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Because 2016 is terrible and the 2016 Met Gala is super soon we have decided to go back and take a look at the galas from 2003 – 2012 because nothing is more fun than looking at OLD fashion. For more fashion fun, we have previously covered the galas from 2003, 2004, 2005, 200620132014, and 2015.

In 2007, the theme was Poiret: King of Fashion. From the Met site:

Paul Poiret – who at the height of his career in pre-World War I France was the undisputed “King of Fashion” and whose sweeping vision led to a new silhouette that liberated women from the corset and introduced the shocking colors and exotic references of the Ballets Russes to the haute couture

I actually went to this exhibit the first time I ever visited New York City and then received the coffee table book from the exhibit for Christmas. But before all that I loved Paul Poiret because of his Tom Tierney paper doll book (why yes I am a super fan) I have had since High School. Poiret was less interested in tailoring and more interested in draping, because of this many of his designs are loose which was very from turn of the century clothes. One of his chief passions was the theater and he designed costumes for the theater and ballet. This theatricality flowed to his clothes as well. Lastly Poiret loved bright vivid colors. Here is a collage of Poiret designs.

Poiret Fashion Design

Images taken by me from, Poiret Fashion Desgn, by Tom Tierney.

Elizabeth Banks

Despite my new found hatred for shiny fabric gowns I love this for its whimsy and modern interpretation of theme. -K

I don’t love the sage color of the dress the the belt is really cool. -M

Mischa Barton

Was this when she was a “big deal?” I guess this is on theme and she looks pretty. -K

This was right when The OC ended–though she was killed off–so we all probably thought she was going to be a big deal. -M

Camilla Belle

This dress is lovely and very theatrical. -K

I adore the gold and the pale ice blue. A color combo we don’t see too often. -M

Cate Blanchett

I LOVE THIS. If I were to have one harp it would be that I wish she had brighter lip. -K

GOLD and FRINGE? It’s like we hit the couture lottery with this gown. -M

Emily Blunt

This is super boring. I think Emily Blunt’s style has got better when she ditched Groban and married Krazinski. -K

She definitely dresses better now, including hair, makeup and jewelry. She does wear simple stuff but only the best Calvin Klein. -M

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth went full hog on the twenties vibe and I dig it. I am super into her shoes. -K

I LOVE when people go all in, including hair and makeup. One of her best. -M

Sandra Bullock

Her make-up and tan are super harsh. I think I would have loved this dress if it were bright purple. I find the ruching detail interesting. -K

If you learned anything about me with week, it’s that I strongly dislike all ruching. I especially hate how my Mac autocorrects the word ruching. This is on theme, though. -M

Naomi Campbell

I wish she had a fun clutch and not that handbag. I also wish this was more high-end. She just kind of looks like she wondered in from a cocktail party. -K

Agreed with Katie but in addition, I don’t like the booties. -M

Patricia Clarkson

I feel like Clarkson should have embraced a flashier color. -K

I just realized this is the first year of legit posed red carpet pictures! This puts me to sleep. -M

Jennifer Connelly

You know, I expected better from Jennifer. This seems very reserved for her. Though she looks super young with that make-up. -K

I don’t know about the attached scarf. I do enjoy the shoes. -M

Claire Danes

This dress is so flipping LOVELY. I am so digging Claire’s fashion metamorphosis. -K

WONDERFULLLLLLLL!!!!! In my top 5 Met Gala looks ever, non-model/SJP edition. -M

Rosario Dawson

In a previous post I criticized Rosario’s style but this I love. This is a win for theme and style. -K

I wish every dress in the world was this color. -M

Cameron Diaz

I also love this. Fuchsia and turquoise is such a great color combo. -K

Hey look, I got my wish! -M

Kirsten Dunst

Kiki is on the jury for Cannes and I cannot wait. I love it when she goes wacktacular as she did here. ALSO this is totally on theme. -K

The headband is the piece de resistance of this outfit. -M

America Ferrera

This is the sad trombone of gowns. America dresses really well so I’m thinking she fired this stylist. -K

She wears MUCH more flattering stuff now in better colors. What a disappointment! -M

Charlotte Gainsbourg

I always love when the French ladies attend these shindigs. This is so chic and she also looks really young. -K

I’m ok with the booties here because the rest of the outfit is so cool. -M

Jennifer Garner

JGar I wish you would embrace fun. Where is the whimsy? I think it’s too close to the Oscars for me with this dress (and the hair). -K

Plus I HATE when people stand like that. She wasn’t pregnant or anything at the time and she is totally foxy. Maybe she’s embarrassed by how boring her dress is. -M

Ginnifer Goodwin and Chris Klein

DEFUNCT COUPLE! BAGGY SUIT! When did dudes start wearing skinny pants? Ginnifer looks fantastic. I love the color and length of this. -K

She’s been kind of a surprise to me–she’s been so meh on the red carpet lately I forget that there’s a time when she always looked fabulous. -M

Salma Hayek

Meh. -K

Just don’t know if you’re going to wear crap like this. -M

Jennifer Hudson

Ugh lace. -K

Bbbbbbut it’s SILVER lace! Yeah, I’m not excited by it either. -M

Scarlett Johansson, Stella McCartney, and Amber Valletta

Scarlet’s dress is way too small and is she wearing fishnets? I don’t understand Stella’s outfit. Amber usually goes over the top so I’m disappointed BUT she does look lovely and I think I might adore her earrings. -K

