Smart ladies love fashion, Charles James: Beyond Fashion 2014 Met Gala


This years Met Gala is celebrating the work of American couturier Charles James who was well-known in the fifties for making beautiful and intricate ballgowns (I AM IN HEAVEN, I also want to go to New York to see the exhibit. Many moons ago on a lark I was able to see the Paul Poiret exhibit). As we did last year since the pics come in sporadically all the fashion is in alphabetical order by last name.


Amy Adams: In Oscar de la Renta

Of course Amy Adams is fucking perfect. LOVE YOU AMY! -K

She’s an aluminum foil goddess! -M

Dianna Agron: In Miu Miu

Kind of on theme? I want to like this because I love Dianna Agron. -K

She is standing really weird. I do love her and she is my hairspiration. -M

Lily Aldridge: In Michael Kors

I love this, it’s so shiny. -K

More aluminum foil! I like Amy’s better. -M

Erykah Badu

I LOVE the hat and the coat. Also those earrings are divine. -K

I don’t know about the hat but this photo is better than other ones I saw of her. -M

Kate Bosworth: In Stella McCartney


She could have at least done her hair. -M

Alexa Chung: In Nina Ricci

Alexa Chung, Alexa Chunged the theme but she was on theme –WINNER!!!-K

I like the top but the ruching in the lower middle is really out of control. -M

Marion Cotillard: In Dior

I am very unsure of her shoes but other than that I like it. -K

I think the shoes are strange and amazing and this looks like something I would wear! Welcome back to your place in my fashion heart, Marion (not acting because I don’t like you in any American movies). -M

Claire Danes: In Oscar de la Renta

Good job Claire Danes. Except LIPSTICK! -K

She looks like Barbie and I LOVE IT! -M

Zooey Deschanel: In Tommy Hilfiger

Next to Dita Von Teese, Zooey is the next person who is kind of always on theme. I don’t love this. She has worn ball gowns that were better than this. I also hate her hair. -K

Her hair makes her look 50 and she is my age. I am disappointed. I do like the white waistband! -M

Lena Dunham: In Giambattista Valli

Cute and on theme. EXCEPT LIPSTICK! -K

God, had she worn lipstick this would be the best she’s ever looked. I feel a kinship to Lena because we are probably the same size and have tattoos, though people are super mean to her about hers. Fuck those people, Lena, let’s be BFF. -M

Kirsten Dunst: In Rodarte

Best. Dress. Ever. I am so thankful somebody wore a Star Wars Rodarte dress. I am also thankful that KiKi’s hair and make-up are flawless. This guys, is seriously so much awesome, I might cry. -K

I have never been so happy to see a collection on the red carpet, and Kirsten was the perfect person to wear this. Also +1 to everything Katie said. -M

Chiwetel Ejiofor

FOXY! The dudes are really fucking hot in white tie, I’m going to start a petition for white tie at all awards shows. -K

He is so goddamn handsome. I adore velvet lapels. -M

Karen Elson: In Zac Posen

I love Karen Elson’s hair, I love her pink dress with capped sleeves, I love her earrings, and her red lipstick. -K

I am not a huge fan of these giant Zac Posen dresses but I love this color on a redhead and cap sleeves are the greatest. Way to follow theme, Karen. -M

Greta Gerwig: In Olivier Theyskens

Greta’s dress is excellent and she was totally trying to do her make-up in honor of the theme but the make-up and hair are way too fucking severe. -K

The make-up looks better up close–from this distance it looks like she’s had too much surgery, but that’s also the too-tight hair. A for effort, Greta. -M

Maggie Gyllenhaal: In Valentino

More sixties than fifties but I kind of dig the fit. ALSO CAPE! -K

This actually reminds me of a Charles James dress (ribbon, 1930s) but I do not like this on her. I think Chloe Sevigny might have rocked it. -M

Neil Patrick Harris

I. Don’t. Know. I. Am. Confused. -K

David Burtka’s hair makes me irrationally angry. -M

Anne Hathaway: In Calvin Klein

I expected more from you Anne, I expected you to adhere to the fucking theme! Your shoes are very shiny. -K

