Smart ladies love fashion, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge in the land of OZ

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So much pretty hair and HATS!

There are so many ways to write this post, I could list the fashions by date, list them in order of preference OR categorize AND list by preference –DONE!


They plant so many trees, so many that popsugar did an entire post on all the trees they have planted since they have been married.

If there is one thing Kate does better than just about anybody is her ability to pick pretty coats. If we ever got to be BFFs with her, Melissa and I would find her closet and hug Kate’s coats.

Michael Kors, Australia, April 25, 2014

I like that Kate truly saved the best coat for last. This Navy Michael Kors dress-coat is everything we have come to expect from Kate, classic and modern. We will discuss the hats and the hair further down the post.

Boring shoes though, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. -M

Alexander McQueen, New Zealand, April 10, 2014

This was the coat that made me think this royal tour was all that was promised. The color is lovely and the cut is sensational, the back is beautifully pleated.

I promise I won’t complain about these shoes again. But the coat is a million times more interesting than what is on her feet. -M

Alexander McQueen, Australia, April 20, 2014

The dove grey McQueen she wore at Easter is modern and I really LOVE the hidden buttons. I also appreciate the new shoes, even though I don’t mind that she wears the navy and nude pumps all the time –let’s be honest she hardly ever gets to sit and she walks a lot.

I love McQueen but coats like this look kind of matronly on Kate, she doesn’t have the edge to make it interesting. -M

Catherine Walker, Australia, April 24, 2014

Even though I don’t mind that she re-wears the same shoes I would like Wills or maybe George to hide the nude pumps (I love her navy pumps, I appreciate the fact that she wears them with various shades of blue). Now back to the Catherine Walker coat-dress she wore to play with kids and plant some trees, it is a bright and vibrant green, has a hidden zipper and large belt.

I think I just hate pumps in general. They remind me of work. The color of this coat is great but the sleeves look super bunchy! Isn’t there a royal tailor? -M

Catherine Walker, New Zealand, April 6, 2014

She arrived in New Zealand in this double-breasted coat and pillbox hat and though I liked it at the time it has slowly moved down the list mainly because I wish it were about two inches shorter (this FUELED the rumors that she would be wearing longer skirts, thankfully that is not completely the case).

I don’t know why but I am really OVER red (says the girl who wore a bright red rainjacket to work today) but the buttons on this are so cool. I wish I owned this in a deep teal. -M

Temperley coat, Australia, April 25, 2014

This was a dawn vigil for Anzac Day (Australian and New Zealand’s Memorial/Veteran’s day), so we didn’t get good pictures but this coat looks interesting and Wills looks dashing.

I might want this coat most of all. I love the contrasting textures! -M

Erdem, New Zealand, April 12, 2014

I like this coat but I think it’s my least favorite, mostly because the fit is a little sack-lick in some pictures and the longer I look at it the more the exposed zipper reminds me of a house coat. I do LOVE the color and the black pumps.

There seems to be a cool pattern sewn into the fabric that I wish I could see but the stupid zipper ruins everything. Exposed zippers are for Forever 21 skirts, not Erdem coats. Stop trying to make them happen, designers! -M


“I am rocking all of the challenges on this tour!” -Kate Middelton (probably)

As I said earlier it was rumored that Kate had been asked by the QEII to lower her hemline, throughout the tour I noticed that for the more formal events her hemlines were longer slightly longer than the hem she wears on day-dresses.

Roksanda Ilincic, Australia, April 16, 2014

Wills called this the banana dress, I call it uber modern and tons of fun. I wish she wore her tan wedges with this instead of the nude pumps but maybe these shoes make it easier to carry her fat baby around.

I think I want this. I don’t love the square neckline but she really is the best dressed royal ever, huh? -M

Zimmermann, Australia, April 18, 2014

TAN WEDGES AND WHITE EYELET (I have decided that this is the name of our Men at Work cover band)! Oh how I love an eyelet dress with 3/4 length sleeves. This dress was perfect for farm fair and beach day events.

