Smart ladies love fashion, Melissa’s best and worst dressed at the 2016 Golden Globes


Another awards show, another two awards that go to someone that is NOT Mark Rylance. At least Rebecca Bloom/Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Mr. Robot, and Mozart in the Jungle got some awards that will hopefully boost their numbers and assure they continue for a few more seasons.

As usual, Katie’s recap will post in an hour, and I hope to have the after-party post up tomorrow because we have so much to talk about!

Best Dressed

When I saw this, I immediately texted Katie, “I GOT VIKANDER!!” She out-Mara-ed a Mara. My favorite of the night.

You can have your Helen Mirren, I will take Judith Light. She is classy and risk-taking all at once.

While I don’t love the flower thing on her left shoulder, this black and yellow Marc Jacobs is stunning on Maggie Gyllenhaal. This sparkled on TV too! And she always does right with the lipstick.

I feel like Cate Blanchett’s gown is going to be divisive (it’s a little fussy from the back), but I love the vintage softness of this and her great updo.

Katie hates Kate Bosworth so much but I think she has innate fashion sense. The pattern on the top of this sequin gown is stunning, and the tightly pulled back hair was a great choice.

Jane Fonda doesn’t give a fuck what you think, she will wear white flamenco ruffles/Spanish-style roof tiles over her tits.

I cannot get over how gorgeous this color is and how wonderful it looks on Queen Latifah.

Another beautiful color, this time on Olivia Wilde. The necklace is also stunning, and I love that although she didn’t put her hair up, it still looks clean and appropriate for the event.

There is nothing exciting about Sophia Bush’s black Narciso Rodriguez gown, but I think she is doing Hollywood glam better than anyone else. Also, apparently she is not just a former CW star and red carpet maven–she’s also on those Chicago shows! Mazel Tov! I’m sorry I don’t pay attention to Dick Wolf’s career.

Natalie Dormer just makes really interesting choices.

I don’t love the waist of America Ferrara’s dress but the color is fab on her and she looks overall quite beautiful. Reminder to watch her in Superstore, which is actually kind of cute!

I don’t know who invited Olivia Palermo but this is exactly the kind of unusual, colorful frock that I like to see shake things up.

Seriously, this is the best Jennifer Lawrence has looked in a while, even with the unneccessary cut outs.

I like Saoirse Ronan’s simple Greek-inspired gown. More importantly, I love her accent and I could listen to her talk for days.

Zoe Kazan’s blunt bob is fantastic and I enjoy the etherealness of her dress. Also, her and Paul Dano look so uncomfortable. God bless.

And here’s an example of a magnificently fitted dress that matches the wearer perfectly. Jada Pinkett-Smith is rocking it.

The simplicity of Amy Landecker’s gown is lovely–my minor quip is that I wish her shoes were gold.

Positives: Melissa McCarthy’s hair, makeup and shoes. Negatives: THAT FABRIC. It looked less horrible on TV.

She’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s Miss United States… just kidding, Corinne Foxx was Miss Golden Globes and she looks like a modern princess. I adore her makeup.

Most Disappointing

Yes, this IS Rooney Mara. I know. But if dinged Amanda Peet for her toilet paper dress, I had to ding Rooney for hers. A rare disappointment from my favorite red carpet queen.

I have loved Brie Larson for a long time, especially her funky red carpet style. She apparently has a new stylist, who chose this nice Calvin Klein number that is sadly ruined by boring hair and horrible golden makeup. I do like this though. A LOT.

I am just not as excited by Emmy Rossum’s red column dress as I am by her lipstick and necklace. She is usually much better.

Meh Dressed

I am so confused by Taylor Schilling’s sexy pajamas. At least she was comfortable.

Carly Chaiken played one of my fave sitcom characters–Darla on Suburgatory–so I am slightly disappointed she chose to look like a sad fish at this important awards show.

I will rep hard for Casual and Tara Lynne Barr’s performance, but she’s 22 and is dressed like Sarah Hyland from three years ago. Maybe Sarah can lend Tara her new stylist.

This is pretty good for Amy Schumer, though I think it’s a bit dated, but I never like her makeup. It’s too bronzey all over and no contrast.

I didn’t know Calista Flockhart had this kind of elegance in her–I remember most of her gowns as being bland and dated–but her sad, floppy hair lets down this look.

LIPSTICK, PLEASE. And Maura Tierney’s hair is kind of weird.

Julianne Moore looks great, but I am just bored of gowns like this on her. She can do better.

Lady Gaga’s red carpet posing is so annoying–she clearly needs everyone to see BOTH of her arm parties. If she’s going to do this snoozy old school gown, at least this one has a cool detail at the waist. Also, her makeup is flawless.

Leslie Mann usually does such a good job, and I like this from the waist down (the beading is gorgeous). But the billowy top and all the derp faces she made while posing (was she drunk/high???) were NO GOOD.

Worst Dressed

The good news: Amanda Peet did not forget her lipstick. The bad news: she also brought a whole roll of toilet paper.

While Kate Hudson totally has the body for this “dress,” the bandeau top is more appropriate for the MTV Awards and did that short scarf-necklace really need to come back?

This is not much of a departure from what Kate Winslet normally wears except it’s even more matronly.

To say nothing of the wig, Katy Perry should have sized up and have the gown refitted. It also needed a little something extra, like this.


  1. Enjoyed the fashion show! Did not see this last night, was watching Golf!

  2. I have to disagree on Calista, I think more hair, or more ornateness in the hair would have clashed with an otherwise gorgeous gown. Otherwise, agreed on many of your assessments. Also, Helen Mirren was gorgeous as always!

    • I think a short pony would have been nice on Calista, like Sophia Bush had. I keep forgetting she’s on Supergirl, which I do not watch.

      Thanks for commenting, lady! 😉

  3. I was so excited last night when I noticed the Golden Globes were on. NOT because I wanted to watch it, but because I knew I would get to read yours and Katie’s fashion reviews the next day. I am loving me some Judith Light. Who knew? Also, I am really said about Melissa McCarthy because she looks so gorgeous, but her dress photographs like a trash bag.

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