Smart ladies love fashion, best and worst dressed at the 2015 ACMs


There are so many country awards show, so I made this chart in Excel to help me sort it out. I’m sharing it with you because I love you and I hope it will make a real difference in your lives:

Country Awards Show Comparison

For the record, here are the trophies:







I do not like to miss awards shows, especially star-studded ones where people dress slightly questionably and the cameras cut to non-famous audience members in gaudy jewelry singing along to Florida Georgia Line.

Last night’s event was in Dallas, probably so they could use Cowboys stadium and set a world record for most people at an awards show, so there were football players and even some cheerleaders there:

Also, seeing Martina McBride do “Independence Day,” which is a freaking classic, makes me sad for the inequality of gender in country music right now. For the record, Tay-Tay was SUPER into singing along to this song. She didn’t walk the red carpet, but she looked nice:

Best Dressed

Kacey Musgraves is dressed how I want all my country queens to dress. Girly and vintage-inspired but with a modern hairdo.

I love this and I love Kacey. I hope she has on sparkly cowboy boots under that dress. -K

I wish Ashley Monroe was wearing lipstick but this tiny menswear-influenced dress is the perfect way to shake up an audience wearing frilly gowns.

I also love Ashley Monroe and am super pleased all of my favorite country ladies dressed so lovely. -K

It is hard not to judge Olivia Culpo’s ensemble based on her incredibly gorgeous face, but the simplicity of this white dress feels fresh on this occasion.

I love the modern take on the over-done mermaid tail good job Olivia. PS I have no idea who this woman is. -K

Reese Witherspoon is super reflective in this fun minidress. I am envious of her hair.

YES SPARKLES! I love you Reese Witherspoon! -K

Lacey Owen wins for highest hair!! Love it. While this dress isn’t my favorite, the color is beautiful on her.

I like the color. I have no idea who this person is –I expect this to become a theme. -K

For this particular awards show, Caroline Boyer, wife of Luke Bryan, is the portrait of class and taste.

SUCH A PRETTY COLOR. Also good sparkles. -K

You know what would look great with Jana Kramer‘s awesome black and white patterned dress? Freaking lipstick! But I applaud her for finding a print that works at this type of event.

This would be my fave if she had lipstick. I LOVE a patterned gown and this one is so lovely. -K

This is the best Sofia Vergara has looked! She should pretend every awards show is the ACMs.

I even love the platform shoes. -K

Best Couple

Welcome back, Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood. You both look pleasantly classic country.

True story, Tricia Yearwood’s cooking show is excellent. -K

Finely Dressed Men

Keith Urban has a thing, you know?

HE WORE A STATEMENT TEE! Oh Keith I love you so. -K 

For a dude at this show, Thomas Rhett’s vintage-looking tux is downright fashion-forward.

I don’t know who this feller is but I love his perfectly hemmed suit. Good job dude. -K

I think Dierks Bentley has been in my Best Dressed every time he shows up. His tailor is extraordinarily talented.

This is very nice. -K

If you’re going to dress a little casually to a music awards show, at least show a little style and personality like Will Hoge.

I like his sweet boots. -K

Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum is another perpetual favorite–I love his shortsleeve sweater, well-fitting pants and great shoes! I think this is his wife, Cassie, who is wearing a ballgown I actually find interesting due to its color scheme.

They look fantastic, although since he is slightly casual I wish her dress were about a foot and a half shorter –but that is more because of my love for the cocktail length gown. -K

I just found out Canaan Smith is a popular contemporary country singer! One who I want to high-five for his jacket and worn-in boots.

He reminds me of the Fonz –that is not a bad thing. -K

Sadly, there were not enough cowboy hats on the red carpet! So congrats Clay Walker (and the lovely Jessica Craig)!

I love a good hat. -K

And the award for best tie goes to…Reid Perry!

I want that tie in a dress. -K

Nick Jonas’ brown suede jacket is pretty fantastic.

