Smart ladies love award shows, WTF 2013 Emmy nominations


Yesterday the Emmy nominations were announced, on Wednesday we revealed our Emmy wish lists, and today we are going to take some time to ask the Emmy voters what the fuck they were thinking and to celebrate the nominations they got right.


Katie’s reactions

The lead actor men are BORING! NO MATTHEW RHYS!

NO TATIANA MASLANY WTF! Congratulations to Kerry Washington and Connie Britton but I am very PISSED. Where the fuck is Keri Russell?!?

JASON BATEMAN for Arrested Development makes me so happy. Poor Adam Scott.

I forget Nurse Jackie is even a show. I am totally rooting for Poehler for comedy queen, though I love me some JLD on Veep.

I’m so glad Benedict Cumberbatch was nominated for Parade’s End, he is so handsome.

Elisabeth Moss has TWO nominations, I wish I felt more confident she would win at least one. She is up against Helen Mirren for lead actress in a TV movie/mini series.


The Bible was terrible people, TERRIBLE. [OMG IT TOTALLY WAS. Why did this get a nomination?? -M]

Holy FUCK, Mr. Carson was nominated for an Emmy, so fucking deserved but why wasn’t Mrs. Hughes nominated too. I also feel so bad for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jamie Lannister on Game of Thrones, he had such a better story arch this season than Peter Dinklage.

Go Emilia Clarke! I would have preferred Lena Headey or Maisie Williams but I’ll take Dany the abolitionist. It’s insane that only one lady from GoT got a nomination though!

Harry Hamlin and Robert Morse both got nominations in guest actor for Mad Men, that’s pretty cool.

Diana Rigg (GoT) and Carrie Preston (The Good Wife) got guest drama noms TOO!

TONY HALE FROM VEEP! I love this. I’m still not okay with no nom for Tatiana Maslany –that was the only thing I cared about!

ANNA CHLUMSKY FROM VEEP! So deserved. Her eye rolls give Tina Fey a run for the money.


Guest noms for comedy are kind of boring, though as usual SLLS supports tons of Louis CK love.

Peter Mullan deserves his nomination for Top of the Lake but I’m shocked Holly Hunter didn’t get one as well. That’s on Netflix BTW if you all want to catch up 🙂 I highly recommend it. [THANK YOU for mentioning this I will add it to my queue. -M]

NEW GIRL SHUT OUT! I want to know who votes for this shit cause I think they should all be fired!


Random observations

NBC does NOT deserve a nomination for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, their coverage was terrible and MANY PEOPLE had to rewatch it on the internets! [That was some of the worst shit I have ever seen and every second we were watching it I wished I had seen the UK coverage instead. -M]

Anthony Bourdain was nominated for Parts Unknown, it’s too bad his category will not be shown during the telecast because if he were to win his speech would be amazing.

I have no fucking clue how True Blood could be nominated for Art Direction but Mad Men is NOT. That right there is an example how these fools have NO IDEA what they are doing. STILL ANGRY about ORPHAN BLACK.

Mouth just dropped open but Mad Men was NOT nominated for costumes but Once Upon a Time was. I’m throwing up my arms in a the “Emmys don’t fucking matter anyway” kind of way. Do these people even watch TV?



Mad Men at least got a nomination for hair. But why Janie Bryant wasn’t nominated for Ted’s turtle necks, Harry’s LA suits, and Megan’s short skirts I will NEVER UNDERSTAND!

Elementary got a nomination for main title sequence and now I am devastated that Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu did not get nominations and that I didn’t even think of them when making my dream nom list. They are wonderful.

The Vikings also got a nomination for title sequence!

Hemlock Grove got nominated for main title music…I’m just laughing that they got a nomination. They also got one for visual effects, which is apt since they have one of the most awesome werewolf changes ever.

THE RURAL JUROR was nominated that’s pretty fucking awesome!


Melissa’s reactions

Honestly, I agree with most of Katie’s. But here we go.

