Smart ladies love awards shows, Golden Globes 2013 final score cards



To Connie Britton we are sorry if our possible pick caused you to lose (you’re hair looked fantastic though).   We apparently did not foresee that the HFPA is STILL completely enamored with Homeland as such our TV average is sad and we are both deeply deeply depressed (this could be the booze talking though).  It is and I shudder typing this a pathetic 45%.



Thank you movies for being completely and utterly predictable!  This was the section we cared the least for (because we hadn’t seen many of these movies, we in fact love FILM) but did the best in at a whopping 76%.  It actually makes me kind of proud and the categories we didn’t do well in supporting actor and screenplay I think were the hardest to pick as we haven’t had anything to go on for help.  I’m still in shock that Argo won so “AR-GO FUCK YOURSELF”!!!



  1. Kate, seems like you are picking with your heart like I do in sports!

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