Good job Nick Jonas you are on theme but still you. -K

Pretty! But Sorry About Your Boobs

I actually really like this! Except I don’t feel comfortable with how much of Beth Behrs’ boobs I can see and the top fits a bit odd.

This is interesting and I love the weird top, but Melissa is right–it’s a little too sheer. -K

Why is this shoestring strapped across Miranda Lambert’s cleave? She wore an interesting jumpsuit to the ceremony and had a sweet moment with both her friend Ashley Monroe and the female co-writer of “Automatic.”

I love the color of this dress and her hair/accessories are fantastic but again I agree with Melissa I don’t understand the line across her cleavage. I kind of think she has illusion netting and that’s the seam but that’s weird. -K

Ohhhh RaeLynn, this is SO event-appropriate and fun but the top looks incredibly awkward.

Her shoes and clutch are awesome. -K

Zooey Deschanel has Worn This One too Many Times

Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town looks cute (and I am sure Katie will like this more than me), but she can’t convince me I haven’t seen this a hundred times before.

I do like this, but I wish she had done something better with her hair. -K

Meh Dressed

The ruffle of Hillary Scott’s skirt makes it feel really dated, which is disappointing, because the color is wonderful on her.

This is very 1990’s bridesmaidy/prom. -K 

Cassadee Pope’s dress wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the unseasonable color and hi-low hem.

This is very fall. -K

I want to like Mickey Guyton’s dress, but the crosshatch pattern is just too busy with the flowers. I think horizontal stripes might be more appealing.

This is when the pattern goes bad. Everything else is fantastic. -K

I dig Kimberly Perry’s wild rock star hair, but her dress is failing to cause me to have a strong reaction either way.

I’m so sick of sheer. -K

Plus: Florida Georgia Line’s pants fit well! Minus: I still had to listen to their music during the ceremony. Plus: you can’t go wrong with all black. Minus: those sunglasses, all the jewelry, and that unbuttoned shirt.

These dudes make me uncomfortable. -K

Kudos to Tony Romo for this sharp blue suit; however, it does not look properly fitted.

It’s too big. It’s like a sack. Also because it’s too big it’s wrinkled. I do like his dates dress. -K

This gown Kellie Pickler is wearing just feels so old-fashioned and tired, though she looks happy and glowy! I wish her style would evolve.

So much satin. -K

Worst Dressed

Jamie Lynn Spears’s dress has black lace AND scales on the bottom, two things I never want to see again on someone not named Marion Cotillard.

Lipstick please. Also stop wearing black lace people. -K

What is up with The Voice alums and hi-low hems? Danielle Bradbery’s dress has the added characteristics of being both cheap-looking and super fug.

This just looks tired. PS I am also tired. -K

Nothing Frankie Ballard is wearing fits him properly. Nothing.

Even the shoes look too big. -K

This is Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye (WTF IS THAT NAME) of Maddie and Tae and there are so many things wrong here I don’t know where to start.

WHO ARE THEY? Why would you name your child Tae if your last name was Dye OR why would you think Tae Dye was a good stage name? -K

Another Barbie dress, but Brittany Kerr’s is too shiny and I hate how the slit looks like it was hand-ripped by a stylist before the ceremony. Some lipstick wouldn’t hurt, either.

She looks like a beauty pageant contestant. -K

Methinks Kip Moore got lost on the way to pick up some milk.


Not only does Kellsea Ballerini have a name that sounds like a personalized brunch cocktail, but her braid is hiding in her too-big boob cups and someone ruined a kind of cute peach/yellow skirt by making it XTREME hi-low.

This could be cute and yet it is SO NOT (see all of Melissa’s example above). -K

I Don’t Know, WHATEVER, I GIVE UP Dressed

Steven Tyler is insane

I love it! -K

Dustin Lynch, have you met Steven Tyler?

Dustin Lynch should have made the lining of that coat more artistic. -K

Scott Borchetta makes sense in the context of these two.

His facial hair is the WORST. -K