Smart ladies love fashion, Katie’s best and worst dressed at the Golden Globes

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Last nights Golden Globes were full of surprises (YAY FARGO) and lot’s of color on the red carpet. Melissa’s posted her best and worst earlier today and below is my best and worst red carpet fashion.

Best in show

Julianna Margulies

As always I love Julianne. I also love cocktail length gowns in beautiful colors and fun fabric. The fit of this is fab and it is styled exquisitely. She gets bonus points for her hot husband.

Naomi Watts

Is there anything better than a blonde in mustard yellow? Also divine here is that snake necklace –SO GOOD!

Leslie Mann

I love Leslie Mann, she is so underrated, which is nuts because she makes everything better (just watch The Other Woman on HBO). This dress is lovely and the green accessories are fabulous.

Felicity Jones

This is the type of ballgown I like, it’s modern and yet still the childhood dream of a full taffeta skirt. The color is also great.

Julia Goldani Telles

I will start by saying Bunheads needs to be put on Netflix and/or Amazon Prime NOW. And now back to dresses…this ballgown is also incredibly modern and is also a fabulous color. As with Felicity Jones, the styling is impeccable.

Lupita Nyong’o

Hands down my favorite fucking dress of the night. It’s purple. It’s a pattern. It has ruffles that look like feathers. The make-up is beautiful. The jewelry is amazing. It is simply the best.

Jessica Chastain

Melissa and I have been driving around town listening to SiriusXMU radio’s 70s on 7 and this dress is 70s fabulous. Like most gowns last night the fit is perfect and the color looks fantastic with her hair.

Joanne Froggatt

Sparkletastic. I also really love those earrings.

Julianne Moore

I’ll basically type what I said to Melissa the first time I saw this “OMBRE! FEATHERS! SPARKLES! JULIANNE MOORE! SPARKLES! SILVER!”

Best Boys

Matt Bomer


Alan Cumming


David Oyelowo


Good but not Glam

Amy Adams

I loved this, but then the Fug girls said it was bridesmaid-y and I couldn’t unsee it.

Emily Blunt

Kind of boring, but the fit is great and the jewelry is fucking fantastic.

Laura Carmichael

Poor Edith, she needs a win.

Viola Davis

That idiot at the New York Times wouldn’t know classically pretty if it hit her in the face (and know I’m not linking to that article because she doesn’t need anymore page clicks).

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

The is a good example of how pretty a brunette can be in butter yellow. I think she looks kind of pregnant in which case congrats Dewan-Tatum family.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

The more I looked at this, the more I liked it. The color is kind of unusual for the red carpet (though my Nanny really enjoys it for towels). I also liked the dark gold bag.

Sophie Hunter

Sofie Hunter, fiance and Cumberbatch babymamma, looked amazing in her dress which is such a beautiful pattern.

Gina Rodriguez

Melissa felt the bottom is very bordello but I really enjoy the fit and styling.

Reese Witherspoon

This is kind of boring, but it also looks fucking great.

I don’t hate this but I probably should

Keira Knightley

This dress is insane and yet I kind of dig it. It’s weird and twee and batshit insane. She has a butterfly on her clutch but fuck-it it’s pretty and her make up and styling go so nicely with it. It’s all very Jane Austin.

Nice try but you should go home and try again

Lena Dunham

SATIN SACK is always my favorite alliterative fashion cut-down and I routinely use it for Lena Dunham. I do not understand why Zack Posen routinely puts her in thick satin. It’s too heavy of a fabric for her AND I do not understand why he doesn’t fit to about ten inches under her bust and then flute it out to an a line. Also this is not her best haircut. She looked her best with the pixie. She does get bonus points for date Andrew Rannels and for the lipstick which thankfully is not NUDE.

Lana Del Rey

Hey Priscilla Presley, what’s up?

Unfug it up

Tina Fey

First, the skirt should just be full not a bubble that look works on a small select group of individuals and alas they were all models in the sixties. Secondly this would work better if the whole skirt was white not the front is white and the back is black this just makes it look like Tina is wearing a very sparkly apron.

Needs a Cardigan

Rosamund Pike

I do not know where to begin with this dress. She is basically wearing strips of fabric stung together by kitchen twine and then a full skirt of puffs plus. Rosamund Pike you need to go home and get a cardi. However, mad props for pulling this off five weeks after giving birth.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson was once in a terminal cancer rom-com this dress is terminally nude –hahahaha I crack myself up.

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  1. Loved it! I never watch the red carpet, I just wait to see your stuff! I pretty much agreed with you on the dresses!

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