Smart ladies love fashion, Cannes 2015 May 13-18 red carpet round-up

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Yesterday was the first 6 days of photocalls and parties and today, Cannes fashion week day 3 is the first 6 days of red carpet looks!

Camilla Alves

May 16, 2015

This is lovely (though I am totally over black lace). I love the necklace though it might be a tad big or maybe it’s perfect I don’t know I jut love BLING. -K

She is so good at these elegant gowns. What is she doing at Cannes? Maybe I don’t care. -M

Emmanuelle Beart

May 13, 2015

Emmanuelle is 51 people and she is wearing a sack I don’t hate. I think the square neckline, trimmed in white is quite fetching. Her make-up is simple but pops with those red lips. -K

She looks so very Frawnch. I especially like her messy hair. -M

May 15, 2015

This white Grecian dress is flattering but I HATE her make-up I think it might age her. -K

She looks about twenty years younger in the other look. When bad makeup happens to pretty French ladies. -M

Fan Bingbing

May 13, 2015

SLEEVE CAPES! This is Fan Bingbing in all of her resplendent Cannes glory. -K

I love that she goes all the way with everything. -M

May 14, 2015

This is what she wore to Mad Max: Fury Road which is hilarious. I also love it in all its twee glory. More ladies should wear wreaths in their hair. -K

She looks like the most beautiful doll in the world. -M

Li Bingbing

May 16, 2015

Sparkly ballgown with cap sleeves–what’s not to love? Also great lipstick. -K

Those earrings look amazing with the dress. I love that she didn’t wear any other jewelry. -M

May 17, 2015

This is also great though those shoes are the worst. -K

I like that clutch. What is up with all the ugly platforms? Are they back AGAIN? Is this everyone trying super hard to comply with the heels-on-the-red-carpet rule? -M

Cate Blanchett

May 17, 2015

Cate is the freakin QUEEN! -K

This Giles gown is one of my favorite looks from Cannes. She can wear anything. -M

Charlotte Casiraghi

May 17, 2015

I love a pattern and her simple make-up, hair, and accessories let it shine. -K

I just don’t like the pattern and colors of this dress. The blue and the burgundy are not my thing at all. -M

Catherine Deneuve

May 13, 2015

The pink sash is a bit weird but I love the color. Her hair is also fantastic. -K

She looks like one of those half man/half woman costumes that were really popular in the 80s. -M

Adele Exarchopoulos

May 13, 2015

Adele is AMAZING in Blue is the Warmest Color but I am not a fan of her clothes. This is very heavy. -K

I like this, especially the unusual sleeves, but it doesn’t seem seasonally appropriate. I ADORE her (lack of visible) makeup. -M

May 15, 2015

And this is very cheap looking. -K

This is insanely fug. I’m now appreciating the last look more. -M

Jane Fonda

June 16, 2015

Jane really loves this silhouette and you can see why it’s very flattering. I agree with Melissa in yesterday’s post she needs to try something new with the hair. -K

Her body is still kickin’ it, though! -M

Salma Hayek

May 14, 2015

I <3 Alexander MacQueen! This fits Selma like a glove and looks like it would be fun to dance in. -K

The armband, makeup and hair are all great too. She must have a really talented team, she always has different hair/makeup for each event. -M

May 17, 2015

This color is divine. Her lipstick/overall make-up is also great. I like the skirt. I hate how the necklace is basically an arrow to her boobs. -K

I love most of this except the boobs. I do not have big boobs and I am sure it’s difficult but this was probably custom made for her and it looks so uncomfortable. -M

Irene Jacob

May 13, 2015

Whatever happened to Irene Jacob I feel like when I was in high school she was going to become this huge star and maybe she did in France just not here. Anywho, I kind of like this. The pants are hemmed perfectly and I would love the top if I could figure out what it was made out of. -K

Baby you’re a firework! -M

Mindy Kaling

May 18, 2015

I love the colors. The skirt is trimmed with crystals. I think the fit is flattering. The fabric on the other hand looks cheap especially in the skirt. It’s very thin and it’s kind of puckering where they sewed on the crystal edging. -K

I think I would hate the shoes. -M

Sonam Kapoor

May 16, 2015

Great color and great hair. The dress has maybe too much volume going on in the hip area. -K

TOO MUCH. She looks like cotton candy. -M

May 18, 2015


Give me those raspberry earrings now pls. -M

Zoe Kravitz

May 14, 2015

I like this I just wish she hadn’t gone for a shiny lip gloss instead of a stellar lippy. -K

Meh. -M

Diane Kruger

May 16, 2015

BOW DOWN TO THE KRUG! Perfection. -K

And HER CLUTCH. The color is fab. Her accessorizing is always on point. -M

Melanie Laurent

May 18, 2015

This dress makes her look really short (and busty) and I have had enough of the minimal make-up/nothing done with the hair from Melanie. -K

She’s so pretty though. (Confession: I am obsessed with Melanie and will never be hard on her.) I’m ok with the makeup and hair, but the dress could be much better. -M

Virginie Ledoyen

May 18, 2015

This is very lovely. -K

The sleeves make it too heavy for May. -M

Elena Lenina

May 14, 2015

And this is hilarious (I had to include it). WINGS! CONE HAIR! -K

Her jewelry is even ridiculous. -M

Eva Longoria

May 17, 2015

Eva did so well in our first two posts but this is way too heavy for her frame and has way too much going on. Also her lips are naked. -K