I would like to congratulate myself on choosing Anna Chlumsky. I was actually going to mention Tony Hale but did not. Both of them are so incredible on Veep.


Lena Dunham got a directing but not a writing nomination this year, which I actually think is bullshit. Girls‘ writing is the best part of the show. I loved “One Man’s Trash,” the Patrick Wilson episode, as it was one of the best written half hours of TV I’ve seen in a long time.

SEVEN lead actress in a drama noms and no room for Keri Russell? FX gets robbed EVERY YEAR.

Speaking of FX… Justified and Sons of Anarchy, in addition to The Americans, were completely ignored. Next year The Bridge will be nominated for everything, MARK MY WORDS, because people see it as being important and making big liberal statements about racism and immigration. This is a shame because Matthew Rhys might have given my favorite male performance of the past year.

And I know I mentioned Walton Goggins on Sons of Anarchy but somehow I completely forgot to be enraged about no Patton Oswalt as guest actor for Constable Bob on Justified! Patton made Bob sweet, dumb AND brilliant, loyal and entertaining as fuck. [PATTON OSWALT ON JUSTIFIED! I can’t believe we forgot about him. -K]


So, so happy about K. Wash & Scandal. Good, well-made trash is at least rewarded. Plus she’ll be on the red carpet. I’m already calling her as best dressed. Also, do you think Juliana Marguiles is pissed she was overlooked amongst seven women?

Speaking of, even though I kind of stopped watching The Good Wife (Sundays are homework days and then I never watched the DVRed episodes), I’m so happy for Christine Baranski. Maybe she can beat Maggie Smith?

I didn’t know Matt Damon submitted in lead actor. He probably shouldn’t have, because there is no way he can beat Michael Douglas.


YAY ENLIGHTENED! Even in death, people still recognize the show’s brilliance. Just thinking about Amy makes me cry. I will miss Amy so much on my screen.

I think Ryan Seacrest is the one and true winner of the host category. There is no one as good as him. [He certainly makes Idol a better show than The X Factor US! -K]

I was not expecting a New Girl shut out. Who still watches Nurse Jackie?? I will say that I’m cool with Merritt Wever. No Mindy Kaling or Zooey Deschanel = the voters are too old.

The comedy series noms are again crap because Modern Family keeps cock blocking Parks & Rec.



I would like to congratulate Game of Thrones for all of its noms. Peter Dinklage, however, was better in season 2 when he wasn’t nominated (I think Charles Dance would have been an excellent choice). Emilia Clarke was fantastic and since Daenerys is the great liberator she is important but Lena Headey’s work has been consistently spectacular. OH WELL.

I hate Morena Baccarin. So much so that I’ve been considering writing a “Smart ladies love to hate” post about her.

The one category where The Americans wasn’t shut out: Emmy favorite Margo Martindale for guest actress. I mean, she was fabulous, but NO MATTHEW RHYS? Another nom here, Linda Cardellini, was annoying on Mad Men. You know who kicked ass on MM this year? Alison Brie. [Alison Brie totally deserved a nomination for Trudy! -K]


At least Mandy Patinkin, my old man crush, was recognized. I never saw season 2 of Homeland. Ugh I need more free time.

I think Alex Karpovsky was a little more memorable on Girls this year but I’m excited for Adam Driver. He is such a naturally great actor and his character had some fascinating storylines.

More Girls ranting: I didn’t mention him Wednesday but Jon Glaser was so good as Laird, especially during his first appearance when he stalked Hannah. Plus he could actually be nominated twice–Councilman Jamm on Parks & Rec!

Melissa Leo on Louie–I completely forgot about this episode and I really regret that. It was so fucking bizarre and great and I do wish she would reappear on the show.

The fact that The Girl got ANY nominations at all is totally mind boggling, considering how fucking awful it was. I’ve seen it three times, so I should know.

I really recommend reading this Vulture article on how Emmy voters are starstruck–it’s actually kind of comforting.

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