Smart ladies love fashion, Katie’s best and worst dressed at the 2015 Emmy Awards


The best of the TWEE (aka I have just embraced the fact that I LOVE fruity gowns)

Joanna Newsom and bonus Andy Samberg

Before the red carpet started I predicted that Joanna Newsom would wear some twee dress I would love and she did because we spiritually linked with Keira Knightley –I will love you forever butterfly dress. This really is lovely. Her hair, make-up, and accessories are also on point. DIVINE.

Emily Robinson

I kave no clue who you are, Emily Robinson, but your 3/4 sleeved hi-lo patterned dress is lovely. I also loved your NOT boring gold sandals.

The best of the NOT so Twee

Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper should really have been nominated for Inside Kimmy Schmidt but she wins with this delicate multicolored gown. Her make-up and accessories are also fantastic.

Elisabeth Moss

This is very Barbie and I love it. The color of this gown is the color I associate most with my Nanny. She is a big fan of hot pink nail polish.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy looks super foxy in orange. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that huge orange diamond on her hand. Melissa and I are big fans of dresses with sleeves.

Zoe Kazan

Because of the zig-zag pattern, this dress doesn’t photograph well but it was so pretty on TV. I also love the diamond necklace at the yoke.

Lena Headey

Lena’s hair looked better on TV. She is looks so modern in this halter ballgown. The diamond patterned beading is so beautiful as well as the deep blood red color.

Claire Danes

It has taken me a while, but I think I have finally forgiven Claire Danes. Well I have forgiven her enough to say this dress is amazing. The color is so scrumptious. Let’s also note that Hugh Dancy is trying to make the double breasted suit hot. ALSO his pants are perfectly hemmed. RIP Hannibal.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal just looks so pretty. Her dress fits well and is so lovely. It is made out of light silk taffeta and I bet it sounds like paper when she walks –ugh I love that sound.

Amanda Crew

This picture does not look like Amanda Crew who is on Silicon Valley (a show I do not watch) so it took M and I awhile to figure out who she is. Sadly I remembered she was in Charlie St. Cloud before I remembered she was on Silicon Valley –even sadder I have seen Charlie St. Cloud more than once. Anyway I love this ballgown and I love her messy ponytail.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Another funny lady who should have been nominated. Tracee Ellis Ross is so beautiful and this dress is just amazing. I love the color and the teared detail.

Naomi Watts and bonus Liev Schreiber

Oh Naomi you had me at silver shoes and cocktail length but thank you for all of the sparkles. Liev is also smoking hot in navy.

Gina Rodriguez

Man there are so many funny ladies, Gina also should have been nominated. Her dress is so fun.

Teyonah Parris

Teyonah is currently on Survivor’s Remorse (which is really good) and she was also on the dearly departed Mad Men. Her red carpet looks are always different and super fun.

The best you have ever looked

Christina Hendricks

This is amazing. I will also use this as an excuse to say for the 1000th time the red carpet needs more gold gowns.

What I would wear to an awards show


Melissa just saw this and said to herself “that is your gown AND you will spill food down the front and ruin it.” Melissa is right on both counts.

So many PANTS!

Tatiana Maslany

Poor Tatiana seemed so hot on the red carpet. She is from Canada, and the 100 degree weather must have been beyond awful for her. She was the first lady we saw in pants. She looked comfortable.

Carrie Brownstein

Carrie also wore a suit and my only complaint is that I wish she had gone with a sandal instead of a pump.

Jill Soloway

POLKA DOT SUIT! I am a sucker for a polka dot. Those shoes are NOT good. [Note: I LOVE THOSE SHOES, but not with that suit. Like with a cute minidress or something. -M]

Cute young people

Nolan Gould and Rico Rodriguez

I stopped watching Modern Family a while ago but the kids on that show are great. These two look fantastic.

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland is FINALLY dressing her age and she looks fantastic.

Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams looks like such a fun girl to hang out with and I love the youthful vibe of this pretty pink dress. Her shoes are adorable and totally work on a person under 20 or a 50 year old French woman in her boudoir (Catherine Deneuve could totally pull them off at Cannes though because she is magical).

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner’s make-up is very harsh, though her outfit is super cute. I am so happy all of these ladies pulled off formal pants.

Keep it simple stupid

Kate McKinnon

So simple so divine. My one quibble is that she needed a slightly darker lippy.

Best of the Dudes

Tituss Burgess

The bow-tie game this year was on point. So much foxiness by the men on the red carpet.

David Oyelowo

The pants are a little snug and could go an inch shorter BUT David Oyelowo is totally making a double breasted suit sexy.

Philip Winchester

His jacket is too big but Philip is on Strike Back which is my favorite guilty pleasure show. I will miss you so much Stonebridge!

Alan Cumming

NO one could pull this off except Alan Cumming. SO FUCKING DAPPER. He also looks cool. He might be magic.

The good but could be so much better

Ariel Winter

Ariel you look fantastic but the length of this ages you slightly. We think you would look more your age in a cocktail length.

It might be too Twee for me

Anna Chlumsky

I texted Melissa that Anna looked like a Fabergé egg. Which you would think I would be into but I think I might have liked this more if Anna had gone full egg –that’s right, I think this shows too much restraint. Her hair though was amazingly pretty.

Put on some LIPSTICK

Gwendoline Christie

This was fine though it washed her out. You know what might have helped with that red lipstick.

Why does your hair hate you so much

Felicity Huffman

Great dress but that hair is INSANE!

Amy Poehler

I love all of this except for the sad hair. Amy that is not your color. I still love you and really wanted you to win.

Girl that’s not your dress (honestly it might not be anyone’s dress)

Laura Prepon

I wish Laura could go back to her red hair. I know the dark is for Orange is the New Black but it’s so harsh and she doesn’t know how to dress for it. She is so pale and this is so harsh. She also looks like a matador.

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