Smart ladies love fashion, the best and worst dressed from the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards

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What it would look like if we won an award. #shortpeopleproblems

Because Katie and I are in the same place for one brief weekend, we decided to write this post together, so it will be totally comprehensive, in alpha order. Our individual lists of best and worst dressed will be at the bottom of the post, a la our Met Gala coverage.

Since today is a holiday, we have a day drinking game for you: every time we mention that someone needs a darker lip color, take a drink. You will be wasted by the end of the post!

People of Hollywood: we are ready for the Rodriguez-Watts-Corden superhero movie:

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

It’s so sad, droopy, and looks like dirty dishrag. Even Justin looks confused.

Shiri Appleby

The rich rust color of this is fab on her, but we wish for fuller straps and an updo. And maybe some lipstick (sorry, Katie made me).

Mayim Bialik

She clearly wandered off the set of a Jane Austen adaptation. This is not her dress. I know she has restrictions, but there are ways to be completely covered up in a dress that fits the wearer’s style and personality. This is not funky enough for a woman OUR AGE.

Rachel Bloom

When we saw this, we called out “PANTS!! PANTS!!” We love that Rachel Bloom looks so freaking happy to be there. Take a drink for lip color.

Carrie Brownstein

Carrie’s next project is a regional theater production of The Crucible and she is trying out her costume for comfort reasons.

Aya Cash

Oh pants, we love you (also: You’re the Worst). Everything about this is great: from the gold-toed shoes to the earrings and wavy hair. We wish more women would wear modern, fashion-y suits.

Carly Chaikin

It’s like she is starring in Gone With the Wind porn. [Note: I was under the influence of vinho verde when I wrote this. Obviously I find her delightful and she is super wonderful in everything. Darla forever!! -M]

Kether Donohue

This dress was just worn by Christina Hendricks in the exact same manner and that’s just bad on the stylists part. Also her face looks too bright and her lips which might be great are then too dark.

Portia Doubleday

We would have really loved this if it weren’t so naked underneath.

Kirsten Dunst

We like the length but the sheer fabric is a little uneven on the bottom and not in a good way (this looked much better on stage). We also love her face and hair. We always appreciate a cap sleeve.

America Ferrera

This made us so sad. Everything is kind of blah.

Joanne Froggatt

We have seen this style a lot and it’s plain–we expect more interesting choices from her.

Kathryn Hahn

This dress definitely has a fit issue, which cannot be overcome by the color or her beautiful hair and makeup.

Sarah Hay

We love a gold shoe, but not those. And her face looks crazy. That pose is THE WORST.

Bryce Dallas Howard

This is how you do a light-colored lipstick. Her makeup is lovely, and the dress is more modern than the one she wore to the globes. Dig that hip star!

Jonathan Jackson

He looks like he repairs watches. Nominated for Nashville, he is routinely one of the best things on a show that so often makes us angry.

January Jones

This is kind of disappointing as she is usually a fave but the lining is not long enough and this is missing the high fashion vibe.

Zoe Kazan

We appreciate Zoe’s “deer-in-the-headlights” red carpet demeanor and her “I-don’t-give-a-fuck” attitude. We also really appreciate the color combo and fit of this dress. Her hair continues to look super cute.

Regina King

We really wanted to like this but we hate the hi-low hem. We do LOVE the amount of skin Regina is showing.

Zoe Kravitz

This looked WAY better on the TV but we always applaud PANTS! The bag doesn’t really match and it’s SUPER LARGE.

Jennifer Jason Leigh

This is really BORING but the fit is nice.

Damian Lewis


Judith Light

First: those earrings are bananas. We, of course, would have preferred a darker lip and the skirt’s sheerness is a little bizarre, but she’s got enough sass to pull it off.

Rami Malek

RAWR! Good job on the pants hem.

Leslie Mann

She looks like a ballerina in the best way possible. She also has great lipstick and her shoes are not super boring.

Rachel McAdams

We both ooooohed and ahhhhhhed when we saw this dress. The fit is perfect for the small busted gal.

Melissa McCarthy

We love the fit and she looks like she is on holiday in Florida.

Wendy McLendon-Covey

The fit of this is really off–why is there a gaping hole by her left boob? Beautiful hair and makeup.

Niecy Nash

This is so elegant. The only reason we could possibly be excited about a second season of Scream Queens is the return of Denise Hemphill. Maybe she can be the thread that ties the seasons together. (Ryan Murphy, we are available to give consulting services.)

Marti Noxon

This would be a great dress for, say, Sarah Hyland, but it’s a little youthful for her. I do, however, think the fit is wonderful and her hair color is really fun.

Hayden Panettiere

We are NOT fans of the dress but we really MISS her on Nashville.

Sarah Paulson

We are speechless…except to say that this is so fucking adorable.

Kristen Ritter

The accordion pleats are reminiscent of Alicia Vikander’s Golden Globes gown, and this is almost as stunning. More oxblood on the red carpet, please!

Gina Rodriguez

Gina should give her stylist/tailor a huge bonus. This fits her body perfectly.

Saoirse Ronan

As fans of both the cap sleeve and capes we fucking love this. It’s so beautiful and the color is divine.

Tracee Ellis Ross

We love how striking the sleeves are. The fit is on point, too, and she always has great hair and makeup.

Emmy Rossum

That under skirt is such a lovely surprise in this simple black gown. So happy she is at all the awards shows with Sam Esmail so we get to see her.

Kristen Schaal


Amy Schumer

Best fit EVER! We are so proud of her. Malibu Barbie FANTASTIC!

Eden Sher

Eden looks much better IRL than she does on The Middle. She arrived early and wore better clothes than any of the TV personalities that had posed before her. The pattern and fit of this dress are both perfect.

Jean Smart

We like how this is cut so close to her (totally rocking’) body. However, it’s giving us serious ice dancing vibes and THE LIPSTICCCCCCKKKKKKKK. We thought this looked better on stage than it did on the red carpet.

Maura Tierney

The casualness of this is fantastic. The only issue is that the skirt is very poofy and gives her hips a strange shape.

Marisa Tomei

This could be a skosh longer, but way to be rebellious with a short, patterned dress!

Liv Tyler

Love the fabric and cut which are both really flattering on her.

Alicia Vikander

We are really tired of this post and kind of inebriated BUT we both liked this AND think it’s pretty.

Shanice Williams

PANTS!!! Everyone should watch The Wiz.

Constance Wu

I read an interview with her in Lenny and what I loved most is how much she cusses and how normal she seems. Sadly, this looks like she is going for the gold versus Oksana Baiul.

Constance Zimmer

If her shoes were red, Constance would be one of the best, because the dress is AMAZING and she did get the lipstick memo. We are both super excited for UnREAL season 2.

Melissa’s Best Dressed:

  1. Aya Cash
  2. Saoirse Ronan
  3. Judith Light
  4. Kirsten Dunst
  5. Gina Rodriguez

Katie’s Best Dressed:

  1. Rachel McAdams
  2. Sarah Paulson
  3. Kirsten Dunst
  4. Zoe Kravitz
  5. Aya Cash

Leaving you with Aya Cash’s TERRIFIC clutch: