Smart ladies love fashion, Melissa’s best and worst dressed at the 2015 Emmy Awards



The theme of last night’s Emmy fashion was “pants!” which made Katie and I super happy. There was also a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles of gowns. Thankfully, nude lips seem to be behind us, and we are a better world now.

If I’m missing someone, don’t worry, Katie will likely have them on her list, which will post later today!


Best Dressed

Kiernan Shipka

I liked this as soon as I saw her top half on the red carpet–that yellow panel is so fetching–but once I saw the pictures on Getty with the pants? Died. Kiernan is pushing all kinds of boundaries and I LOVE IT.

Laverne Cox

Usually Laverne wears shiny, slinky Marc Bauer gowns that are beautiful but feel dated. I am SO HAPPY she finally wore Calvin Klein, and both the color and simplicity really work for her.

Kerry Washington

Chainmail wrap dress with epaulettes? I will follow, Kerry.

Judith Light

WOW!! The pattern on this skirt is AMAZING. I didn’t even notice that this is a mermaid skirt because I was so blown away.

Jamie Alexander

Jamie is in the tattoo show on NBC that Katie is excited about. I am just happy she wore stripes AND long sleeves. I also like the wet hair look on her short bob.

Uzo Aduba

I love that so many of the ladies from OITNB, one of my favorite shows, picked well. Uzo is consistently a mix of classic (the shape here) and modern (the print). She’s not super thin but never has a hard time finding a figure-flattering, interesting gown. I love everything about this look.

Aubrey Plaza

This ticks all the “Melissa boxes”–deep V, dark color, sparkly, long sleeves–and her hair is fantastic. I wish her shoes were a little more exciting–gold strappy sandals maybe?

Jessica Pare

This is not as fashion-forward as her usual choices, but I love the little knot at the top and how the bottom flows.

Sarah Paulson

I love her always. Sparkly AND red lipstick. <3<3<3

Kristen Schaal

This dress has just enough interest–the print, side bow and waist detail elevate it from a simple column dress. I don’t care for her necklace, however.

Jane Krakowski

This deco-style gown really gave Jane Krakowsi, whose looks are never that memorable to me, a well-deserved “moment” on the red carpet.

Laura Carmichael

I’ll bet Joanne Froggat braids those strings while they are seated. Laura has been kinda off for me lately so I was happy to see her rock this vintage-inspired gown.

Samira Wiley

HOT PINK CAPE, y’all! I don’t think she is all the way pulling this off, but it’s creating such a wonderful red carpet moment for her–I hope it draws attention to her performance on OITNB.

Would be Worst Dressed on Anyone Else

January Jones

The top and the color are gorgeous. The fact that it’s a jumpsuit… well, it works on her.

Meh Dressed

Chelsea Peretti

I think this is too much pattern for her–the skirt is much prettier than the top. I also enjoy her chunky shoes.

Danielle Brooks

Taystee is BY FAR my favorite character on OITNB, so I’m sad to say that I do not love the colors of this gown together, even though I love them individually. Boo.

Edie Falco

Love the hair, but I don’t think the pleats on the dress need to go all the way up the bodice–it looks too much like a sack.

Jessica Lange

Take off those sunglasses, you look like a crazy old lady. You are a classy, smart broad, who happens to work with Ryan Murphy, show-killer. Maybe she’s wearing transition lenses and she’s can’t help it? I do not know why I am so strongly against sunglasses on the red carpet. Also, the dress looks too stiff.

Taylor Schilling

I guess as the resident OINTB fan, it is my job to review all their fashion. This seemed more appropriate for the CMAs, and while her hair was an improvement of how it normally looks, I didn’t feel her look overall was as strong as her photocall/talk show/event fashion, where she dresses a bit more edgy.

Emma Roberts

While I love the glamorous essence of this look, the color completely washes her out and she needs lipstick. Emma usually does better than this.

Morena Baccarin

I am about as “meh” on Morena as an actress as I am on this unflattering dress.

Carice van Houten

I like that she was ballsy enough to wear a cocktail length gown, but she’s not bringing enough personality or style to this plain dress.

Worst Dressed

Heidi Klum

Why is this ratty Versace nightgown all shredded on the sleeves? I feel weird that I can see her knees.

Christine Marzano

It’s a naked dress that also reminds me of the circus. FAIL.

Taryn Manning

Target-brand Elvira costume with even worse hair.

Caitlin Gerard

I hate this so much, I am not even going to look up who Caitlin Gerard IS. PLEASE get some lipstick and a dress THAT FITS which is not the same color as your skin.

Nazadin Boniadi

I am so sick of these sheer panels. In this case, it adds nothing to the dress, and I hate the rectangle shape.

Lady Gaga

I know, she’s trying to be a serious actress-type, but black doesn’t always translate well in pictures and this is a gigantic SNOOZE.

WTF Dressed

Naomi Grossman

Gross, man is right. Sorry, that was cheap. As cheap as ANOTHER NAKED DRESS.

Fred Armisen

He looks good–the ode to Wes Craven via the Freddy Krueger tie and glove was a bit odd for a major awards ceremony.

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