Smart ladies love fashion, best and worst dressed at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards


God bless the MTV Movie Awards. They invite Bai Ling, so many rappers with terrible names, every cast member of Teen Wolf, AND they allow men to dress like they’re getting beers on a Saturday afternoon during March Madness. Because of this insanity, I graded on a curve, and was probably nicer than I should have been.

Note: had Kate Mara actually walked the red (blue?) carpet, she would have been my best dressed [I love this dress and what is up with her and Jamie Bell other than they just made Fantastic Four together? He looks like he wants to eat her face in love. -K]

Best Dressed

Woah, Katie Stevens, this is exactly appropriate for both the event and the season. She has learned so much since finishing eighth on American Idol five seasons ago.

Oh this dress is great! I love that it’s making the polka dot modern. -K

Most of the men at this show look like bums, so Michael B. Jordan’s well-fitted plaid suit really stood out.

So happy I don’t have to talk about hems. Also he is super hot. -K

Holland Rodan’s dress looks like vintage bathroom floor tiles, so obviously, J’ADORE.

And her shoes are fantastic. People really should always wear fun colored footwear with black & white ensembles. -K

Charlii XCX appears to be wearing a slick plaid raincoat. Spring-y!

This is so much better than what she normally wears. She went pretty far in Fug Madness this year only to be crushed by Miley Cyrus. Those shoes, though, make me stabby. -K

Even though this pose is a little, “Look at my clutch!” J Lo looks divine.

This woman is a national treasure. Never change JLo! -K

I confuse Bella Thorne with a whole host of other actresses but her outfit is fun and perfect for this show. This dress is a series of plates and chains–it looked better on TV, I think, than in photos.

I never know who this person is. I think I have looked her up on IMDB like 25 times. This dress is cute for this event. -K

Amber Rose always looks so happy! Probably because her hair is great and she knows how to dress to flatter her body.

Her shoes are sparkly and fun! -K

Wear one of my favorite color combinations, Brittany Snow even got the lipstick right! Woo!


Arden Cho resembles a superhero, what with the bright red dress and gold cuff. All of her accessories (and lipstick, of course) are fantastic.

But can that cuff defect bullets? I hope so! I also really like this AND I don’t hate the nude sandal. -K

I never figured out what Rachel Antonoff was doing at the show (fashion reporting?), but this mint suit and platform heels will be one of the looks I remember most.

I love this whole look. -K

So many Pitch Perfect 2 ladies totally rocked it. I love a deep-V and the shape is different.

Anna Camp is one of my favorite people. -K

I don’t think Amy Schumer’s comedy exactly translated to hosting an awards show, but she is busty and cute here.

This is fun. -K

Perfect casual awards show attire on Miles Teller.

The sunglasses are a nice touch. -K

It looks like Kiersey Clemons‘ eyelashes are dragging her lids down here, but the dress is a great color and I think her hair is super cute.

I love this but wish it was shorter. -K

Side mermaid braid! Colored sandals! Bailey De Young is hitting all the trends with this outfit, which I would hate if she didn’t look so stinking adorable.

I really love the top of this dress. -K

I really like the black jersey fabric of Tinashe’s dress, but I want to cut it off at her knees.

Agree with M, this needs to be shorter. -K

Mark Ruffalo is totally rocking those Converse.

These two are adorable. -K

The hair, smart jumpsuit and pastel accessories make Scarlett Johansson’s outfit read matronly, but I love that she just fucking went for it.

She looks like an Easter basket –I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. -K

If I put Scarlett in this category, I couldn’t leave Shailene Woodley out for her bold pattern mixing and ugly-cool boots.

She always looks comfortable which I dig. -K

Meh Dressed

I dig Jessie J’s sparkly pajamas in a 70s Halston sort of way but her hair and accessories are beyond fug.

This is so much better then anything else she wears. She also went far in Fug Madness. -K

The color of Willow Shields’ ensemble reads too bridal/garden party, which is a shame, because her hair and makeup are on point.

