Smart ladies love fashion, best and worst dressed at the Grammys 2015


Highlights of this year’s Grammy’s include watching it with my friends for my husband PJ’s birthday, Miranda Lambert’s performance, Kanye nearly blowing Beck’s big moment, St. Vincent winning something, Rihanna/Kanye/Paul McCartney (that song is so good), many of the outfits, Beyonce, Katy Perry dancing with a pretaped shadow, and… I don’t really know what else. Most of the winners were not ones I would pick and even the banter was flat. But the fashion was fun–even a few movie stars who didn’t get invited to the BAFTAs graced us with their presence!

Best Dressed

I think Rihanna’s dress will be very polarizing, but I loved the volume and bright color.

This is literally all I am ever asking in a dress. So pretty it’s a confection of amazingness! -K

I wish this was a stronger color, but Jhene Aiko looks striking.

This is so pretty but I agree with Melissa I too which it were a little brighter but still very pretty and I think the ruffles look like feathers. -K

Nicole Kidman, wearing an embellished minidress, could pass for a rock star.

I love Nicole Kidman’s current hair cut. I also love it when people wear a non-traditional dress length. -K

Once again, Ne-Yo is totally the best-dressed man, this time in Marc Jacobs.

Foxy! -K

While I wish she was wearing a better color lipstick, like she did during her performance, Gwen Stefani’s structural jumpsuit is so cool.

I have issues with jumpsuits unless they are strapless (it just looks easier to get in and out of) and this one has such a neat top. -K

John Waters is such an original. Sweet purple shoes!

LOVE IT! His personal assistant does voice over work for my company and she has the BEST stories! -K

Angelique Kidjo has been named one of the Most Inspiring Women in the World. She looks so happy in this colorful dress!

This is GORGEOUS! -K

No one at my Grammy part knew who Dierks Bentley was. But he looks so great in this modern, well-fitted suit!

I only know him because of you and he is very dapper. -K

It was weird to see Donald Glover called Childish Gambino on Getty. I showed this picture to my companions, who all enthusiastically agreed with me that he looks “hot as shit.”


CAFTAN! CAFTAN! Way to go, Ana Tijoux!


Nick Jonas is aiming to be the next Justin Timberlake, and by the looks of this suit, he is halfway there.

My one nitpick is that I don’t love the shoes (they look like they would be hard to keep clean). -K

I would never have guessed Jessie J would ever be one of my best dressed; and the members of my party all agreed that if this dress was not black it would not nearly be as appealing.

I love that she is wearing the runway version and NOT the more conventional underskirt. -K

My husband really liked Dave Grohl’s tee shirt, and it is PJ’s birthday, so this is my gift to him.

Way to be you, Dave Grohl, and Dave Grohl’s spouse who I am too lazy to look up. -K

CAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sia is delightfully weird.

I am obsessed with the dancing in the “Chandelier” video –I know everyone is– because this kid is AMAZING! -K

I am not a huge fan of the blue shoes that don’t exactly match the rest of Aloe Blacc’s outfit, but it’s navy, shiny and he’s wearing a hat!!

He is so fucking hot! -K

I overwhelmingly prefer Taylor Swift’s street clothes to her gowns, but this is so modern, and look at those pink shoes!!!

This might be the best she has every looked. GO TSwift! (This also reminds me that I keep meaning to pull all of TSwift’s street style outfits into a post so we can talk about her shoes.) -K

The boobs are a bit much, but it’s the Grammys, and Nicki Minaj just wears clothes well.

I love this so much. So much shininess! -K

Most Improved

Giuliana Rancic doesn’t look completely horrible!

She isn’t even overly tan! It’s like a Grammys miracle. -K

Amazing Dress, Sorry About That Hair

Let’s get this straight: I do not care for Iggy Azalea in any way, but this dress is super gorgeous and it’s doing magical things to her figure.

I love the top part of the dress but I hate the weird sheer spot at the bottom and the hair is dreadful. -K

Meh Dressed

Gina Rodriguez is so friggin beautiful but her dress is not exciting enough for the Grammys.

It also looks a bit loose. -K

The witchy thing is not really working for Beyonce.

I feel like I have seen this on her before. -K

This is fine on someone normal, but this is LADY GAGA.

AGREE. But that necklace is GORGEOUS! -K

How cute does Katy Perry’s hair look? This dress is a bit too expected–like Gaga, I look to her to be more fun.

This is the definition of Meh. -K

John Legend’s suit does not fit him well and it’s generally BLAH.

Where is Chrissy? -K

Another movie star! But Anna Kendrick’s smart pantsuit is missing a little sparkle.

Sparkle and maybe another button. I like the no shirt in the suit look for ladies but Anna look a little too loose at the top. -K

I want Jenny Lewis to stop wearing this suit. I hope putting her in “Meh Dressed” will encourage her.

GAHHHHHHH! At least I don’t see the matching guitar. -K

Helen Lasichanh has some SERIOUS crotch issues here and Pharrell’s shorts suit is getting old.

I miss the hats. -K

I REALLY appreciate Charlie XCX’s desire to be different, and the pink boa was fabulous, but I just can’t get down with how shiny this was or the silly bow tie.

I also wish those pants were hemmed better. -K

Sadly, this stunning, simple dress is too small for Jennifer Hudson–look at the roll at her waist.


Worst Dressed

So far, everything I’ve seen Megan Trainor wear makes her seem like she’s trying too hard and has no idea how to dress her body.

This looks very  bridal which is weird since it’s black, maybe she is a vampire bride. -K

Miley Cyrus cannot look classy or high fashion in dresses that cost many thousand dollars. Look at Ciara in almost the exact same dress–she is totally rocking it.

I don’t even know anymore. -K

Ohhhh Giuliana you did so well in the beginning today. I like that this is pants! But it’s too desperate, and the hair sucks.

She totally wanted to talk about no wearing no underpants to everyone on the rc. -K

Who keeps inviting Paris Hilton to these things? I hate this dress most of all, it is extremely fugly.

I don’t even know what to say. -K

This ceremony brings out so much try-hard behavior; Ashanti is one of the worst offenders, as usual.

I’m so sick of the red carpet leg show. -K

Gahhhh why does Ariana Grande dress like a woman twenty years older? Is Sarah Hyland’s stylist available to take new clients?

It’s either too old or too young with Ariana. ALSO ENOUGH WITH THE PONY! -K

Kat Graham is consistently pleasantly kooky but this is almost boring in its unusualness.

Snooze… -K

Chrissy Teigen is totally falling into the model/wife of a celebrity trap where she wears things for the wrong reason (attention to her rockin’ bod). Look to Camila Alves for your fashion inspiration, girl.

OH CHRISSY last year you were on my best list. -K

I am so annoyed that Ed Sheeran can’t ever seem to put on a jacket. He must be real proud of those tattoos.

It’s like he just got off his shift at the local high-end restaurant. -K

Chris Brown was on a week-long bender and woke up Sunday afternoon at Chateau Marmont.

I feel like I should be hat positive but even his hat looks sad. -K

WTF Dressed

I don’t know who Bleona Qereti is, and after seeing this, I do not want to find out.


I miss Italo Disco Madonna, when she wore skates and sang “Hung Up.” New Madonna is a bore.


Madonna’s ass

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