When crop tops go bad. -M

Dree Hemingway: In Proenza Schouler

I don’t know who you are Dree but I appreciate the fact that you wore your hair down but well coiffed. I would like you to go home and put on an appropriate gala gown. -K

I love the deep v and the length but this dress was not as appropriate as some of the others. Such good lipstick! -M

Katie Holmes: In Marchesa

Dear Katie Holmes you look like you got lost on your way to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Also your hair makes me fucking sad, FUCKING SAD! -K

This is TOTALLY Beauty and the Beast, and so 90s in a bad way. What is wrong with her? -M

Dakota Johnson

Thank you Dakota Johnson for wearing gloves! I also like your navy gown, now go home and do something with your fucking hair. -K

I hate that not blonde/not brown hair color. It is gross. -M

Felicity Jones: In Olivier Theyskens

ON THEME! Cute hair! This reminds me of Peggy Sue got Married –FINALLY a dress that Kathleen Turner would be proud to wear! -K

She looks fantastic! More hairspiration! Seriously I need my hair to look like this when I graduate Saturday. -M

Rashida Jones: In Tory Burch


She looks AMAZING. The colors are gorgeous and her whole head is beautiful. Classy. -M

Kim Kardashian: In Lanvin

The fabric looks so fucking cheap. I like her shoes. Kanye looks nice in white tie. -K

The shoes remind me of what ballroom dancers wear. The dress is awful and she probably picked it because it has pockets. -M

Anna Kendrick: In J. Mendel

I love the tiny bit of skin Anna is showing at her waste and her soft make-up. I appreciate the daintiness in which she interpreted the theme. -K

Here is where a cut out really works. She looks lovely and glow-y. -M

Karolina Kurkova: In Marchesa

This is the only event that you would be able to wear this Marchesa and not look like a total lunatic. It is so fucking architectural AND it looks like fine china. It is so beautiful. -K

No, it looks like an umbrella. -M

Beyonce Knowles: In Givenchy

Oh Bey, god bless your hat. Also your dress. Also Jay in that white tux is foxy. -K

I love her super sexy vintage looking robe. And great lipstick choice, too! -M

Solange Knowles: In 3.1 Phillip Lim

I wish the fit was better because the color is scrumptious. -K

Her hair makes me want to die. WTF SOLANGE, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. -M

Zoe Kravitz: In TopShop

Zoe I feel like I know your parents, therefore I have to tell you that your slit is way too fucking high. Also you are not on theme. Double ALSO why is your dad suddenly so popular on the Internets? -K

I can see her fucking vagina. NOT EVENT APPROPRIATE. -M

Diane Kruger: In Jason Wu for Hugo Boss

Oh Diane you beautiful creature you! Everything about this is a fucking win. Rachel McAdams wishes she was you. -K


Brie Larson: In Prada

I either love this because it’s just so fucking wacky and sparkly or I hate it for not being on Mad Men. -K

I love this whole bizarre thing. It reminds me of The Mary Tyler Moore Show but sexier. I kind of want this outfit now. Also, dig the Bjork-y hair. -M

Blake Lively: In Gucci

Even BOOBS LEGSLY IS ON THEME! Also Ryan Reynolds is in velvet –discuss. -K

Wow she looks fabulous! I still hate her though. -M

Kate Mara: In Valentino

This is so pretty. Two tiny issues, where is the lipstick and I’m not in love with the hair (love the length). -K

SO MANY BOBS. I am just going to open this post next time I’m in the salon. I wish Rooney was there but Kate is a good replacement I GUESS. -M

Gugu MBatha-Raw

I love that somebody wore a cocktail length dress, thank you GUGU! I hope Belle does well! -K

The shoes are too matching, my eyes hurt. I wish they were green like the dress on the left. -M

Rachel McAdams: In Ralph Lauren

I would like this at an awards show but NOT at an event with a theme that is structure and ballgowns. She could have at least put her hair in an up-do which would have better emphasized the train. She gets points for non-nude lippy. -K

The hair is sooooo blahhhhh and if she was at the Golden Globes she’d be one of my best dressed but here she does not stand out. -M

Leighton Meester: In Pucci

CAFTAN! Not exactly on theme but fuck it it’s a gold caftan, with a slit and deep V. I wish this was a different event because I am conflicted. -K