I also want this, in every color, to wear all summer. Pale blue and hot pink and mustard. It fits her perfectly, too. -M

Diane Von Furstenberg, Australia, April 17, 2014

Kate’s navy wedges are my favorite of all her shoes. This wrap dress by Diane Von Furstenberg is one of my favorite’s of the whole tour.

I think this dress sold out in an hour. Fun fact: I once found an immaculate DVF wrap dress at my thrift but it was a size four and there was no way I could make it work. -M

Emilia Wickstead, New Zealand, April 13, 2014

I love the color and the pleated skirt of this dress. I appreciate Kate’s fondness for all the various blue hews as I too love blue.

I think I would like this better if the inside of the pleats were a different color, like this on Solange. I don’t know why I want to make Kate edgier, it’s really not her thing. -M

Lela Rose, Australia, April 24, 2014

I appreciated the modern crispness of this cocktail frock so much more than the black Jenny Packham (found below) which she wore early in the tour.

I am OBSESSED with these sleeves. -M

Alexander McQueen, Australia, April 23, 2014

I bet this is a two-piece ensemble but due to its monochrome nature I have put it in the frock category. I like the v-neck and slight peplum of the top. I think I would have liked the skirt more as an a-line.

It is too tennis-y. Or she makes it look too tennis-y. Look, I love Kate but sometimes I have to be honest. -M

Jenny Packham, New Zealand, April 10, 2014

The shoulder detail is gorgeous but the hem is awkward, it’s not long enough to be tea length and it’s too long to be knee-length –it’s confused.

Aside from the shoes (yawn), I LOVE this, it’s so classic and simple. I wish she would have done something with her hair. -M

LK Bennett, Australia, April 19, 2014

I liked this dress and I liked it with her navy pumps. It is not higher up on this list because I think Mindy Kailing wore it better on The Mindy Project.

Agreed, when I saw this in the post, the first thing I thought was Mindy, and how the dress was more suited to her. YAY my normal-sized sisters! -M

Tory Burch, New Zealand, April 9, 2014

I really liked this dress and it looked super comfy for caring your fat baby around during a playdate with 20 other babies.

I would also wear this dress but I am sick of her hair and I wish she’d cut it all off. I am very pro-short hair. -M

Yellow Eyelet dress, Australia, April 20, 2014

TAN WEDGES (I really like these wedges). She wore this dress during her and Wills south Asian Jubilee tour with her hair up. It is made by a dressmaker in England whom they have never released the name. It’s very pretty.

This is lovely! I am so impressed you know all this history, Katie. -M

Hobbs, Australia, April 16, 2014

This dress looked so pretty in the Australian outback location. There is something so pretty about grey with rusty colored sand (I’m running out of ways to say nice and pretty).

HEY NECKLACE!! I get so excited when she accessorizes properly. -M

Roksanda Ilincic, Australia, April 22, 2014

I would have liked this better if it was a more vibrant color. This dress is very modern but it is also sack-like and the color makes it look like she is wearing a sack.

Agreed on the color. Also it would look better on someone with wider hips. Like me. Just saying. -M

Stella McCartney, Australia, April 20, 2014

Pretty color and a nice simple cut.

I am too distracted by that cute fucking baby to comment on the dress. -M


All of the photos of Kate playing cricket are hilarious but this one is my favorite.

I’m not a big fan of the suit because i think it makes people look older than they are BUT I understand why the Duchess has to wear so many and let’s be thankful the lady LOVES color.

Rebecca Taylor, Australia, April 15, 2014

I LOVE this suit. This is like my favorite color (periwinkle purple). I love the George is looking at the other ladies nude pumps with a look that says “why are you wearing my mothers shoes?”

If I had to wear suits to work (god forbid) I would like something like this. It has cute details and at least her hair isn’t in her face. -M

Luisa Spagnoli, New Zealand, April 14, 2014

This was the first day she wore her hair in the half up/down look that would become a staple of this trip. I also really love a peplum.

