Smart ladies love fashion, Melissa’s best and worst dressed at the 2014 Golden Globes


Amy and Bono Golden Globes

The Golden Globes weren’t so bad last night! Some of our favorite actors, shows & films won (EEEEE AMY POEHLER E MOSS EEEEEEEE!!!) and the fashion was largely acceptable. I wish Claire Danes, Rooney Mara and the Krug were invited, but there were lots of cute pregnant ladies, which softened the blow.

Best Dressed

With the absence of her sister Rooney on the red carpet, Kate Mara made a strong case for my best dressed looking like a futuristic space princess. The blonde hair suits in the same way the black hair suits Rooney.

Thank goodness for Usher, who livened up a sea of impeccably tailored but boring tuxes with this maroon suit and sparkly brooch.

What can you say about the lacey goth perfection that is Cate Blanchett?

Who knew Allison Williams could look so good several times in one week? I’m starting to notice you, Ms. Williams!!

CAPES FOR ALL! I think Lupita Nyong’o picked this out specifically to impress me. I loved it as much as I loved Gwyneth’s white Tom Ford a few years ago.

Zooey Deschanel’s ensemble looked much better on TV than it does in photos, which is a shame, because I loved the vintage vibe, plus her coordinating accessories.

I hope good things are in store for Edith this year on Downton Abbey because Laura Carmichael is truly a lovely wearer of clothes.

I dig Rashida Jones’ unusually printed skirt.

Amy Adams looked better with her two-toned cape, but she still rocked the shit out of this deep-v gown, an homage to her 70s looks in American Hustle.

The Internet was a-buzz with Laura Dern’s new strawberry blonde hair–many of them lamented the loss of Enlightened too, to which I say, why didn’t you make your friends watch it?–but I was more interested in her beaded, figure-hugging dream of a dress.

Maybe if I include Camilla Alves here in this slinky long sleeved (yay!) gown, Bravo will revive Shear Genius.

Katie and I both loved this embroidered lace peplum concoction on Emilia Clarke but the joy of publishing first means I get to cover it! Nyah nyah nyah! I want to steal that gold cuff.

My favorite pregnant lady was Drew Barrymore, who made this look sweet and fun without crossing over into annoyingly twee.

Most Improved

I never though Sarah Hyland would be in this category. She doesn’t look forty and she isn’t wearing Marchesa!

On Warning

I actually think this J. Mendel dress look lovely on my girl Elisabeth Moss (when she is interviewed I fantasize about being BFFs with her–sorry, Katie!) but her hair looks like mine does after I put coconut oil on it. You can pull out of this, I have faith in you! You just won a Golden Globe!

I could never not love Kerry Washington but this would be better without the gills. However, her hair, makeup and jewels are flawless. She will back to “best dressed” soon enough.

Meh Dressed

Plus: long sleeves. Minus: boring.

I appreciate what Amber Heard was going for, and the color is phenomenal, but this dress wrinkles too easily and her hair is crazy.

If the world (read: me and my friend Shannon) weren’t so desperate for a new Joanna Newsom record I would put her in worst dressed for this Gone with the Wind ruffled mess. But I love her hair and accessories, including funny arm candy Andy Samberg.

The tea length of Sarah Paulson’s dress is great for the Globes, but she was missing some glam above the shoulders.

Worst Dressed

I might love Julia Roberts’ attempt at bucking the fashion system in two years but right now I wish she had worn this oxford shirt with some nice dress pants instead.

For about two seconds I thought Sandra Bullock’s dress might be pretty but it looks like the work of a beginning fashion student.

I hate to put America’s Sweetheart into this category but leather belts over a loose white dress do not impress me much, Jennifer Lawrence. Why do you keep wearing white to major awards shows? You are not T. Swift or Olivia Pope.

The color of Taylor Schilling’s nightgown is rich and beautiful but the lace top, combined with her heavy eye makeup, boring hair and too-small clutch drag the look down.

WTF Dressed

I think Megan Mullaley had the ghost of Carmen Miranda’s dress delivered to her by mistake.

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