Smart ladies love fashion, Cannes AmFar Gala 2015

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We are going to start Cannes fashion week with the AmFar Gala, usually anyone who is anyone attends but this year it was mainly models, a smattering of movie-stars, Fergie, and Paris Hilton.

Mary J. Blige

This is a nice column gown (AND SPARKLY), my one nitpick is that it sems a little tight at the bust.

A little on the boring side for me but I like the subtle pattern in the bead work. -M

Louise Bourgoin

I’m not really a fan of the wrinkles (the downside to silk satin) but I love the white and black top. Her hair is cute and she has a fresh face.

I agree with Katie 100%, but I will add that it’s also too tight and the hem is sad (another downside to the fabric). -M

Marion Cotillard

Love the color and I love the red lipstick. Marion was also a bit on the wrinkled side.

The color is wonderful but I expect something a bit wackier from her. -M

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan’s hair and face are AMAZING! I love the color but I’m bored with this style of dress.

If I hadn’t seen a bunch of gowns like this recently I would appreciate it more. I’m beginning to think amfAR is not my kind of event. -M

Sarah Ferguson

Fergie looks good! I covet her clutch. I would have told her to take off the choker.

This is pretty youthful for her–she’s usually so frumpy. Her clutch puts all the other ones to shame. -M

April Love Geary

Apparently April is dating Robin Thicke (my condolences) but this was one of my favorites of the evening, that skirt is stellar.

I think I want a different top. White crop tank with some sparkles?  I’m not feeling this one. I do want a knee length version of that skirt IMMEDIATELY. -M

Melissa George

I am shocked by how much I enjoy this look (usually she dresses kind of bad).

She always looks depressed. She should be happy because she finally found something I don’t hate! I like that it resembles the night sky and is so dramatic. -M

Eva Herzigova

This is sparkly and has an unusual length but I find it kind of boring.

If she pulled her hair back and replaced the fug earrings with something plan and classy this would be so much better. -M

Paris Hilton

MOLTING! This is hilariously bad.

She can’t even get the hair or makeup right. Oh Paris. -M

Chanel Iman

This is divine.

AHHHH deep v!!!! The hair is so perfect too. -M

Kendall Jenner

Due to the two different types of fabric the color is slightly off in photos. I guess it’s okay.

I think this is one of her best red carpet looks, though I’m not sure about the hair for this event. -M

Zoe Kravitz

Love the lipstick. The dress is kind of meh.

Napkin. -M

Diane Kruger

I love the skirt and the handbag. Stay classy Krug!

THE BEST, of course. I think the top is a bit big but she should have told Marion what she was wearing, in order to make her dress more excitingly. -M

Karolina Kurkova

The color is pretty. The bow is a little much.

Pageant hair. Why is cute hair suddenly so hard to accomplish? -M

Eva Longoria

This is very classy for Eva and the color is lovely –GOOD JOB!

Yay, she’s not in a black overwrought gown with a train!!! -M

Sienna Miller

The top is a little droopy but I’m always a fan of gold.

She is killing it in the accessories, though. I wish I could see her shoes. -M

Rita Ora

This is shocking coming from me but this dress might have too many ruffles.

Remember when Christina Aguilera was obsessed with dressing like the 1940s a few years ago and we were all bored of it and now we kind of miss it? I think we will feel that way about Rita’s vintage glam in a few years but right now I want her to get a new stylist. -M

Aishwarya Rai

This dress is a lovely color and it fits well.

I don’t love this color on her–maybe in a rich purple? -M

Michelle Rodriguez

I never thought I would see Michelle in a ballgown and here she is looking super stunning.

GOD WHAT IS UP WITH THOSE BANGS? Seriously, were all the hair stylists sick that day? -M

Joan Smalls

Love the ring, lipstick, and the fierce pose.

I hate sleeves like that because it reminds me of crap you get at shitty mall stores like Rave. Does Rave even exist anymore? -M

Dita Von Teese

We are both big fans of Ulyana Sergeenko and her Spring 2015 couture line is fabulous. Dita sells the hell out of this intricately embroidered gown. LOVE IT!

GORGEOUS. Dita knows what is up. -M

Charli XCX

I love the red lips and red nails.

She always looks likes she’s trying to be sexy. Dita just is. There is a difference. -M