Smart ladies love fashion, Melissa’s best and worst dressed at the 2015 Oscars


Via. This was one of my favorite moments!

Via. This was one of my favorite moments!

Disappointingly, there is no WTF Dressed this year. There just wasn’t enough WTF-ery this year (you could probably argue Solange, but I could NEVER put her there; she is my queen). There wasn’t anything that took my breath away as much as Naomi Watts, either.

As usual, before you yell at me that something is missing–Katie’s Oscar fashion roundup will post later today, and the Oscar after parties and Independent Spirit Awards are coming soon too (we need more time on those because the clothes were so good; also, we have full time jobs).

Best Dressed

I was SERIOUSLY hyperventilating that I wasn’t going to have a best dressed and then Naomi Watts showed up wearing this AMAZING dress with cut outs that looks like it was made of sparkly silver bricks.

I am so happy Laura Dern was nominated. Not only because she was WONDERFUL in Wild, but also because she is the hottest lady over 40 and picks good dresses. GREAT HAIR, too.

Neil Patrick Harris’ grey suit looks so cozy!

Ava DuVernay is just all-around wonderful–she knows what she likes and what shapes flatter her. Her hair and makeup are also divine. I hope she makes lots of movies–I have read/heard so many interviews with her and I just love her perspective and attitude.

While I don’t think Joanna Newsom quite knows how to pose on the red carpet (and really, who gives a shit?),  she is looking super cute lately.

Eddie Redmayne, whatever, what I am really here for is Hannah Bagshawe’s navy and gold dress with the droopy hip pouches to keep her gold coins in.

Thank you to whoever invited Anna Wintour and Bee Shafer to the Oscars! They look so fashion-y!

Meryl Streep can do whatever she wants.

On the E! show, Khloe Kardashian thought the color of Anna Kendrick’s dress was “too bridal” for the Oscars. First, shut up Khloe, even Kim dresses better than you. Second, Anna usually wears ice skating dresses or things that are slightly too twee for me–this is one of her best looks ever.

The color of Gina Rodriguez’ “peace silk” dress is so gorgeous, and the fit so perfect, that I will forgive that it’s slightly too shiny. Her side bun + bouffant is great too!

Looked Better on TV

Kerry Washington’s dress had so much texture on TV but the light just bounced off of it and it looks BLAH.

I Like this More than I Should

Katie did not like the bottom of Sienna Miller’s dress and it fits weird in the boobs but for some reason I think it’s refreshing. I just complimented Sienna Miller–WEIRD.

Wrong Event, but I Love It

I applaud for dressing like he’s at a minor awards show, like maybe the People’s Choice Awards. BALLSY!

Most Disappointing

Man, Solange, who is truly one of my favorite dressers in the whole world, is wearing too much shiny fabric. The 70s hair is cool, though. Her after party dress ROCKED and I cant wait to write about it later.

I have really been impressed with Zendaya at other awards shows, and I think she was too safe here.

Meh Dressed

Andrea Riseborough looked so amazing when she was promoting WE. She seems so sad now. She’s in an Oscar-winning movie, she should cheer up!

I will continue to defend Gwyneth’s movie choices (BULL TRUE) but I cannot defend this pink labia shoulder bow.

Jessica Chastain usually looks so nice, even if her dresses are a bit too tight. The draping just makes her boobs look so much bigger–there are proportion issues in this prom-ish gown.

I like the idea of this, but Chrissy Teigen does not wear dresses as elegantly as I think they should be worn.

Worst Dressed

BURNED VAGINA. I do not know why Blanca Blanco is at the Oscars.

This is the most boring, beige dress ever.

Cheryl Hines’s dress is fine, but she just looks so uncomfortable.

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