Smart ladies love fashion, Met Gala 2003, “Goddess: The Classical Mode”


Because 2016 is terrible and the 2016 Met Gala is super soon we have decided to go back and take a look at the galas from 2003 – 2012 because nothing is more fun than looking at OLD fashion. For more fashion fun, we have previously covered the galas from 2013, 2014, and 2015.

In 2003 the theme was “Goddess: The Classical Mode,”

From the clothing of ancient Greece to such modern evocations as Madame Grès’s emblematic creations and Versace’s Neoclassical loincloths, classical dress has profoundly inspired and influenced art and fashion through the millennia. Goddess – a major exhibition opening in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute on May 1, 2003 – will present clothing, prints, photographs, and decorative works of art from the 18th century onward, to reveal the many ways in which classical dress has become a truly timeless style…

Because this theme can be anything I will not be able to criticize these fools for being off-theme if you have read our previous coverage you will know that this is my FAVORITE thing to do so I’m already disappointed. Then again this is 2003 so I’m sure there is plenty to make fun of.

Eva Amurri and Zac Posen

Like this, which is awful. I do like the pattern on the fabric and the color. I also love her shoes. I just question a dress that’s basically a cocktail frock in the front and gala gown in the back. -K

Kind of acceptable if she is headed right to flamenco dance after this. -M

Selma Blair

I’m not going to lie I love this. It’s twee, ballet inspired, and has gold. I also forgot how cute Selma Blair was in the early aughts. -K

I loved how feminine and cute dresses were everywhere then. -M

David Bowie and Iman

I’m super happy that flimsy satin is going out of style. Iman does indeed look like a goddess here. Also I forgot that Bowie was a fan of the Met gala and that I’m still kind of raw from his passing. -K

If you hate flimsy satin, you’ll also hate the 2004 event! Iman embodies the theme. Beautiful. -M

Claire Danes

We here at SLLS love Claire Danes’ style this however is not her best. I think this is pre-Hugh Dancy. Her lipstick looks good. -K

This fabric does not photograph well and it looks poorly made. We know you get better, Claire, so we’re not mad. -M

Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal

One of the most fun parts of these post is going to see past couples. Here Kiki looks adorable but I do find her hat choice hilarious. You can buy that beret at Target for $10. Also Jake’s suit fits TERRIBLY! It is so baggy. Was that a thing? Anytime I see Jake I must alert you all to listen to the podcast Mystery Show. -K

He always has suit problems and her dress has the same issues Claire’s does. You can improve, Kiki, I believe in you! -M

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Ummmm….the color is good. I think I might like the shoes? Is that fabric plastic? Did she put her hair in curlers wet? -K

I like that the bottom has cut outs, that’s kind of ahead of its time. The rest of the dress is a horror. -M

Kate Hudson and Stella McCartney

Positives, Kate Hudson is NOT naked nor wet and Stella’s shoes are lovely. Negatives, Stella McCartney is a designer and most likely has had classes in sewing and fitting so WHY does her dress fit her boobs so badly. -K

I don’t like Kate’s hair but it was popular in 2003. Stella looks a mess. -M

Alicia Keys

Oh this is old school Alicia Keys. I question the sparkly vest, like I actually wish it was a complete vest. -K

The fit is SO poor–it’s like she bought this off the rack and had no idea to call a tailor. -M

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman the QUEEN of Botox. This dress is nice but it washes her out. -K

I’m glad she’s been wearing more color lately, this was a bad phase she went through when she wore lots of non-color. -M

Jamie King

This might have been when she was still calling herself James. This dress looks a little loose and it doesn’t help that it matches the dirty sidewalk. Her hair and face are cute. -K

SAGGY BOOBS. She gets better too. And then bad again. -M

Diana Ross

Diana Ross is another Goddess. -K

See, this is how you get a dress to fit well! -M

Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe

REMEMBER these two? I kind of dig Swank’s mod look. Chad’s suit is also baggy. Baggy is a terrible look in suits. -K

I’m so glad men wear better suits now. Her hair is also great!! -M

Charlize Theron

This looks like a very heavy fabric. I have mixed feelings on this. I like the length and cut but I hate the heaviness of everything. -K

What is this the goddess of? Loveseats? -M

Anna Wintour

Anna is looking very goddess-like, She is also almost wearing the same thing as Iman –SCANDAL! -K

That furry coat is so fun. I do not know how she can see wearing those damn sunglasses all the time. I take mine off the second I get out of the car. -M