Smart ladies love fashion, best and worst dressed at the 2014 Golden Globes after parties


There was still so much fashion at the Golden Globes after parties that, like the Oscars, I felt it deserved its own post. Some of these may have been to the ceremony but we missed them for whatever reason.

Least Offensive

Ashley Madekwe is such a natural fashionista. It’s like this gorgeous citrus-colored gown just happened to be in her closet.

I heart this so much! It’s fun and looks like it is a comfortable fabric. It fits her nicely. Good job Ashley! -K

I liked this better than the try-hard dress-over-pants mess Emma Watson wore to the ceremony.

I wish Emma had worn this at the actual Golden Globes and her pants/dress/apron fiasco to the after parties if she had to wear it at all. -K

I don’t much care for Jamie King’s hair but she just had a freaking baby and still found time to look this adorable. Hopefully Lemon comes back to Hart of Dixie soon and stops hiding behind cakes.

I liked this more than I thought I would mostly because it is so freaking flattering on her. -K

I enjoyed this more than Taylor Swift’s foofy thing earlier in the night. The sandals look really dated–I assume they are more attractive in person.

This is fun and very different from the gown she wore to the event AND I bet much more fun to dance in. -K

Rachel Roy looks really comfy in this blazer-over-pajamas. I would probably wear something like this if I had to go to a fancy Hollywood party.

I’m going to ignore this is pajama like because I HATE pajamas on the red carpet BUT I enjoy this a lot. The color combo is lovely and she looks super comfy. -K

Most Disappointing

Oh Diane Kruger. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU. Wash your damn hair, girl.

Why is that dress two sizes too big? -K

Put Your Clothes Back On

Apparently Cassie Scerbo was in Sharknado. That’s… something.

I HATE when people show off the slit in their dress by sticking out their leg and totally pulling the fabric to the side. I do not want to see your underpants, Cassie! -K

I don’t watch The Vampire Diaries but I follow Kat Graham’s insane red carpet showings and this ranks among the kookiest.

This needs more of a lining but this lady is incredibly gorgeous. -K

Who is Lady Victoria Hervey? I read her Wiki page after seeing her in this pantyhose sheath and it was useless.

The British press, however, is much more helpful in telling me who this wackjob famewhore is.

Let’s retire the naked dress! -K

When you have a round face (ahem, I should know), the tightly slicked back bun just makes your face look rounder, Miranda Kerr.

2014 InStyle And Warner Bros. 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party

“Look at me, I just broke up with my movie star husband!! RAWRRR!!!”

I kind of hate this BUT it is so much more appropriate than the last dress. -K

A Bunch of Okay-Dressed Randos

Olivia Munn’s separates looked strangely similar to what Kaley Cuoco wore to the People’s Choice Awards last week.

At least this isn’t too tight, as Olivia has a tendency to wear clothes that are too small. I hope she was there with hottie boyfriend Joel Kinnaman. -K

Does Shannon Woodward have crazy picture disease? This doesn’t look like her at all.

No it DOESN’T! Melissa that is crazytown. I love this dress and wish I had a better shot of her shoes because I might need them for work (OR walking around my living room because the heels are too high but I still need to wear the pretty shoe). -K

The whole time I was watching American Hustle, my mom was whispering at me “That’s Elizabeth Rohm from Law & Order!” Like she did it ten times. I KNOW, MOM.

This is Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” on Orange is the New Black. I think she’s a great actress but this looks like something the retirees would wear in Boca Raton for hott mambo night.

Despite the cheapness of the fabric, I do think this is very flattering on her. -K

Maybe a little too much skin showing on Meagan Good’s torso. She is really really pretty though and looks glowing in white.

Are those pants? I adore Meagan in Think Like a Man an agree with Melissa she looks lovely in white but again are those pants? -K

Ugh, Vanessa Hudgens, I am so bored with you and your attempts at Hollywood glam.

Vanessa this just proves that you are a Selena Gomez knock off as she wore this SO two years ago. ALSO I don’t hate you so if indeed you are trying for Selena’s glory DON’T date Beiber, you are to good for him. -K

You Should Have Stayed Home

Now THIS is the Sofia Vergara I know and hate.

Mermaid gow…..SNOOZE…… -K

I looked through several pages of Google search results and still don’t know who Kat Cramer is. Am I missing something, world? Do I care?

Who are you, lady, and why are you styling your hair like my 96 year old grandmother? -K

Ashley Tisdale is my favorite part of the High School Musical movies and she was even tolerable on Sons of Anarchy but her dress puts me to sleep.

It also needs to be hemmed. -K

I want to like Bella Thorne here, but she looks about eight months out of date and her hair is just bothering me.

Everything about the styling of this “edgy” dress is wrong. -K

Malin Ackerman’s makeup is making her look so pretty and Scandinavian but why does she appear so wide in this dress? Her clutch is also lovely!

She LOOKS like Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway, in fact that is who I thought it was and was confused as to why Mette-Marit was attending a Globes after party and why she wasn’t wearing a tiara. -K

Alexa Chung, who is also wearing fug shoes, is wearing a wrinkly reject from the Olivia Pope nightwear collection. Love her lip color, though.

This is tragic in that it could have been good. -K

Oscar Isaac Palate Cleanser


You’re gorgeous dude (but PLEASE grow back the beard or maybe just some stubble). -K

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