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Here are some reasons why Katie is my best friend:
1. She will travel around the DC metro area with me on my quest to find the best pizza in a 100-mile radius of my house.
2. She will save certain movies, like New Year’s Eve, for a trip when I visit her, because we must watch them together.
3. I admire her devotion to the USA Network.
4. We both have an unnatural love of shopping for snacks at Trader Joe’s.

Here are some reasons why Melissa is my best friend:
1. She cares about award shows and the sanctity of nomination morning, whether it be the Emmy’s, Gloden Globes, or Oscars.
2. She introduces me to music I could not live without most notably; Robyn, Elliott Smith, and Sleater Kinney.
3. We loved the WB as if it was the HBO of today.  We watched Dawson’s Creek, Felicity and The Gilmore Girls (Melissa was also quite enamored with 7th Heaven).
4. She was most likely the first friend I had who understood what a Merchant Ivory film was and when we first met her movie star boy friend was Ralph Fiennes.


  1. I love it, how lucky you are to have each other. I am also devoted to the USA network (we must be related). My movie star boyfriend is Colin Firth who just made Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed list along with his spectacular wife.

  2. <3 WB network. Buffy, Rosewell, Dawson's Creek, Young Americans (please tell me you watched that, too), Charmed, 7th Heaven, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Zoe Duncan Jack and Jane, Popular, Jack and Jill, Felicity, Angel, Supernatural, Oblongs, Mission Hill. It shaped me into who I am.

    • I think between the two of us we have watched at least 1 episode of all those shows. I miss the WB so much. Shows like Heart of Dixie and Bunheads just make me miss it more 🙂

      Thanks for reading are blog and we hope you come back for more!!!

  3. Just found you while writing up a blog post on my ladies to look up to! I LOVE IT!

    Can’t wait to read more, will give a shout out to you in post as well.



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