Disappointing after her last looks. Back to her old tricks. -M

May 18, 2015

This is better than the blue but only in the fact that it’s not very heavy. I would have liked this had it not had the lace sides. -K

I also hate the sad beige-sage color. -M

Heike Makatsch

May 15, 2015

This is very dainty. -K

Ballerina. -M

Rooney Mara

May 17, 2015

I love how Rooney so often looks like she would “cut a bitch” on the red carpet if they made the wrong move. Her make-up and hair are fantastic and the dress is the perfect shade of cream that it stands out not washes out. -K

AND she won the award for best actress! I am so proud of my girl! -M

Sophie Marceau

May 13, 2015

Oh Sophie what is up with your hair? Also I think this would have worked better had you had someone cut off the skirt at the underskirt. -K

I like the rock and roll hair! Not the shape of the dress, however. -M

May 14, 2015

I feel like this is very French. I also like it a lot even though it is both an oversized shirt/bathrobe. -K

This is better for her than anything else she’s worn, except…-M

May 16, 2015

I think she is rocking this look but I would have wanted the sash to be gone. -K

She finally nailed it! GO SOPHIE! -M

Sienna Miller

May 13, 2015

I like blue and black and this dress fit her great. -K

She has really improved her style lately. I adore this. -M

May 16, 2015

I think this is fun and different but I don’t think it’s fancy enough for Cannes. -K

I don’t care, I loved this Valentino collection and she is the perfect person to wear this dress. SO GOOD. -M

May 17, 2015

I like stars. I like capes. I like the deep V. I just feel like they might have been employed too liberally in this look. -K

I love this way more than Katie. I enjoy its weirdness and heaviness. -M

Julianne Moore

May 13, 2015

Her earrings are grand. The dress is nice. The make-up is okay (would have preferred a bolder lip maybe). -K

I wish she would wear something less dark and more fun. -M

May 14, 2015

This is perfect. -K

I like this more. I know Julianne Moore is not 30 but I want her to have more fun like Cate. -M

Lupita Nyong’o

May 13, 2015


The embellishments on that dress are so beautiful. -M

Angeliki Papoulia

May 15, 2015

I like this. I would have liked more sans wrinkles but I think this was latter in the evening after she had walked the red carpet. I couldn’t get a single shot of her on the rc. The fit might also be a tad tight in the bust through waste. -K

I pretty much never like dresses from this thick satin fabric. The color looks like a disease. -M

Amy Poehler

May 18, 2015

Amy was disappointing in the photo call looks but here she is glamorous. She even gave herself a thumbs-up. -K

So much better! Love the gold waist band. -M

Natalie Portman

May 13, 2015

Simple and elegant. -K

Really lovely! I’m glad to see her on the rc again. -M

May 16, 2015

Great length. Perfect earrings. -K

Super cute and vintage-y while still being modern. -M

Parker Posey

May 15, 2015

Parker really stuck to the theme. I LOVE THE TURBAN. -K

She is going to be the best old lady. -M

Aishwarya Rai

May 17, 2015

Great color. -K

The sheer panel above her knee freaks me out. -M

Noomi Rapace

May 16, 2015

Great pattern and color. This comes very close to 80s prom but I think it might be modern enough to be quite fetching. -K

It could be that I have looked at fashion for days but I hate this a lot. -M

Michelle Rodriguez

May 14, 2015

I’m so over these dresses. -K

Also, this is a really hideous version of that. -M

May 15, 2015

This is very dainty for Michelle. I’m not sure she needed the necklace. -K

You’re right, she doesn’t need it. Ugh. -M

Alba Rohrwacher

May 14, 2015

I love the color and the gold accessories. Her hair and make-up are also nice.

Not as good as her uterus dress but pretty anyway. -M

Isabella Rossellini

May 13, 2015

Isabella in one of the most beautifully artistic capes EVER! -K

So amazing. She is way cool. -M

May 14, 2015

Here she is in a cape/coat/kaftan with beaded bees, also lovely. -K

Didn’t she do those movies about insects doing it? Is this a reference to that? -M

Lea Seydoux

May 15, 2015

Earrings are amazing. I like the dress but kind of wish it did not have such a sparkly neckline so as to not compete with the earrings. -K

Agreed. The dress could stand on its own with simple studs. -M

Emma Stone

May 15, 2015

Her face looks weird. The dress has a great fit but it’s kind of meh. -K


Charlize Theron

May 14, 2015

Charlize looks amazing in yellow. The armpit points might be a bit too much. -K

I am tired of things like this. -M

Rokia Traore

May 15, 2015

This is so regal and elegant. Rokia is a singer from Mali and was on the jury for this years festival. -K

Gorgeous! -M

Naomi Watts

May 13, 2015


It is bizarre that it has pockets. I would pull my hand out with a pile of feathers every time. -M

May 14, 2015

Very pretty, could not get a good pic of the skirt for it’s to tulley. -K

Soooo meh for her. -M

May 16, 2015

I hate this a lot. I hate the ruffles. I hate that the ruffles don’t go the whole way around the dress (it looks cheap). I hate the color it’s like a taupe/green/grey. -K

So weird. Definitely looks less elegant in pictures than it probably did in person. Kind of mother of the bride? -M

Rachel Weisz

May 15, 2015

More wrinkles. I wish people would pay more attention to the fit of the dress when they sit down. I love the sleeves and her fresh face. -K

Viann Zhang

May 13, 2015