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Best Television Series- Drama

Breaking Bad finale Jesse

Melissa’s pick: I am pissed I haven’t seen MoSex yet! So Breaking Bad?
Katie’s pick: Masters of Sex though I still have four episodes to watch on my DVR but it was/is excellent TV.
Prediction to win: Breaking Bad but since the HFPA is weird, House of Cards might take it instead.

Best Performance by an Actress-Drama

Melissa’s pick: I just really want Kerry Washington to win something.
Katie’s pick: Tatiana Maslany was finally nominated and she better fucking win.
Prediction to win: Robin Wright in House of Cards is slightly ahead of Tatiana Maslany.

Best Performance by an Actor-Drama

Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad

Melissa’s pick: Timothy Olyphant is my actual choice, but since everyone hates FX I will go with SPADER.
Katie’s pick: The Blacklist is terrible but James Spader makes it watchable and fun and because that is kind of a miracle I pick him (also Bryan Cranston is totally winning all the awards).
Prediction to win: We think Bryan Cranston is a shoo-in for this.

Best Television Series- Comedy or Musical

Melissa’s pick: I like that fact that Brooklyn 99 was nominated, maybe it will encourage the show to get even better!
Katie’s pick: Parks and Recreation is my favorite!
Prediction to win: Without 30 Rock in the running, we have no idea what to pick. Parks and Rec or Brooklyn Nine-Nine fill that weird comedy void.

Best Performance by an Actress- Comedy or Musical

Julia Louis Dreyfus Veep

Melissa’s pick: I am the only person who loved the OCD storyline on Girls AND the episode where she has sex with Patrick Wilson so I pick Lena Dunham.
Katie’s pick: Amy Poehler deserves all the awards.
Prediction to win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus may not win for Enough Said but a Veep win is inevitable.

Best Performance by an Actor- Comedy or Musical

Andy Samberg Brooklyn 99

Melissa’s pick: Andy Samberg is a little over the top but he’s so effing charming.
Katie’s pick: Andy Samberg is not the best thing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, that would be the entire ensemble (or Terry Crews putting together a princess palace) but as he is the only person nominated I pick him to win.
Prediction to win: Michael J. Fox is still a critical darling and his show is actually pretty funny.

Best Miniseries or Made-for-TV Movie

Melissa’s pick: I have seen two of these! Top of the Lake was one of the best TV experiments ever.
Katie’s pick: Top of the Lake was moody and often depressing but was always fascinating to watch AND often darkly humorous.
Prediction to win: Behind the Candelabra was made by a popular Hollywood director AND stars famous people! It wins automatically.

Best Actress- Miniseries or Made-for-TV Movie

Elisabeth Moss Top of the Lake

Melissa’s pick: Really if Elisabeth Moss doesn’t win this I am DONE with these shows. OK, I can’t quit them but I want her to win something, goddammit!
Katie’s pick: Elisabeth Moss really deserves all of the awards, why has she never won for Peggy Olson
Prediction to win: We are in denial that anyone other than Elisabeth Moss could possibly win this.

Best Actor- Miniseries or Made-for-TV Movie

Melissa’s pick: MATT DAMON! Too old to play an 18-year-old, but who cares? He is a secret comedic genius.
Katie’s pick: Idris Elba is iconic as Luther and should always win when he is nominated.
Prediction to win: The Liberace part was designed to get Michael Douglas all the awards.

Best Supporting Actress- Series, Miniseries or Made-for-TV Movie

Juliette Barnes 03

Melissa’s pick: Juliette is the queen of country mean.
Katie’s pick: Hayden Panettiere as Juliette on Nashville is so much fun.
Prediction to win: Hayden has a pretty good chance–she has been both delightfully bitchy AND complicatedly sweet this season.

Best Supporting Actor- Series, Miniseries or Made-for-TV Movie

RobLow_Behindthe Candleabre

Melissa’s pick: I am so happy Rob Lowe is even nominated, he completely stole Behind the Candelabra from Michael Douglas. I love Aaron Paul but he had a really sad final season on BB.
Katie’s pick: Rob Lowe because his face is AMAZING.
Prediction to win: Rob Lowe’s face? It will probably go to Corey Stoll for House of Cards, however.


Best Motion Picture- Drama

RUSH Chris Hemsworth

Melissa’s pick: I have only seen Gravity but since it wasn’t even as good as Catching Fire, I will be insane and pick Rush, because who fucking cares.
Katie’s pick: Philomena as it is the only one of these movies I have seen.
Prediction to win: There is no way 12 Years a Slave won’t win.

Best Performance by an Actress- Drama

Cate Blanchett Blue Jasmine

Melissa’s pick: I love a broad in a Woody Allen movie, so I am sure Cate Blanchett was perfection in Blue Jasmine.
Katie’s pick: Judi Dench for Philomena never bet against a dame.
Prediction to win: Cate Blanchett and Emma Thompson have the best shot, but the HFPA loves it some Woody so Cate might have the edge.

Best Performance by an Actor- Drama

Melissa’s pick: Because he was shut out for his fine work in Magic Mike, I choose Matthew McConaughey.
Katie’s pick: As I have not seen any of these movies I’m going with Chiwetel Ejiofor as I love him, he is a terrific actor and is really hot.
Prediction to win: We think Chiwetel will win, but Robert Redford is a darkhorse.

