Smart ladies love awards shows, the Oscars 2013 LIVE


The 2013 Oscars Live Blog

It’s finally here The Oscars! Due to the length of the show and the fact that Melissa and I are not in the same place expect a LOT of side conversations to HELP break up the boredom!

All photos from ABC’s Oscar website.



  1. This show is agony. It makes me miss The Golden Globes. I think this is the worst awards show ever. Who decided to add more musical numbers?

    • This show is an energy drain…Seth McFarlane is TERRIBLE and instead of being fast they have him come out and do like five jokes after a commercial break. Though Adele singing was awesome and I did sing along but did we really need the Chicago and Dreamgirls shit?!?

  2. I don’t think even Billy Crystal could save this show. It just sucks. I am watching House Hunters Renovation – and I have seen it before.

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