Smart ladies love fashion, Met Gala 2006, “AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion”


Because 2016 is terrible and the 2016 Met Gala is super soon we have decided to go back and take a look at the galas from 2003 – 2012 because nothing is more fun than looking at OLD fashion. For more fashion fun, we have previously covered the galas from 2003, 2004, 200520132014, and 2015.

In 2006, the theme was AngloMania: Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion. From the Met site:

AngloMania focuses on British fashion from 1976 to 2006, a period of astounding creativity and experimentation. Over the past thirty years, British fashion has been defined by a knowing and self-conscious historicism. In their search for novelty, designers have looked to past styles with an appetite that is as audacious as it is rapacious. Focusing on their postmodern, historicizing tendencies, this exhibition presents a series of tableaux based on Britain’s rich artistic traditions. The irony of satirical prints, the romance of landscape paintings, and the glamour and bravado of grand manner portraits are evoked through a wide spectrum of British designers. The exhibition is set in the Metropolitan Museum’s English period rooms—the Annie Laurie Aitken Galleries—to create a potent dialogue between the past and the present.

My initial reaction is that there will be lots of plaid, Vivian Westwood, hats, McQueen realness, and loud prints. Unfortunately all it will take to be minimally on theme is to wear a British designer and it’s too much work to find out that information since none of my cheating blogs were around then. [Note: the were NO HATS. Maybe they weren’t allowed?]

Here is some inspiration. Images from British Fashion Designers, Tom Tierney.


Jessica Alba

Fine. The color is nice. I think this was before she hired Rachel Zoe/Brad and her fashion got way better. -M

I wish her hair was up so we could see those earrings. -K

Drew Barrymore

See how long we’ve had to deal with black lace? -M

At least her lipstick is amazing! -K

Kim Basinger

Super duper classic American, which is maybe a fuck you to this theme? It could be designed by a British person, I DON’T HAVE THAT INFORMATION. -M

Finally a red carpet! -K

Victoria Beckham

Her hair and makeup are atrocious but this dress is a party! -M

I bet she had so much fun with Becks on the dance floor. -K

Selma Blair

This is completely darling. -M

Selma is a Met Gala joy. -K

Joy Bryant

Since 2006, this dress has be redone about a billion times and I’m tired of it but I am intrigued by the sleeves. -M

SO MANY RUFFLES! I’m such a ruffle fan. -K

Gisele Bundchen

A mesh top does not say “gala.” -M

What a waste of fringe. Fringe, Giselle deserves better! -K

Naomi Campbell

This is fabulous–the color is unusual and she just looks so cool. -M

I am in love with this. The jewelry is so lovely. -K

Sophie Dahl

I enjoy this–I expected to see this Westwood silhouette a lot and there was enough diversity that there were only a few examples. -M

I love how girly she made this. I just find this dress so joyful. -K

Rosario Dawson

Oh look, Rosario Dawson wrapped up this shiny towel for you! -M

Rosario is a lovely person but I don’t think I like her style. -K

Minnie Driver

I miss Minnie Driver. I adore the wide straps and belt. -M

Minnie Driver was such a great actress. I love her in red. -K

Linda Evangelista

A little too “curtains of Nashville dive bars” for me but the color, cap sleeves and styling are all marvelous. -M

This is so twee and it makes me so happy. -K


I was going to ask what Eve has been up to but I realized I don’t give a shit. The top looks like athletic bandages. -M

I’m just going to go out on the limb and say this is not on theme. -K

Gina Gershon

She looks like she is surprising someone from behind, which is how I feel about Gina’s outfit in general. -M

That top is tragic. -K

Ginnfer Goodwin

I wish this was the color of Linda Evangelista’s gown but otherwise it is really working for me–though I WILL say it directly references one of the dresses in the collage above (top row, third from the right), which I always appreciate. Great dramatic makeup, too. -M

Ginnifer Goodwin is so pretty and she really has fun at the Met Gala. -K

Marsha Gay Harden

MGH is too classy for Barbie mermaid dresses. -M

That hair is so high. -K

Shalom Harlow

This is really fun and reminiscent of 70s punk. A model on theme! Shocking. -M

This is so lovely. -K

Josh Hartnett

I forgot Josh Hartnett exists. I am so glad men wear more closely fitting suits. It’s surprising to me that the men’s clothes feel more out of fashion than the women. -M