Amber must hang out with them so she looks better in comparison, in her WELL-FITTED gown without an unnecessary jacket on top. -M

Alicia Keys

Was she pregnant this year? This dress fits weird. -K

Shell boobs? Ugh. -M

Juliette Lewis

I love this. If I were to go to the Gala and I saw Juliette there I would totally hang out with her, she seems fun. -K

ALSO in a headband! Gossip Girl didn’t start till that fall, BTW. -M

Lucy Liu

Even if I didn’t comment Melissa would know that this is my FAVORITE! -K

It’s purple and it has ruffles! DUH. -M

Lindsay Lohan

For Lilo this is demure. -K

It looks really outdated in a way that annoys me. -M

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

JLo is so rocking the theme. -K

I LOVE the detail on the sleeves and waist. -M

Rose Mcgowan

This is NOT a good color for that dress. -K

No, it looks like a dirty hanky. -M

Eva Mendes

I feel like Eva didn’t even try this year. -K

What happened to her? Where’s the big hair and the crazy gown? Sigh. -M

Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs

This defunct couple makes me sad. Even Taye’s suit is too big. Idina’s dress is navy and has cap sleeves so I like it but it is NOT on theme and lacks a bit of whimsy. -K

Why is she standing like that? It looks bizarre. -M

Debra Messing

I hope Debra followed Cate around singing the girl scout song Make New Friends,

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.

A circle is round,
it has no end.
That’s how long,
I will be your friend.

Melissa might be right, we might be running out of adjectives. This dress is shiny. -K

I love this but wouldn’t it be fun if she actually did something with her hair?? -M

Julianne Moore

I don’t know how I feel about this. I love her lipstick. -K

I want to own this, though I would probably wear a tank underneath since I feel weird about showing cleave. -M

Emily Mortimer

This dress is hilarious. I kind of want to cut off those bath scrubs hanging off the bottom and remove the medallion on her belt I’m not sure that would make it less comical. -K

I have loved her for so many years due to her performance in one of my favorite movies, Lovely & Amazing. I feel I need to share this before I question what the hell she was thinking with all the loofahs. -M

Ashley Olsen

I don’t hate it. -K

Here is where they start to lose me. -M

Mary Kate Olsen

I love feathers. I also think I might love that deep red clutch. -K

Or maybe the other one lost me first. -M

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke

This suit is baggy and wrinkled (lets be thankful that didn’t catch on). Also his facial hair is so patchy, it makes him look 12. Paula as usual looks pretty. -K

Paula Patton was always too good for him. She’s a goddess in that dress. -M

Amanda Peet

Oh Amanda. I sincerely hope she did not pay people to do that to her hair and face as they did what I do before I go to bed. I am also really confused about those sleeves. -K

You don’t think it could get any worse for her AND IT DOES. -M

Ellen Pompeo

Melissa her dress is falling down right? I mean she is even giving the face of someone who needs to hike up her dress. -K

Yeah, it’s way too low. I wish people would not just wear modern interpretations but also things with 40s sleeves and necklines because they should come back. -M

Parker Posey

This is wacky and delightful. -K

She looks kind of pained. I hope it’s not because of this whimsical ripped lace dress. -M

Christina Ricci

There are NO pictures of her NOT making this pose. -K

I can’t remember–do I start liking Christina Ricci again after 2007? Because right now she is annoying the ever-loving fuck out of me. -M


Riri is about to get very good at the Met Gala. -K

PRAISE BE. I’m so happy someone wore gloves! -M

Winona Ryder and Marc Jacobs

If I see one more baggy suit –no wonder we loved Eddie Redmayne and his velvet tuxes, look at what we had to put up with. I wish Winona was in a color. -K

And wasn’t carrying her bag like that! -M

Claudia Schiffer

This isn’t my fave but I love the color. -K

For the love of god, do something with your freaking hair. -M

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts

These two are still going strong. I wish the fabric on this dress didn’t remind me of trash bags. -K

Whatever, she gets to wear anything she wants when she’s that pregnant. Even if it is a little trash bag-gy. -M

Chloe Sevigny

I love this color. More ladies need to wear green. I should try to make green the new blue. -K

Definitely within the theme, but I wish the waist went in a skosh more. -M

Brooke Sheilds

I like those red earrings. I feel like we have seen this dress a million times since 2007. -K

And before this. And also at the 2007 Met Gala, where Jennifer Hudson wore almost the exact same dress but in silver. -M

Jessica Simpson

One of our other posts Jessica looked classy and now here she back to her sexy vamp self. I might have gotten behind the shine if it weren’t for the hip area looking kind of see-through (I actually think it’s reflecting the carpet). -K

Her hair and makeup though are STUNNING. -M

Liv Tyler

So pretty. I also love her lips and bracelets. -K

What a wonderful color! I think this might be one of my favorite looks. -M

Kerry Washington

I love the fabric of this and the cut. I do wish it were a brighter color. -K

I do wish it were a color too but otherwise this is pretty good. Not as high as her best but not as bad as some of the shit she wore in 2015. -M

Anna Wintour

This is very sparkly and I love it. -K

Hey epaul, epaul, epaulettes! -M

Renee Zellweger

I wish Renee could find a different dress. I love the color of this. -K

She is the Sofia Vergara of the mid-aughts. NEXT. -M

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