I love it, I don’t care if it’s not totally on theme, it’s vintage-looking and I LOVE HUH. -M

Janelle Monae: In Tadashi Shoji

CAPE!!! -K

I love that she just added a cape to her uniform, she is so cool. -M

Chloe Grace Moretz: In Chanel

Ummmmm…1950s rodeo???? -K

1950s CHANEL rodeo, which makes even less sense. Only the Krug or Keira Knightly could pull this off. -M

Olivia Munn: In Diane von Furstenberg

I like the color and the hair. She really likes to show off her boobs. -K

I would show off my boobs all the time if they looked like that but I wish this was slightly more demure. -M

Lupita Nyong’o: In Prada

Lupita looks adorable and I love the fucking shoes. I am again conflicted about whether I should care about the theme. -K

Did she look at Charles James gowns before selecting this? Oh well, she looks fucking amazing. -M

Frank Ocean



Elizabeth Olsen: In Miu Miu

UMMMMM….hair, make-up, top of dress, love. The skirt, weird multi colored shoes and teal bag are confusing me greatly. FUG! -K

The shoes do NOT go with this dress. I hate the skirt, it looks like it was hemmed to a weird length. If it was full length I would like it much better. -M

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: In Ashley Olsen wears vintage dress by Ferre, Mary-Kate Olsen wears vintage dress by Chanel

The Olsen twins looked great. -K

I like Ashley better. Do they get sick of posing like that? They are creepy dolls. -M

Rita Ora: In Donna Karan

I love most of this. I wish she had not gone with all of the ribbon wrapping. -K

Dancing with the Stars. (Or, Strictly Come Dancing because she is British.) NEXT. -M

Jessica Paré: In Michael Kors

LOVE THIS! I love the shape its a ball gown with a bustle instead of huge skirt and it’s a FUCKING PATTERN. Also that pink lippy is fucking fantastic. -K

She always looks so much fun. I hope she’s going to still be on Mad Men this year. I love Megan. -M

Sarah Jessica Parker: In Oscar de la Renta

SJP brought the ball gown crazy with a lovely black and white ball gown. She wore shoulder-length gloves, with TONS of bling and let’s not forget the huge fucking up-do with flowers. -K

This is a very pointed reference to a Charles James dress. Way to go, girl! The crazy hair is the best. -M

Nicole Richie: In Donna Karan

I guess her purple hair is kind of in a structured up-do. The dress is 90s velour and ugly. -K

It looks like she made this with old pantyhose and curtains. She looks like a homeless cat. -M

Margot Robbie: In Prada

Margot Robbie threw up on the theme and broke my heart –thanks Margot. -K

This would be SO GOOD at a premiere, why did she waste it here where it didn’t belong? -M

Emmy Rossum: In Carolina Herrera

Emmy is perfectly on theme and she is wearing a floral patterned ballgown which I LOVE! I also love the Audrey Hepburn bangs and red lips! -K

I can never get on board with this woman, though I do think her dress is pretty. -M

Zoe Saldana: In Michael Kors

This shape is SO 1950s, but the bust and proportions are very twenty-first century! Good job Zoe. You’re having such a good time and smiling so brightly I can’t tell if you are wearing lipstick or not but who cares, you’re fab. -K

The same print as Jessica Pare and I LOVE how different both gowns are. -M

Chloe Sevigny: In Kenzo

UMMMM….color??? -K

Did she do her hair in the limo? -M

Bee Shaffer: In Alexander McQueen

Anna Wintour’s daughter Bee looked fabulous in this blue satin and white tulle dress. I also loved the necklace and hair. -K

So appropriate, yet bores me somehow. -M

Tabitha Simmons: In Dolce & Gabbana

I’m not sure who you are Tabitha but this was exactly the kind of gown I wanted to see tonight and therefore I love you! -K

From far away it looks like she has an alien head on her shoulder. Despite that, this is quite lovely. -M

Hailee Steinfeld: In Prabal Garung

I love this, it’s on theme and the hidden pink under the skirt makes it super fun. I’m letting the light pink lippy go because it matches the underskirt and shoes. -K

It’s so flattering on her too! I wish we could see the back of her head because her hair looks boring from here. -M

