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Because 2016 is terrible and the 2016 Met Gala is super soon we have decided to go back and take a look at the galas from 2003 – 2012 because nothing is more fun than looking at OLD fashion. For more fashion fun, we have previously covered the galas from 2003200420052006, 200720132014, and 2015.

From the Met website:

The symbolic and metaphorical associations between fashion and the superhero are explored in this compelling exhibition. Featuring movie costumes, avant-garde haute couture, and high-performance sportswear, it reveals how the superhero serves as the ultimate metaphor for fashion and its ability to empower and transform the human body. Objects are organized thematically around particular superheroes, whose movie costumes and superpowers are catalysts for the discussion of key concepts of superheroism and their expression in fashion.

Since there are no examples of the exhibit on the Met site, I will guess as to what we will see. I expect to see bold primary colors, gold and silver, and things that look like armor or comic books. Fingers crossed for those last two!

Eva Amurri

I strongly dislike the color brown, especially when it’s made to look coppery. -M

The top looks a little tight. The shoes also don’t look good either. This feels very eighties to me. -K

Mischa Barton

I SWEAR I have not thought of MB much until this week, and she shows up in the Met Gala posts AND in the five minutes of Entertainment Tonight I accidentally watch each night because she was on Dancing with the Stars. She is wearing a bejeweled tan sack. -M

This is also BAD eighties. I’m hoping not everything is in the beige brown family. -K

David & Victoria Beckham

Lace! My favorite!!! -M

Her shoes are fun and remind me of Wonder Woman’s bracelets (I desperately want something on theme. -K

Camilla Belle

I’m not exactly sure how dresses like this are on theme (there’s a lot of them) but this is really pretty. -M

Camilla Belle looks very pretty in these washed out pastels. -K


See? Another, but in peach. It’s weird to see Bey like this. -M

I forgot that Bey used to dress this boring. She will perk up. -K

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen

I do not believe the fringe works for her, but I do like how she’s the only one who did an interpretation of the sleek bodysuit superheroes wear. -M

His suit isn’t super baggy but it is shiny, I’ll let it slide because it kind of fits (needs a better hem). She looks very badass and on theme. -K

Kate Bosworth

Comic book influence! Very fun and great colors. -M

Kate really loves a theme –this is making me kind of like her. I love those shoes. -K

Joy Bryant

One year the theme should be, “patterned dresses” because think of how good they always are. -M

I would love that. -K

Giselle Bundchen

This photographed really poorly. I like the nod to armor and costume. -M

I can see the theme in this. I wish it was brighter though. -K

Jennifer Connolly

Does the black and white reference good versus evil? It’s all I got. Otherwise, I like this ok.  -M

Without that slit this would read very business casual. Great necklace. -K

Sofia Coppola

The drop waist is so weird and the fabric wrinkles too much. I love her hair and makeup though. -M

I wish my hair would wave like that. This dress is ugly BUT would have been great for 2007 and the Poiret party. -K

Kristin Davis

Finally, a breastplate! -M

This is very Diana Prince visiting her Amazon family. -K

Wendy Deng

Weird as crap and I couldn’t be more pleased. -M

I would love this if it didn’t have the black part. The navy section with the metallic shininess is amazing. -K

Hilary Duff

It’s fine, but very standard for these things. -M

Her accessories are fun here. -K

Karen Elson & Jack White

They both look looney and I can’t decide if I like it. -M

I’m so sick of the satin. I think he looks kind of amazing. -K

Charlotte Gainsbourg

I will pretend this references comic art because it is really neat. -M

Another breastplate. -K

Maggie Gyllenhall

This would be boring but the colors underneath are rad and it fits her perfectly. -M

BALLGOWN! I love it. -K

Emile Hirsch

I really don’t care about solo dudes but I just wanted to point out how bad this suit is. WHEN DOES IT GET BETTER FOR MEN?? -M

Oh my go this is just the worst. -K

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

She looks great all around-the blue shoes are such a good idea. He looks like a 19th century waiter. -M

She really should go back to this hair. -K

Lauren Hutton

Classic. The gold wrist cuff is a nice touch. -M

Full on Wonder Woman cuffs –LOVE IT! -K

Scarlett Johansson

I think this is cute and youthful. Her hair is atrocious. -M

I love a good ballerina gown. -K

Diane Kruger

You KNOW I love both a minidress and brightly colored shoes. -M

There are rumors the Krug and Pacey are on the rocks. I love this but seeing him in the distance makes me sad. -K

Karolina Kurkova

Again, very standard. This is not interesting at all. -M

Again with the Grecian thing. It’s like the only research they did was Wonder Woman’s back story. -K

Eva Longoria

From the ten years where she kept wearing bigger and bigger dresses. -M

I can’t help but love this but it is more Barbie than Wonder Woman –my two childhood heroes. -K

Jennifer Lopez

Another one of those dresses! They must have been popular in 2008. Her hair is magnificent. -M

This is not the best fit but as usual her face and hair are great. -K

Kate Mara & Zac Posen

The primary colors of these two are superhero excellence. Just awesome. -M


Eva Mendes

The skirt has an interesting shape but otherwise, this doesn’t wow me like she usually does. -M

This is pretty but like awards show pretty I expect more at the Met Gala. -K

Kate Moss and Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is the worst dressed fashion designer ever. Can she not find something to fit her? Kate Moss looks 22 and fabulous. -M

Kate Moss is pulling off the BEST Diana Amazon Queen. -K

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with Christian Louboutin

Mary-Kate (I think?) was into this natural makeup thing I liked on her and Ashley begins her descent into looking like granny’s couch. -M

Fun suit but should be better hemmed. -K

Paula Patton

Pretty. Normal. Meh. -M

It’s a golden sack. -K

Coco Rocha & Anja Rubik

MORE PATTERNS. These are both beautiful gowns and I love the hair, makeup and accessories. Just. So. Good. -M

These are amazing! -K

Emmy Rossum

This is SO snoozy for her. What gives, Emmy? -M

Ugh I fucking hate these black lace on white dresses. -K

Bee Shaffer

I knew ombre was coming and yet I was not prepared for how much I dislike this. -M

I can’t help it Melissa, it’s a giant lavender ballgown my inner child is squeeing. -K

Kimora Lee Simmons

This is fun but her clutch is not doing the dress justice. -M

Oh I LOVE this so much bright colors. -K

Molly Sims

I don’t love these sack dresses and Kate Mara did yellow better but those are great earrings. -M

I’m meh on this. -K

Jessica Stam

Another adorable mini! These theme pleases me greatly. -M

So many cute minis. -K

Taylor Swift

I think this was before she learned how to be a fashion icon. -M

She looks so young. -K

Tilda Swinton

ALWAYS a fashion icon. -M

Only SWINTON can wear lace and make me like it. -K

Ivanka Trump

I see how it references superheroes but that doesn’t mean I like it. -M

We have seen so many of these dresses in the past eight years. -K

Amber Valletta

God, could she BE any more perfect? -M

This is AMAZING! It’s so dramatic and on point. -K

Naomi Watts

I love how this combines superheroes with old Hollywood glam. -M

Naomi is making the Met Gala her bitch and I like it. -K

Anna Wintour

HANDS DOWN, the best dressed at this event. