Smart ladies love awards shows, our 2014 Oscar picks & predictions


The Oscars are this Sunday, so we thought we’d help your office pool by putting this post together of our own personal picks and our predictions based on weeks of qualitative research that we have done, like watched other awards shows and read stuff online. Hey, someone has to work this hard, amirite? We will be liveblogging the red carpet and the main event on March 2nd and we hope to see you there!

Best Picture

American Hustle dancing

Melissa: I still have only seen American Hustle and Gravity (I was doing so well for a while, sigh) so I will pick the former.

Katie: Out of the three nominees I have seen (American Hustle, Nebraska, and Philomena) my favorite was American Hustle.

Who will win: Gravity or 12 Years a Slave.


Melissa: I really want Steve McQueen to win for being such an independent, fearless filmmaker.

Katie: Alexander Payne because I loved Nebraska almost as much as I loved American Hustle

Who will win: Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity has won all of the awards.

Actor in a Leading Role


Melissa: I want Chiwetel to win but I like all of them.

Katie: I really want Chiwetel Ejiofor or Bruce Dern to win this.

Who will win: Matthew McConaughey (his speech might be great or a rambling mess which will make for great jokes so either way, this isn’t terrible).

Actress in a Leading Role

Amy Adams American Hustle

Melissa: The fact that Amy Adams continually goes empty handed is a mystery to me.

Katie: Amy Adams deserves an Oscar STAT!

Who will win: So Cate Blanchett has pretty much won all of the awards but we feel that Amy Adams might wins this because of anti Woody Allen backlash going on in Hollywood.

Actor in a Supporting Role


Melissa: I believe Jeremy Renner was totally overlooked here, so I will choose Jonah Hill because “Oscar winner Jonah Hill stars in 22 Jump Street” sounds AWESOME. [That will be fun! -K]

Katie: Michael Fassbender and his beautiful ginger beard.

Who will win: Barkhad Abdi because Jared Leto is boring and kind of a dick and Barkhad won the Bafta and is AMAZING!

Actress in a Supporting Role

BAFTA Film Awards 2014 - Arrivals - London

Melissa: LUPITA! Though I fear a win will somehow kill her career. J Law was too young for her American Hustle role and I couldn’t shake it.

Katie: Lupita Nyong’o because she is fabulous and will most likely be the best dressed.

Who will win: Lupita Nyong’o, J Law won last year AND she was too young for that role.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Melissa: 12 Years a Slave, only because I’ve read a lot about the original book and the changes writer John Ridley made and they seem smart.

Katie: Philomena, as I want Steve Coogan to be an Oscar winner.

Who will win: 12 Years a Slave?

Writing (Original Screenplay)

Joaquin Phoenix Her

Melissa: Spike Jonze!

Katie: Because I picked Alexander Payne to win director I will pick Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell who co-wrote American Hustle to win this.

Who will win: Oscar will reward originality, as it usually does for this award: Spike Jonze for Her.

Animated Feature Film


Melissa: I would actually watch and enjoy Ernest & Celestine.

Katie: Ernest & Celestine is the prettiest one so I’m picking that even though Frozen has this sucker in the bag.

Who will win: Frozen as it’s Disney and people really liked it, plus it it has GIRL POWER!

Foreign Language Film

Melissa:  The Great Beauty is the only one I would watch.

Katie: The Great Beauty as it is Italian.

Who will win: The Great Beauty, it won the Golden Globe.

Documentary Feature

Melissa: Four of these are on Netflix and three of them are depressing. I could not sit through Cutie and the Boxer, so I will pick the one about backup singers, 20 Feet from Stardom.

Katie: I have no idea what any of these are but Cutie and the Boxer has the best name so it has to win.

Who will win: The Act of Killing or The Square. Maybe? They were all too depressing for us.

Documentary Short Subject

Facing Fear

Melissa: After viewing all the trailers, I would say my favorite is Facing Fear, about a young gay kid beat up by neo-Nazis that meet later in life.

