Smart ladies love fashion, Katie’s 2014 Emmy fashion round-up


The 2014 Emmy Awards were BORING BUT I did like some of the fashion. Melissa covered her best and worst yesterday but because I have problems quantifying things this is just a basic dump of who is left and how I feel about what they are wearing.

Kate Walsh

If I had to pick a favorite it would be Kate Walsh. Look at the jewels and her turquoise nail polish –LOVE IT! Also, Bad Judge is the only NBC sitcom I am excited about (it might be the only NBC show I know about).

Teyonah Parris

Parris is one of the stars of Dear White People and plays Dawn on Mad Men in which she is FABULOUS. Her dress is my second favorite of the night. I just LOVE everything about it, the bright colors, the cut, the taffeta!

Allison Tolman

Allison Tolman TOTALLY deserved to win Monday night and we hope she goes off to be a BIG star. Her green ballgown was gorgeous. The fit and color look amazing on her. I also appreciated that her hair looked clean. [I weep for her loss. DAMN YOU Kathy Bates! -M]

Melissa McCarthy

I think this might be the best she has ever looked. Do I like the dress? Not really, BUT the fit is fantastic and very flattering. I just wish it were another color (like NAVY).

Rose Leslie

Hey Rose, you are rumored to be fucking Kit Harrington again, so why the sad face? The boob portion of your dress is quite droopy but I kind of like it in spite of the fit issues (probably because it’s well hemmed).

I found a picture of Rose smiling AND you can see her lovely accessories!

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

This is darling. I also LOVE that Kaley is really enjoying the pixie cut. I think it’s awesome when women who have been defined by one thing, like long hair as Kaley was, change it and then embrace it. I would be like DYE it except Kaley’s coloring really works with blond hair.

Allison Janney

I love Allison Janey. I love the color of this. I love the fit of this dress. However, because she chose this dress in velvet, it looks like a towel. I do love the shoes.

Betsy Brandt

If you have read any of my fashion posts you know I love ball gowns, cocktail length, and patterns, but this dress is a fucking nightmare–it would look better on a child. I do appreciate the purple shoes.

Allison Williams

I fucking LOVE this, but because it’s on Allison Williams who is the very definition of milquetoast, I keep forgetting that it was worn. Good job Allison for making your clothes more interesting than you are.

Lucy Liu

This is boring Lucy but it’s pretty BUT I’m still disappointed in you as I expect so much more from you than BORING.

Julianna Margulies

Julianna this is NOT your dress. [The top is really cool though! -M]

Amy Poehler

More silver people AND more gold. Look how good Amy looks. Also Emmy people, Amy should host every year until always.

Lizzy Caplan

This dress was divine. I love a good train and I love black and white.

Kate Mara

I’m not sure how Melissa missed Kate Mara but I really like her hair. I also like the weirdness of this dress. Bonus points for me not wanting to rip those shoes from your feet.

Kerry Washington

I also get to review KWash, that never happens unless she is wearing a purple ballgown. I like this dress. I find the color interesting and I even appreciate the black sparkly mini-skirt.

Mindy Kaling

I found this dress interesting but I’m not sure how much I enjoy it. The fit is fantastic. I also might just be going through red dress fatigue.

Gabourey Sidibe

The fit of this dress is great BUT I wish it was another fucking color.

Cicely Tyson

Cicely Tyson is a national treasure and therefore she can rock a fucking turban (don’t we all wish we could rock a turban).

Laverne Cox

This dress is AMAZING! It’s definitely in my top five (or ten, I like too many things).

Madeline Brewer

Hemlock Grove’s Madeline Brewer (she was also on season 1 of Orange is the New Black) is very pretty in teal. I wish the dress wasn’t so wrinkly also needs to be hemmed (one day I will hem all of the skirts).

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland used to dress WAY too old but this is very youthful and FUN. I also love a little peek-a-boo skin.

Natasha Lyonne

Another dress I would have loved even more in another color. I just want to point out how awesome the length is –COCKTAIL LENGTH FTW!

Claire Danes

This is NOT the best Claire has looked –good lippy though.

Laura Prepon

When origami goes bad. OR when origami explodes all over you. OR what did teal/green ever do to that taffeta to make it react like that. Origami is the New Black? That dress belongs in jail. This would have been better if her hair was still red (better but NOT good).

Idris Elba

One of the best looking dudes in a tux!

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