March 28, 2013
by katie

Smart ladies love pop music, Eurovision preview 3

There are ONLY 51 days till Eurovision, 51 DAYS! And all 39 countries have picked songs. Lets get to it! Armenia Dorians, “Lonely Planet” What is with all of the insane eyebrows in this competition. I think this is the … Continue reading

February 28, 2013
by katie
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Smart ladies love pop music, Eurovision preview 1

Since awards season is over and I plan on posting about the NCAA tourney right before selection Sunday (March 17th), I thought why not start previewing the Eurovison Song Contest —I mean we have less than 80 days until the greatest song … Continue reading

November 1, 2012
by melissa

Smart ladies love to hate, Taylor Swift

Now that she is queen of the world, I have something to say about Taylor Swift: I don’t like her. She doesn’t identify as a feminist. She either doesn’t know what feminism means or she doesn’t want to align herself … Continue reading