Ugh shiny and baggy. Josh Hartnett is actually pretty wonderful on Penny Dreadful. -K

Lydia Hearst

Katie will love this because it’s a ball skirt, and I love this because it’s black and white. -M

I DO LOVE IT! More ballgowns. -K

Elizabeth Hurley

Why don’t people wear more peach? It can be grown up! I don’t like the bodice but the skirt is crazy good. -M

I’m not sure how I feel about the embellishments but I do appreciate this style of gown. -K

Karolina Kurkova

This is EXACTLY what I was expecting from one of the models and it pleases me greatly. -M

Oh man PLAID! MIXING PATTERNS! I had to explain that this is currently on trend and something one could do, to my mom this wekend –she dug it. I appreciate the skirt of this so much. Also it’s my favorite fabric taffeta! -K

Lindsay Lohan

I appreciate the 50s influence of this dress but I don’t like the styling or how the layer of tulle extends over the skirt. -M

For LiLo this is classy. -K

Jennifer Lopez

She has worn this a million times since but I don’t get tired of seeing her in it. -M

This woman is just so pretty. -K

John Lydon

So happy to see you, Mr. Rotten. -M

More mixing of plaid. -K

Eva Mendes

I will probably keep mentioning how freaking gorgeous she is, but I can’t help it. I totally get why she wore this dress in this color even though I would normally hate it. -M

My one quibble is the earrings should have been small cause of that high collar. -K

Sienna Miller

There’s a minidress with tights coming up in 2010 that I like way better than this, but she is being true to her style, which is good. -M

This is also very Mary Quant which is on THEME! -K

Gretchen Mol

Who??? This was better suited to the Chanel gala from 2005. -M

Yeah it was. It actually reminds me of an actual Chanel dress from my collage. -K

Mandy Moore

Why does she always wear such dark colors? I like the pockets though. -M

What is going on with her waist? -K

Thandie Newton

I am the only person not wildly impressed with her style. It’s too traditional for me. -M

She is such an oddball, she yo-yos between conservative and wackadoo. -K

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

I especially like the patterned dress (Ashley?) and the white purse. -M

They look great this year. -K

Sarah Jessica Parker

Here’s the McQueen realness. She is rocking it, of course. -M

Oh man this is SJP at her best. -K

Amanda Peet

Could be one of her better looks if it wasn’t so freaking twee. When will Amanda Peet find the perfect dress? -M

Hey but she has on lipstick AND this is not sack like. -K

Emmy Rossum

The hair is dumb and I think this is Ralph Lauren (blasphemy!!!) but I love a blazer over a gown. -M

I love the blazer and the gown. Melissa is totally on point with that hair. -K

Zoe Saldana

The waist looks like it was wrapped in rope. -M

This is not one of her best. -K

Chloe Sevigny

There’s my weird girl! This is fun and she looks happy to be wearing it. -M

This is very on theme, it screams British sixties mod. -K

Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons

Defunct couple alert!!! I really only included it for that–he always wears the same thing and her dress is boring. -M

When will this dress go out of style??? -K

Molly Sims

ANOTHER shiny silver dress. Molly Sims needs to diversify. -M

I’m so bored with the shiny. -K

Stella Tennant

I am always dubious when ruffles start at someone’s vag, especially when they’re the color of dirty dishwater. -M

This would be perfect IF, the color was better, her hair was good, and if she had on lipstick. -K

Charlize Theron and John Galliano

Charlize does sleek so well that I’m taken aback when I see her in ballgowns. The color… meh. -M

I think her face and hair are perfect. -K

Ivanka Trump

I am so surprised I love this after her ill-fitting nightie of 2004. I’d go so far as to call this classy and understated, even! -M

She also did well in 2005. -K

Liv Tyler

I think this is a very dark blue, which makes me love it even more. -M

The fit on this gown is amazing. -K

Amber Valletta

Amber, you never disappoint me. Keep it up. -M

Love this dress. Man patterned ballgowns with a wacky length and a train are my jam. -K

Diane Von Furstenberg

I love DVF’s brand of crazy. -M

Good representation of theme DVF! -K

Anna Wintour

I think I might like this better sans coat. The dress is stunning. -M

So shiny! -K

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