Smart ladies love fashion, best and worst dressed at the 2015 Oscar after parties.


The after party fashion was AWESOME!

I’m going to be honest: I enjoy the Oscar after party fashion about 100000X more than the actual ceremony, where people are so afraid to end up on dreaded Worst Dressed lists that they wear the safest, blandest dresses that cost more than an IKEA kitchen remodel.

Best Dressed

Diane Kruger

Leave it to THE KRUG to make me love this dress-over-pants thing. -M

The Krug looks amazing in red! I’m going to confess that I’m kind of a fan of the dress over pants when it is done well like above. -K

Also the best:

Marion Cotillard

So this is a top covered in gum with a faux fur, ribbed skirt and a waiter’s shirt tied around her waist? GENIUS. -M

This dress is wackadoo and divine! -K

Rashida Jones

No one does prints better than Rashida. NO ONE. -M

First, the dress is basically a love letter to awesomeness and second, those earrings are GORGEOUS! -K

Emma Stone

Convincing flapper. -M

This is so fun! I bet she had an epic time dancing in this fun frock. -K

Camilla Belle

I wish someone had worn this at the ceremony. It should be seen by everyone! -M

I LOVE THIS! I am a big fan of of the 2015 Spring Schiaparelli Couture line and desperately wanted someone to wear this dress to the awards show. -K

Brittany Snow

I love that this is like a full-length version of something I’d get at Anthro. -M

This is so much fun! -K

Lupita Nyong’o

I am so happy Lupita has discovered Calvin Klein. -M

She really is the most beautiful woman in the world! -K


Solange KNOWS how fantastic she looks. -M

This is so fantastic. Solange is sparkletastic. -K

Felicity Jones

A little on the safe/boring side, but since her ceremony dress burned my eyes, I applaud this gown. -M

I think I hate her bangs. I think they ruined the Oscar gown and they look too heavy here are well. BUT on the brightside more great jewlery. -K

Laura Dern

She looks like the ocean. -M

Laura Dern rocks fashion. -K

Mindy Kaling

I need this in every color. -M

This is so flattering. -K

Angie Harmon

Now I don’t care for Angie Harmon AT ALL, but her dress looks like it has 3D snowflakes all over it. -M

I wish she had on a brighter lipstick. -K

Kate Walsh

I don’t exactly love the sheer panel but this is interesting and I like her sleek hair. -M

I love Kate Walsh, Grey’s Anatomy was never the same without her. -K



Beyonce and Solange really ruled the after parties. -K

Amy Adams

I can’t believe I just watched an Oscars where Amy was not nominated for anything. One day, just like Julianne Moore! -M

This is sexy as hell! Amy should really wear this color all the time. -K

Hailee Steinfeld

I’m disappointed to see she is friends with Selena Gomez, and while I kind of think this would be better as a short dress, she still looks cute. -M

Shut your mouth Selena Gomez rules (my love for Monte Carlo will never die). I too would have loved this about a foot and a half shorter. I also agree that it’s super cute. Great face. -K

Jamie King

I think we called her pregnancy a while ago. She JUST had a baby. Anyway, I love this gold lame dress. -M

I’m really excited that Jamie is pregnant again because I read her fertility tails of woe in People a couple of weeks ago. I also love this dress and styling. -K

Judith Light

Look at Judith Light in a crisp modern suit! -M

AND she is killing it in the footwear department. The Spirit post was filled with so many sad black pumps that I am beyond excited for SILVER! -K

Jennifer Lopez

Nobody can pull off this amount of skin and glamour like JLo. -K
I don’t know, Katie, I could TOTALLY pull this off. Just kidding. She looks perfect. -M

I Have No Idea Where to Put This

Sarah Hyland

I think I love it and hate it at the same time. -M

At least it’s kind of youthful. -K

Pretty Dress, Sucks About that Hair

Suki Waterhouse

I like that she chose a simple hairstyle, but maybe not one that makes the crown of her head look greasy. -M

What the eff is up with her face? -K

Kristen Bell

The white background is making her hair look even crazier. -M

What is up with the hair? Is it spiked? I am confused. I also would have loved this dress in any other color than black.  -K

Zoe Saldana

Her Oscar hair did not get any better at the parties. -M

Which is so sad Melissa because her dress is so good. -K

Margot Robbie

Her hair still looks greasy to me but this dress is so much fun! -K

Are vertical striped dresses now a thing? I don’t think I could do it. -M

Meh Dressed

Jessica Chastain

I can no longer get excited about anything she wears. -M

She looks like an ice dancer. -K

Keira Knightley

Classy and pretty but not as adorable as everything else she has been wearing lately. -M

Melissa this makes me sad. It’s just a velvet sack. -K

Nina Dobrev

I do not get this girl at all. -M

I’m so sick of this type of dress. -K

Katie Cassidy

She is wearing this five years too late to an event that is too high class for her. -M

It’s so sad and drab. It’s like a lacy silk sack. -K

Jenny Slate

This is boring for her. But can we agree that her body looks FANTASTIC?? -M

Jenny looks both fierce and snoozy. -K

Regina King

This could be acceptable, but the netting is all wrong. -M

I want to love this but I wish she had the v shortened and the netting taken out. -K

Italia Ricci

I only included her because she’s on Chasing Life, which Katie covers. -M

I really think she should cut her hair to a pixie like she has on Chasing Life not that that would make this dress any better. -K

Judy Greer

She is SO OVER IT. Buy her book! -M

Pretty lipstick. -K

Jessica Szohr

STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP with the colored lacy dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -M


Julianne Hough

What is up with her makeup/brows lately? She looks ill. -M

I KNOW! I so want to love this dress but her face makes me sad. -K

Worst Dressed

Miley Cyrus

Hem your fucking pants, girl. -M

Miley does not do Schiaparelli justice. -K

Selena Gomez

Is this animal print with diagonal stripes over it? -M

Oh Selena, this is NOT your dress. -K

Christina Aguilera

Ohhhhh so she’s trying to be Iggy Azalea now. Good to know. -M


Lil Kim

I don’t even recognize her anymore. -M

NO! I can’t believe that is Lil Kim. -K

Juliette Lewis

Her shoes are pretty? That’s the only nice thing I can say. -M

Her legs are really toned. -K

Dylan Penn

I am so tired of this I just can’t anymore. -M

This reminds me of the Alien movies. -K

Andie McDowell

Bloody toilet paper. -M


Natasha Bedingfield

I’ve lost the ability to care, even about dumb dresses with spider web insets. -M

The shape of this is terrible. -K

WTF Dressed

Dree Hemingway

Dree thinks she’s in a choir. -M

Fancy sack. -K

Kat Graham

Oh thank goodness for Kat and her wacky clothes. -M

Now see that is a deep v. -K

Alexandra Snow

Now this is exactly the kind of WTFery from randos I love at these after parties. -M

Should I like this cause it’s gold? -K

Cloris Leachman Palate Cleanser

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