Smart ladies love fashion, Melissa’s best and worst dressed at the Golden Globes


What a successful Golden Globes!! While some of our favorites were not nominated (Obvious Child/Jenny Slate), many of the awards were well-deserved, the banter was funny and the fashion was better than usual. You can read last night’s liveblog here and Katie’s fashion recap will post at 1pm today.

Best Dressed

Diane Kruger

While we were watching the red carpet arrivals on three places (TV, Getty Images & Twitter), I was getting extremely despondent, begging for a Mara to show up (one did, she is below) and then… THE KRUG. I love her hair, makeup and this beautiful sparkly dress with a swishy hem.

Here’s The Krug alone, without Pacey, though I do thank him for being on The Affair (congrats on the big win!) and bringing his lovely girlfriend.

Claire Danes

On the red carpet, Claire called this dress “a work of art” and noted that she could “fly away” due to all the real feathers on it. She always takes interesting risks and has perfect hair, makeup and jewelry. Had the Krug not shown up, she would have run away with my Best Dressed.

Ruth Wilson

My crush on Ruth Wilson continues with this gorgeous-colored column gown with seams that featured ripped fabric sewn onto them.

Kate Mara

While some would say the belt is extraneous, I would argue that it adds a bit of modernity to this beautiful red dress. I miss seeing Rooney on the RC but Kate has a very strong point of view as well, which I really appreciate.

Amy Poehler

Most of Amy’s gown changes were wonderful, but this is what she wore on the red carpet. The color looks amazing with her hair and skin and the gathered waist is a cool detail.

Ava DuVernay

I know I am predictable with my preference for long sleeves, capes, and the color navy, but Ms. DuVernay looks stunning.

Anna Kendrick

I don’t usually get into Anna’s extremely girly red carpet looks, but this simple and beautiful tulle beaded gown is a stunner.

Emma Stone

When we were watching E! last night, I noted that if this was pants I would “get” to put Emma in my post. She looks incredibly modern, exhibiting the popular wavy bob of the night (which I have been, in fact, growing my hair towards for a few months).

Camila Alves

I hope Matthew McConaughey continues to act across formats so Camila goes to all awards shows.

Maura Tierney

Katie did not like how the cowl neck did not match the neckline of the dress underneath, but I love this 20s inspired frock and, even though it is way out of my budget–it’s probably worth as much as my Yaris–the style seems attainable. Her hair is adorable, too, and her accessories rock.

Most Improved

Amanda Peet

Who knew Amanda Peet could toss away all that bad black lace that she favors and actually wear something I like? The details of this gown are really fab, too.

Most Disappointing

Kerry Washington

The only thing saving Kerry from Worst Dressed is my love of her past fashion choices. This squished her boobs too much and the fabric choice was bizarre.

Meh Dressed


Katie and I both felt that this was a little, ahem, mature for Lorde, but in general, I like it a lot for her–I just wish the sleeves and pants were hemmed better.

Allison Williams

Oh Allison. We were doing so well there for a while. The dress is ok–not exciting–but her hair could be so much more glamorous.

Felicity Huffman

It’s not super offensive, it’s just there… She also needs lipcolor.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Everything above the waist: A+++. Everything below the waist: D-. Ballgowns don’t suit her.

Worst Dressed

Katie Cassidy

Katie here was completely charming in the underrated gem Monte Carlo (oh when will it become the teen cult classic it deserves to be?), but she looks like she’s the star of a Las Vegas revue. STOP DOING THIS LEG SHIT ON THE RED CARPET.

Patricia Arquette

While I loved her performance in Boyhood (and so did the HFPA!), Patricia Arquette cannot get her clothes right. This dumpy black dress is not fitted properly and features too much fabric by her face.

Jennifer Aniston

I wish Katie and I had publicly voiced our concern about Jen here wearing black. We knew it was going to happen but I don’t think we were conscientious of how truly boring it could be. And how inappropriate her slit was.

Jemima Kirke

I want to like this because it is totally weird but she looks like a depressed superhero.

Laura Prepon

Katie called this “Elvira.” I love dark, gothy dresses but this just makes me sad. Her hair is way too dark for her skin.

Kristen Wiig



Jennifer Lopez

J Lo defies aging of literally every single part of her body and she is perfect.

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