This also makes her look way older then she is. -K

Spencer Grammer’s outfit is almost there: the print and style are nice, but the length is awkward.

It also looks flimsy and not in a good way in a cheap fabric kind of way. -K

Stripes! Overalls! Bea Miller knows what I like. Unfortunately, I also like clean hair that doesn’t have eight-inch dark roots.

The only nice thing I can say is her shoes are bitchin. -K

I seriously thought this was a Kardashian and not Hailee Steinfeld. I can’t say I like this but what saves it from being in the worst category is her ability to actually kind of carry it off.

She does look like a Kardashian! -K

The color of Cara Delevingne’s dress is so lovely, and like Jessie J’s pantsuit, it is pleasantly 70s. But her hair is wretched and the skirt is too short.

This also just screams fall to me. -K

I am suffering from cut out fatigue and Emily Ratajkowski is my first victim. Great color, though.

I also find the one boob in the plastic thing more awkward than fashion forward. -K

Like cut out fatigue, I absolutely have white tee fatigue. Fetty Wap and Ty Dolla Sign are boring me with their tee shirt choices.

They look like they decided to attend at the last minute. -K

This has the disadvantage of having cutouts AND reminding me of a rock and roll Barbie. Cool hair, though, Victoria Justice.

SPARKLES! I like this more than M. -K

I wish Rebel Wilson’s shoes were silver or maybe purple. I don’t love the matchyness but good call on the cape.

OH I wish she had on the striped shoes I called bitchin above. -K

Will Brooks‘ slacks are too tight. The proportions of everything are off, which is a shame because electric blue vest.

I’m so sad that the fit is bad. -K

Zach Gilford is so handsome! That covers up a multitude of sins, including wearing a skinny brown tie.

One day #7 you will be a super star. -K

I love both Zuri Hall’s hair and makeup, which makes this lacy skater dress even worse. When will I stop seeing black lace at these events?

NEVER! I don’t think black lace will ever die. -K

Maia Mitchell’s dress is so plain and not in a classic, Calvin Klein way.

Why is she wearing black shoes. -K

Worst Dressed

Wrong event, Farrah Abraham.

This is so not appropriate. -K

Not only is Greer Grammer wearing too much makeup with an ill-fitting gown, but the black-green-teal color combination makes me feel a little ill.

This dress might be cute if it were shorter and just the top patterned. Ugh I don’t know. -K

Kat McNamara is wearing a baggy bandage dress. I don’t think I’ve even seen one before. How does that happen?

Her shoes are straight up taupe which is just depressing. Everything about this is depressing. -K

I wish Bridget Regan hadn’t worn last Sunday’s Easter dress–too precious. Also, her face is two different colors.

I like the lipstick and the shoes and that’s about it. -K

Keltie Knight here is a Canadian dancer and presenter, who favors makeup that ages her and dresses that are made for 22 year olds. It’s all very confusing.

I want to add about six inches to the bottom of this dress. -K

Button your damn shirt, Machine Gun Kelly.

His shirt looks like it was made out of turn-of-the-century flour sacks. -K

WTF Dressed

I don’t like posting about Redfoo, in hopes that he will disappear, but this outfit is just ridiculous.

I kind of want his tennis shoes. -K



Men Who Couldn’t Care Less

In every Getty picture of Tyler Posey, he is making really douchey “I’m so great” gestures. Dude, I had to look you up.

He totally woke up about half hour before this photo was taking. -K

Does Anders Holm need to bend down to fit in the picture?

His shoes are hilarious. It’s like he just changed his shirt after a run to attend. -K

Scott Pfaff could not find a tee shirt that was in tact, so he wore this Slayer tee with a ripped collar. Thanks for trying so hard, dude.

I like his silver velcro shoes! -K

T Mills spent more time on his hair than on finding an outfit for a major awards show. Also, normcore is over.

His pants are weirdly rolled up. It’s like they are and inch too high or and inch too low.

Bai Ling Dressed



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