I am bored. -M


What does a Duchess wear while boating? It turns out the same shit we would wear, stripes, comfy sweaters, and nautical navy.

So cute!!!! I love when she dresses like a normal person. -M

New Zealand, April 12, 2014

I seriously want this sweater, it’s mostly tan but has pink and green touches that make it really lovely. It also looks soft.

I also want this sweater. It looks like something Mindy Lahiri would wear, further connecting the princess to a TV character I love. -M

New Zealand, April 11, 2014

Kate won not one race but two against Wills, I think it had a lot to do with the striped shirt and double-breasted Zara blazer.

Skinny jeans for all!!! -M

New Zealand, April 13, 2014

I think I might need a double-breasted blazer in navy –DAMN YOU KATE AND YOUR SHINY HAIR!

Look at how nice this blazer looks with wine. It’s a natural pairing. -M

The Hair and the Hats

The hair isn’t spectacular here but the earrings are divine!

If I were to ever meet Kate I would discuss the fact that we share the same name AND then I would accost her on her hair care regime.

I’m so fucking glad she wore her hair up with this dress because we got to really see how lovely the shoulders were.

Plus, cool earrings! -M

SO SHINY SO PRETTY! You can also see how pretty the fern shoulder detail was of this black Jenny Packham.

Hands down my favorite hat and that is hard considering how amazing the others were.

I LOVE the brooch as well. I think more women should wear brooches. -M

Such a pretty Easter bonnet and I LOVED the half up/down hair here. It really made the hat and collar the star.

Kate looks very dour here but this was the best shot of how pretty the curls in her hair were.

She’s so sad! It’s because she needs lipstick. -M

This might be the prettiest picture of the tour, the hat and coat look so lovely next to the memorial poppy wall.

William (and Kate looking cute)

He wears a lot of blue but he is also super-duper cute. I suppose we could discuss all of the blue or khaki but instead we could just discuss how cute the two of them are and how nice it is to have people paraded in front of us who look happy to be in each others company. If he knocked her up during this trip I hope they name the baby Australia.

They look like they just got away with something. Also I really wish this dress were shorter.

His suit seems so old fashioned compared to the slimmer suits that men are wearing right now. I guess because he’s a royal? Meh. -M

I hope he was praying for nice weather. I want Kate’s blue tennis shoes.

I hope her grin is because she just creamed him in boating. Argh I love the way that blazer flutes out.

New Zealand is so fucking pretty!


I’m not sure what the purpose of this beautiful wood thing is but I want it and her grey wedges.

I felt like this blue suit, had a kind of lavender hint to it. I’m also kind of pulling at straws, all his suits are blue.

At least the pants are hemmed properly. -M

Wills is giving her such a cute look.

I think Kate might be wearing booties if she is I would be very pleased. You can also tell that Wills is wearing a blue suit under his fancy coat, maybe George should hide like blue suits when he hides his mother nude pumps.

Wee Prince George

First thing of note is that Wee Prince George is a chubby baby with fat checks and is beyond adorable. He is also adorable in the traditional smocked rompers AND TINY SHOES his mother keeps putting on him!

I appreciate the color coordination. The Cambridge’s are adorable.


The cheeks and fat thighs are so cute, I just want to eat them all up.

If I had a kid I would totally force him to wear crap like this. -M

I bet her hair smells lovely.

Like roses! Also this dress is even cuter close up. -M

They are both so skeptical in this picture I LOVE IT.

He is still not quite sure being carried by dad is a good idea.

I think when he is older he will fall in love with princess bitchface of Sweden. -M

I love babies in rompers, especially smocked rompers.

The wee Georgie looks more comfortable here.

I could have included about a million pictures from the zoo trip but I liked these with him almost walking. He looked like a little boy in his shorts.

He is wearing red seersucker OshKosh B’gosh, under his cardie and it’s adorable.

My ovaries hurt. -M