Katie: The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life because it sounds uplifting and possibly fun (again I have no clue what these are because I am too lazy to watch the trailers on the Oscars site.) [It is an inspirational story about a 106 year old Holocaust survivor who is also the world’s oldest pianist. The trailer made me cry. -M]

Who will win: Apparently Alice Herz Sommer passed away recently so The Lady in Number 6 will likely get sympathy/awareness votes.

Short Film (Live Action)

Melissa: I watched all of these trailers and they all looked pretty compelling. Martin Freeman is in The Voorman Problem and the synopsis is fantastic: A psychiatrist is called to a prison to examine an inmate named Voorman, who is convinced he is a god. Wikipedia says its being developed into a feature film. I choose Do I Have to Take Care of Everything? because it’s a Finnish comedy directed by a woman.

Katie: Helium as it is science-y like Gravity.

Who will win: Helium has extraordinary special effects which will probably win over voters but The Voorman Problem (the only short in English) also seems like a crowd-pleaser.

Short Film (Animated)

Get a Horse

Melissa: I watched all of the trailers: Feral is pencil-y animation, Get a Horse! is old school Disney that aired before sure winner Frozen, Mr. Hublot is that hyper-realistic animation I hate, Possessions is anime and Room on the Broom says “for the whole family to enjoy” so you know that is not winning. Get a Horse! wins by default.

Katie: Get a Horse! is a winner for sure –right?!?

Who will win: Get a Horse!: never bet against Disney, plus this played before Frozen which is the lock FTW!

Music (Original Score)

Melissa: I really have no idea but I choose Her, as the nominees are members of Arcade Fire.

Katie: Saving Mr. Banks is scored by Thomas Newman who I am hoping is related to great American composer Randy Newman

Who will win: Did John Williams score any of these?

Music (Original Song)

Melissa: If you are rooting against Pharrell, you are a fool.

Katie: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams which was recently sung by American Idol contestant Majesty Rose the best thing to ever happen to American Idol.

Who will win: I bet that U2 song will win or the one from Frozen?


Melissa: Inside Llweyn Davis was stunningly beautiful. The colors were gorgeous and Bruno Delbonnel did Amelie, and who doesn’t love that move?

Katie: Inside Llewyn Davis because I need this to win something

Who will win: Gravity, it’s the Life of Pi of 2014.

Film Editing

Melissa: I will pick 12 Years a Slave to be difficult. Since 2000, seven best picture winners have also won this and the other choices don’t seem as auteur-y as the other winners (Traffic) or are Scorsese films (Wolf of Wall Street was shut out).

Katie: Gravity as I believe Gravity will win all of these technical awards

Who will win: We think voters will prefer Gravity.

Production Design

The Great Gatsby movie poster

Melissa: American Hustle, Her, and The Great Gatsby are all really good nominees but I will be weird and pick Her for its depictions of the near future.

Katie: American Hustle it made me want to buy something brass.

Who will win: The Great Gatsby because America loves a period piece.

Costume Design


Melissa: More contemporary movies never win this (still mad about Dreamgirls), so it will likely go to The Great Gatsby.

Katie: But I want American Hustle to win, for Amy Adams boobs!

Who will win: The Great Gatsby

Makeup and hairstyling

Melissa: American Hustle should have been nominated, this is insane. I don’t care who wins. BAD GRANDPA!

Katie: Dallas Buyers Club because is is the least offensive –literally the other two choices are Bad Grandpa (WTF) and The Lone Ranger (really?!?). What about Thor or The Hobbit or anything other than making a Jackass movie an Oscar nominee!

Who will win: Bad Grandpa because that didn’t look like Johnny Knoxville AT ALL.

Visual Effects

Gravity gif

Melissa: I don’t see how anything but Gravity will win.

Katie: Gravity –the Hobbit was robbed.

Who will win: Gravity was so groundbreaking (seriously read some stuff online).

Sound Editing

Melissa: Gravity because action and sci fi movies usually win this.

Katie: Gravity –yawn

Who will win: Another win for Gravity! It wasn’t even that great, people!

Sound Mixing


Melissa: I pick Inside Llewyn Davis! The music is fantastic.

Katie: Gravity –bored.

Who will win: Sound mixing usually goes to the best picture winner, and since 12 Years a Slave wasn’t nominated, it will probably be Gravity.

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