Smart ladies love fashion, Melissa’s best and worst dressed at the 2014 Emmy’s

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The Emmy winners this year were boring, save for Louis CK’s win for writing “So Did the Fat Lady,” but at least we had Billy Eichner and Andy Samberg and FASHION to keep us entertained. I deliberately left out a lot of stuff–namely ballgowns–in case Katie wanted to do her Best & Worst Dressed (she’s busy at work, though, so maybe not).

I did leave with a lot of questions, though. Why doesn’t Lena Dunham wear shift dresses all the time? Why can’t Christina Hendricks “get it”? When will Zooey cut her bangs back? Can Rooney Mara and Diane Kruger start showing up to stuff “just because”?

Both via.

Both via.

Best Dressed

I made a teenager my best dressed–I have clearly gone insane! Kiernan Shipka’s dress looked even better on TV–the fabric is so interesting. I hope Kiernan keeps dressing all modern like this forever.

In the thumbnail, Sarah Paulson’s dress looks like a scribble of a hurricane and I dig that.

A fucking cape and long sleeves AND a color other than red? Christine Baranski, you are my hero.

I promise I won’t mention Ed. JUST KIDDING. Anyway Julie Bowen nailed it in this Peter Som dress and a hairstyle that I will be copying any day now.

January Jones, in Prabal Gurung, looks crazy, especially her hair, and she is therefore one of my favorites.

I really enjoyed Taylor Schilling’s interview with Giuliana–she seemed relaxed and funny. She maybe could have used a fuchsia lippie but I loved the shape of this and how it’s slightly baggy on the sides. Let’s be friends, Tay! I promise, you’re my favorite celebrity Taylor.

Who knew all it would take for me to like one of Hayden Panettiere’s gowns would be a baby on board? I am shocked.

OBSESSED with Natalie Dormer’s sexy witch thing.

High slits are not my favorite, but you know what is? A LONG SLEEVE! Way to go, Michelle Monaghan!

Another white dress, this one on Angela Bassett makes her look like a freaking 70s goddess.

The third Mad Men woman in my Best Dressed, Jessica Pare is wearing a dress in a shape that is not often seen on the red carpet. I particularly LOVE her diamond statement necklace.

Julia Roberts looks best in vintage and vintage-inspired outfits so I am so glad she chose this! It is a bit short but I will forgive her because, LEGSSSSSS.

Dudes don’t usually impress me at major, non-music awards shows but Chiwetel Ejiofor just looks so, so handsome.


Meh Dressed

Compared to recent Amanda Peete red carpet moments, this is stunning, well-fitting and classy. Compared to everyone else, it’s just… ehhhhh. Especially the greasy hair.

This woman, Alexandra Daddario, who was on True Detective, is so freaking gorgeous, but her dress looks like Macy’s prom 2005 collection.

Gwen Stefani, please stop flat ironing your hair like this. Love the dress though.

In six months, I will look VERY favorably on Michelle Dockery’s 70s inspired dress, but right now, it reminds me of a vagina fish.

I think Zooey Deschanel has worn this three times already. YAWN.

Worst Dressed

There’s is nothing to like about Katherine Heigl’s matronly outfit (seriously I thought this was Helen Mirren in the thumbnail), including the person wearing it.

I think Johnny Galecki is trying to be anti-Big Bang Theory, but instead he looks like he just came from a trip to Denny’s after a one night stand.

You can do modest/long sleeved and without looking old-fashioned–see Christine Baranski–but Mayim Bialik hasn’t figured it out yet.

I like the Indian inspiration in Christina Hendricks’ ensemble but her hair is atrocious and I am also tired of seeing this on her. Who does she think she is wearing the same dress all the time, Sofia Vergara?

WTF Dressed

I don’t even know anymore, Lena Dunham. I would suggest a haircut that didn’t look like my 2nd grade school picture from 1986, less eyeliner and a new top (I’m thinking a tucked in, low-cut grey V neck like this one from J. Crew).

Matt Bomer Palate Cleanser

For Katie. [YOWZA! -K]

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  1. I agree with everything except Katherine Heigl. I think that dress is beautiful.

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