Smart ladies love awards shows, the Grammy Awards 2014, LIVE


TheGrammys2014_headerIt’s the 56th Grammy Awards and we are liveblogging them!!!



  1. I feel so old! OR I should stop listening to books on tape while I am driving and listen to the radio! Oops I do know Chicogo!!

  2. Uncle John says what a cheesy mustache on the guy singing with Pink.

  3. Would you believe I have 2 girlfriends that went to see the Beatles when they performed at the Washington DC Armory in 1964 (?) granddaddy would not let me go. Thought it would be too dangerous. πŸ™

    • I can’t believe you didn’t get to see the Beatles. That’s so sad.

      Did you know that my mom went when they were in Pittsburgh with her friend Donna’s family. Donna’s mother was from England and had given my mom the British version of “Meet the Beatles” which was “Introducing the Beatles” and then got tickets for the girls to go to the concert. I still have that record.

      I’m sorry you didn’t get to go but you would have been pretty young in 1964 so I can see his concerns.

  4. My girl friends said they could not hear the band. All they heard was intense screaming. Very cool to know that about your mom. I did get “Meet the Beatles” album for Christmas. Mom and Dad made fun of the lyrics. ” I want to hold your hand”, To name one.

  5. Hard to believe Yoko is 80 years old. I love Stevie Wonder.

  6. As old as Willie Nelson!

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