Best Motion Picture- Comedy or Musical


Melissa’s pick: I can’t believe Inside Llewyn Davis isn’t playing in Richmond yet! Or Her. Anyway, I loved American Hustle but because I’m an asshole I pick Inside Llewyn Davis. Singing! The Coen Brothers! NY folk scene!
Katie’s pick: I have seen two of these films and I am going to pick American Hustle (which I kind of think will win this).
Prediction to win: American Hustle, as David O. Russell is really auteur du moment.

Best Performance by an Actress- Comedy or Musical

Greta Gerwig Frances Ha

Melissa’s pick: I thought Greta Gerwig was beautiful and touching and brave in Frances Ha.
Katie’s pick: I’m going to pick Julia Louis-Dreyfus because she was transcendent (FOR REALSIES).
Prediction to win: HFPA loves Meryl Streep, so we see her winning over our two faves.

Best Performance by an Actor- Comedy or Musical

Melissa’s pick: The fact that Joaquin Phoenix is nominated for a comedy is hilarious enough for me to pick him.

Katie’s pick: Bruce Dern in Nebraska was so good and he deserves the win alone for his part in the Tom Hanks classic The Burbs.
Prediction to win:We think Bruce Dern will likely win, but Leo is getting a lot of buzz, especially since he never wins anything. Sad Leo.

Best Performance by a Supporting Actress

Melissa’s pick: Jennifer Lawrence, who was still too young for that role, ended up winning me over, especially during the cleaning sequence.
Katie’s pick: As much as I loved JLaw, I have to give this to June Squibb who was hilarious in Nebraska as Bruce Dern’s long suffering wife.
Prediction to win: Lupita Nyong’o, we hear, was MARVELOUS in 12 Years a Slave.

Best Performance by a Supporting Actor

The Agent (Bradley Cooper)

Melissa’s pick: Bradley Cooper had to wear those curlers! He is also from Philly. Actually, he was so good in this that I’m rethinking my position to not watch Silver Linings Playbook.
Katie’s pick: I am going to pick Daniel Bruhl for two reasons, the first he is hot and secondly I loved Bradley Cooper in American Hustle but I kind of hate him in real life.
Prediction to win: Jared Leto has been campaigning the longest but don’t count Bruhl out, as the HFPA loves European actors.

Best Director

Melissa’s pick: All of these people men are great but to see Steve McQueen win would make me the happiest.
Katie’s pick: I want Steve McQueen to win this even though I do not want to see 12 Years a Slave until I can watch it in my own house.
Prediction to win: Since 12 Years a Slave will win best picture, Steve McQueen will likely win director too.

Best Foreign Language Film

Melissa’s pick: Reading the synopses, I would probably like The Great Beauty best, the director looks amazing. The Wind Rises is animated and you know how I feel about cartoons. I was hoping one of these would be directed by a woman, but NO DICE.
Katie’s pick: Lesbian drama Blue is the Warmest Color, I like the title AND there is so much gossip surrounding this film. Everyone looked so happy at Cannes and now everyone hates each other.
Prediction to win: Blue is the Warmest Color is getting the most attention and the HFPA is full of skeevy old dudes.

Best Animated Film


Melissa’s pick: Frozen, as it appears to have strong feminist messages.
Katie’s pick: Frozen FTW!
Prediction to win: Frozen will surely beat the other two.

Best Screenplay

Joaquin Phoenix Her

Melissa’s pick: Spike Jonze for Her: the concept alone is so strange that he deserves praise.
Katie’s pick: Jeff Pope and Steve Coogan for Philomena because I love Steve Coogan.
Prediction to win: Creativity does well here, so expect Spike Jonze to take it away.

Best Score

Melissa’s pick: Hans Zimmer as he has the best name (for 12 Years a Slave).
Katie’s pick: I have no idea what to pick so I will go with the guy from Gravity.
Prediction to win: We think John Williams might win for The Book Thief or Hans Zimmer. The music in Gravity was too distracting!

Best Original Song

Please Mr Kennedy

Melissa’s pick: The only thing Inside Llewyn Davis will win! YAY!
Katie’s pick: “Please Mr. Kennedy,” from Inside Llewyn Davis always makes me giggle, especially the Adam Driver parts.
Prediction to win: There is no way “Please Mr. Kennedy” loses unless the HFPA is completely immune to the charms of Justin Timberlake.

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  1. I don’t watch TV anymore unless it’s GoT or Mad Men (OH MY GOD WHO AM IIIII?), but I do see a stupid number of movies.

    Several things.

    1. I am kicking myself for not seeing Llewyn Davis when we were in Detroit, because WTF.
    2. This is a weird as shit year for movies.
    3. Everyone in the Best Actor category is amazing (I haven’t seen Mandela yet, but I’ve seen everything else).
    4. I hate Jared Leto, but he was incredible in Dallas Buyers Club.

    • Shannon,

      I don’t like who you’re becoming. TV misses you.

      1. It’s coming to the Criterion this weekend but I am going to visit Katie and I don’t know when to see it (I have to go with PJ). Still no Her.
      2. Totally. I’m into it though, there’s lots of strange little movies getting attention.
      3. You are really on it. I am so impressed.
      4. Man, his band is fucking awful. He should not get an Oscar because 30 SECONDS TO MARS.
      5. I love her so much and I want her to be in movies forever.
      6. Have you seen Top of the Lake yet? It’s on Netflix and I think you’d LOVE it.

      Love, Melissa

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