Smart ladies love fashion, Katie’s best and worst dressed at the 2016 Golden Globes


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think there was too much swearing on the Globes last night and mainly this is because I was drinking and it made me think my TV was broken and/or I had gone deaf. I’m really thankful for all of the Mozart in the Jungle love because I need that show to have a third season.

The ABSOLUTE Hollywood Goddess

Jennifer Lopez

BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN BITCHES! This is so good. It’s sexy but not naked. The color is beautiful. Her hair and make-up is divine. And don’t even get me started on the jewelry.

My Absolute FAVES

Jaimie Alexander

There is nothing I love more than a modern cut ballgown, this one had the added bonus of a pattern! She also has lovely hair and make-up and the jewelry was AMAZING.

Portia Doubleday

Portia Doubleday is very good in Mr. Robot and she doesn’t get a lot of the praise the MEN get. Her role is kind of thankless, that of daughter of victim/best friend of the lead/potential love interest, so it’s nice that she kind of rises above all of those tropes. Her gown is AMAZING! So much sparkle and the cut is perfect. I even think she is pulling off the subtle make-up.

Rachel McAdams

Melissa knew I would love this dress and she was right it is AMAZING. I am also super pleased with the hair and make-up. I wish True Detective had been worth Rachel’s talent–at least Spotlight was.

Absolute Best Dressed Male

David Oyelowo

This suit looked more purple on TV but I don’t really give a fig if it’s blue or purple, it’s just so fun. Also his shoes are sparkled AND the cut is perfect.

The Best of the Rest

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is such a stunner and I wish she was the star of Joy and not Jennifer Lawrence. I mean Amy Adams can do everything JLaw can do AND SING AND DANCE! I’m still kind of pissed JLaw won a fucking Globe over Amy Schumer. Anywho Amy Adams looks fab.

Uzo Aduba

I love Uzo’s style and how different she looks at every awards show. This black gown is so flattering and I love me a 3/4 sleeve. Her hair and smile are also both on point.

Malin Akerman

I am a sucker for a gown with a peplum and I really love the color of this dress. I also like the lace, which is just weird, as I usually don’t like lace but this is so delicate and pretty I can’t help it.

Melissa Benoist

Melissa and I both wish her hair was different. I think it would have looked great in a loose pony. What I do love and why it’s in this category is the pattern and cut. I also think her shoe choice was perfect.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is so glamorous. She also makes great choices in accessories and hair/make-up. I love the green accents–they look so lovely with this white gown.

Viola Davis

Viola looks amazing in this sparkly navy gown. I love the detail in the embroidery. She is so beautiful.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

I am obsessed with Jenna’s version of Ginuwine’s “Pony” from Magic Mike on Lip Sink Battle. We here at SLLS are also obsessed with her beauty and talent (she was good in 10 Years).

Joanne Froggatt

The illusion netting is not my fave but the color, fit, hair, accessories, and make-up far outweigh the blah netting.

Eva Green

Eva looks so lovely in this gold gown with those red lips. Her hair looked a little like fluff, though, in some pictures.

Taraji P. Henson

There were a million of these white gowns with capes (okay, there were three, but that is a lot) and I think Taraji wore hers with class and sophistication. And I’m happy she won, even though Empire has gotten kind of bad, Cookie is still a gem.

Regina King

CAPE! I’m so in love with all the capes. I am also so in love with all of the sequins. So much sparkle at the Globes. Regina King better win all the awards for The Leftovers. Also go watch The Leftovers on HBO.

Lola Kirke

GO MOZART IN THE JUNGLE! I am so glad this won 2 awards. Lola Kirke is such a good actress and I think this is very flattering. I love that she paired this mustard yellow gown with red jewels so PRETTY.

Eva Longoria

Eva loves this silhouette but I think this is the first time I have loved her in it. I love this delicate gown and that embroidery makes me drool.

Gina Rodriguez

This is how a ballgown should fit. The skirt should just skim the flor and the bust shouldn’t look like the wearer has to hike it up all night. I am so impressed with the tailoring here–it’s so perfect. She also has such a great face.

The Rest of the Hot Dudes

Oscar Isaac


Michael B. Jordan


Rami Malek

This could be a tad taken in but the hem is good and he is very attractive. I also LOVED Mr. Robot and though I was happy Jon Hamm won the Globe I also would have been thrilled had Rami had won.

The Alan Cumming Award for Awesomeness in Maleness

Denis O’Hare

Denis out Alan Cumming’ed Alan Cumming in Alan Cumming’s award (I hope that made you smile). I love Dennis O’Hare he is an amazing actor and he has such a joie de vivre on the red carpet.

The Keira Knightly Award for Majestically Twee OR The Best in Black

That’s right I have 3 ladies in the Keira Knightly Award but that’s cause these black dresses were so interesting and DRAMATIC!.

Caitriona Balfe

Yes I do love Outlander a lot but I also think Caitriona has an interesting and unique style and I think the daintiness of this is fabulous. I also love her face.

Emilia Clarke

This dress is so dramatic and regal. It’s not something I would normally love but I do love it. I think I am a sucker for a cape. I also like her make-up.

Kirsten Dunst

Kiki was ROBBED by stupid fucking Lady Gaga and that is all I can say on that. As for her gown its delicate, gothy, and a tad bit TWEE. Her make-up, hait, and accessories are also ABFAB.

The Okay

Patricia Arquette


Jennifer Jason Leigh

I like the color and the concept of the cut (though it needed to be better fitted to her bust) but I just wish her face wasn’t so blah.

Michaela Watkins

The color is so great but the fit, make-up, and hair are just BLAH.


Damian Lewis

That jacket is too small and those pants look like they were made from a very cheap fabric. This is just bad. DO BETTER, DUDES!


  1. Great picks! Some really great gowns! Didn’t see it last night was watching Golf!

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