -M

Bette Midler

This woman is so badass. -K

Way to go, Bette! -M

Sienna Miller

Sienna I think you could have played with the theme better. -K

I might like the bow but overall, SNOOZE. -M

Nicki Minaj and Jeremy Scott

These two look like they are going to party. -K

A party that is not the Met Gala. -M

Michelle Monaghan

Classy trash-bags –a Met Gala staple for many years. -K

I told Katie that we could probably do a whole post of classy trash bags. There’s that many. -M

Chloe Grace Moretz

This is more fun than most of the gowns from awards season but I still want more. -K

Like some jewelry, for starters. -M

Lupita Nyong’o

Oh Lupita you never disappoint. -K

Her piece in today’s Lenny is beautiful. I just adore her. -M

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen

I’m super meh about both these looks. -K

What happened to them? We could do a Met Gala post on them and pinpoint where they started dressing like horror movie ghosts. -M

Rita Ora

When will the naked dress die? Regardless I am digging a giant feather train. -K

Stop trying to get attention, Rita! -M

Louise Parker

I want to like this but I kind of think it’s not really gala level. -K

And the collar is so business-y. -M

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP’s shoes are da’bomb (I’m totally running out of adjectives) and you have to love a lady for wearing knickerboker pants to a gala and pulling it off. -K

I like the sleeve things. I am really tired. -M

Katy Perry

I love it when Katy goes full weirdo. -K

Her hair is STUPENDOUS. Please be like this always. -M

Freida Pinto

This reminds me of Star Wars. -K

I definitely appreciate that SW thing but I wish she had dangly earrings. -M

Margot Robbie

Your hair makes me sad. -K

Just pull it back. Anything. -M

Emma Roberts

The colors of this dress are so pretty. -K

I like her makeup a lot but it feels disconnected from the dress. -M

Saoirse Ronan

Oh man I fucking love this. She had me at light pink and feathers. -K

So classy and movie star-esque. Take THAT Balmain! -M

Liberty Ross

Nice hat. -K

Ugh the theme is not “almost show your vagina when you sit down.” -M

Catt Sadler

This is very white. -K

Kim Kardashian 2012. -M

Zoe Saldana

Woman you are my dream. -K

I would like this bedspread. -M

Allison Sarofim

Are those pants? Who cares this is amazing. She looks like she is an extra on Star Trek. -K

I love the fabric inside the coat/cape. -M

Amy Schumer

Droopy boob. -K

This is better for her but still not great. It’s ok, Lena Dunham was at this point once and now she does much better. -M

Bee Shaffer

Man this is so dainty and pretty. -K

She looks like a queen. -M

Maria Sharapova

I love red with gold jewelry. I also love matte satin. -K

I like the shape of this so much. -M

Tabitha Simmons

Some people went full robot and Ms. Simmons went full on military and I like it. -K

Maybe too heavy for May but whatever. -M

Rachel Smith

I appreciate the gold but I want more. The fit is amazing. -K

I am falling asleep at my desk. -M

Willow Smith and Jaden Smith

These two look cute and comfy. -K

I like their style, it’s very contemporary and sleek without being boring. -M



Can anything ever be this good again? -M

Hailee Steinfeld

The dark lipstick tonight is fabulous. I also love green and gold. This is the best she has looked in a while. -K

True story: my gym plays this Music Choice station of pop hits and every day they play Ms. Steinfeld. Her PR team is working really hard. I don’t know what happened to her style, I hate this. -M

Amandla Stenberg

I love her head-piece and the color of this suit is so pretty. -K

This is great except the belt/tube top thing. No, the second one. -M

Kristen Stewart

KStew do what KStew do. -K

This looked GREAT on TV. I like this look very much. -M

Emma Stone

I dig the belt, a lot. -K

I need her to go away and come back. -M

Lara Stone

I like long sleeves and sparkles but there are so many better silver dresses in this post. -K

Her hair is very 1980s Playboy bunny. -M

Fei Fei Sun

This is very pretty. -K

And she wore great earrings and fabulous makeup!!! -M

Taylor Swift

I love the black lipstick TSwift. Vikander’s dress which is very similar is more edgy fun BUT this is a perfect execution of theme. -K

I like this TSwift so much. The bleached blonde is my everything. -M

Juno Temple

I’m not going to lie I love this for the twee. -K

This is very her and I love it but it feels off for the event. -M

Uma Thurman

This is not my favorite but it fits her. -K

I need something else going on at the Met Gala. This is nothing. -M

FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson

RPats I can NOT with those baggy fucking pants! FKA Twigs deserves better, so is beyond lovely. -K

See this is the same color as Uma’s dress but it’s so rad. -M

Kate Upton

Zendaya wore this same dress in gold. I hope they get into a non-violent battle. -K

She looks like she’s in a Brock shampoo commercial. -M

Amber Valletta

Oh Amber you never disappoint. The bottom of this skirt brings me immense joy. -K

She committed from her head to her toes and I love every bit of it. -M

Lilliana Vazquez

Fun color and length. -K

The fabric is so futuristic! -M

Alicia Vikander

This is wackadoo in the best way. -K

Again, this looked better on TV. In the picture I don’t like the skirt but I loved it on TV. -M

Kerry Washington

Ugh no, part 3. -K

I do like her hair at least? -M

Mia Wasikowska

I think I am in gown overload. This is okay. -K

I am definitely in cutouts overload. -M

Emma Watson

This is interesting. -K

I might need to see this more. Right now I hate it, but I usually come around on what she wears. -M

Naomi Watts

Naomi can rock a dress, even if I’m bored with silver I still think this is great. -K

I like the bottom very much! -M

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid

I like Bella’s dress in theory I just wish it had more whimsy. I would have loved it at the Oscars. -K

Yes I would have preferred this at a stuffy awards show. Here, SHE looks kind of stuffy. -M

Olivia Wilde

This is great. -K

Thanks for being you, Olivia. -M


The hat and jacket are on point. -K

At least he did something different. -M

Allison Williams

I don’t hate this! -K

Me either! Besides the cut out. JUST STOP. -M

Michelle Williams

I kind of dig the boot thing Michelle and Alicia are selling me. I also love this navy mini. -K

More minidresses! I can definitely say her bangs are awful but I love the rest. -M

Anna Wintour

Anna is queen of the gala. I love the long fringe. -K

The top looks like coral. Very cool. -M


I kind of love Zendaya’s hair here. The dress fits well but is similar to many other dresses (see Kate Upton). -K

Her hair is perfect and I love the dark nails but she is usually better. -M

Melissa’s favorites: SOLANGE, Saoirse Ronan, Danai Gurira, Nicole Kidman, & Kate Bosworth.

Katie’s favorites: Claire Danes, Zoe Saldana, Lupita Nyong’o, Zoey Deutch, & Amber Valletta.