Kristen Stewart: In Chanel

A complete deconstruction of theme but yet also on theme (this is the philosophical point in the fashion blog marathon, I could also be totally wrong and this is just KStew in off runway Chanel). -K

I kind of like to think K Stew really pondered over the theme and came up with this. It totally suits her. -M

Emma Stone: In Thakoon

A complete deconstruction of theme but yet also on theme (more philosophical bullshit or Emma Stone JUST DIDN’T FUCKING TRY). -K

Her hair is really cool and I love her clutch. You know I love me some mix and match pinks. -M

Taylor Swift: In Oscar de la Renta

I feel like Taylor Swift always wears this. -K

It looks so bridal on her. Zooey should have worn this. -M

Chrissy Teigen: In Ralph Lauren

Not particularly on theme and the fit is odd but fuck if these two aren’t the hottest couple at the ball. John Legend should wear white tie more often. -K

They’re just so darn attractive, even though that dress is way too effing tight. -M

Dita Von Teese: In Zac Posen

All you had to do to be on theme was wear Zac Posen or be Dita Von Teese or both. This dress is fucking brilliant –PINK AND RED. Why is Zac Posen wearing a judges cape? -K

The bottom of this makes me so happy, it looks like a brioche mold. -M

Charlize Theron: In Dior

Dammit Charlize you could have worn a fucking cape if you wore cold, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT FOR THE THEME! -K

Ohhhh a cape that would have been perfect. I think she looks great, as always. -M

Kate Upton: In Dolce & Gabbana

Kate thought the theme was brothel and/or Nancy from Oliver!. It is my favorite terrible dress. -K

It’s very Deadwood saloon. The necklace (does not match AT ALL) and hat are particularly awful. -M

Suki Waterhouse: In Burberry

This is so lovely with all of the layers of ruffles and such a pretty color pink. I also LOVE that Suki is wearing such a dark red lip very 1950s. -K

That pose makes me want to punch her in the face. “Look at how skinny I am!” -M

Naomi Watts: In Givenchy

Love the dress hate the hair. Also LIPSTICK! -K

Everything above the neck is miserable, which makes me sad because she is usually my favorite. -M

Florence Welch: In Valentino

Cape? -K

The pattern looks like a lawn chair. -M

Liu Wen: In Zac Posen


This almost looks unreal, especially the stuff coming off her hips. I’ll bet she had three people steam and stage this when she got out of the car. -M

Kristen Wiig: In Balenciaga

I’m going to let you all in on a secret I love pants with an open fronted ball skirt. I also love Kristen Wiig. I like it when her hair is not shit brown. Her eye make-up is kind of scary. -K

I have to say, this is one of my top 5. It’s so punk rock/futuristic, while also being referential to the designer. -M

Allison Williams: In Oscar de la Renta

Obviously Oscar spent more time with SJP, I like this but it’s basically the same thing she always wears. It’s on theme but boring. -K

But the color!! The fit is fanfuckingtastic and I love her jewelry and makeup. I wish her hair was up differently. -M

Anna Wintour: In Chanel

I texted Melissa that this looked like tissue paper glued to her dress, which it does. It is a modern ballgown so points for being on theme but her daughter (Bee Shaffer) had the better dress. -K

Scrabble board. -M

Reese Witherspoon: In Stella McCartney

Good job Reese! -K

She always looks fab and the cups are really interestingly shaped. This look is very Funny Face Audrey. -M

Shailene Woodley: In Rodarte

So, not on theme. BT-dubs Shailene, feminists don’t hate men, you idiot we just want equality. Equality is not hate it’s EQUALITY, as in everyone is equal. -K

Now this is MY favorite ugly dress. She is not pulling it off AT ALL, she does not have the Rodarte attitude. -M

My faves in no particular order were, KIKI, Felicity Jones, Tabitha Simmons, the Krug, and Jessica Pare. I’m going to give Rashida Jones some love for being the most on theme without looking like she went to a costume party for super rich people (fuck she looks like she is one of those dames from the photo on top –below the streaker). -K

So I think my favorites (in no order) are Reese Witherspoon, Kristen Wiig, KIKI, Marion Cotilliard and Felicity Jones.  It is SO NICE to see a red carpet full of shit I don’t hate! -M

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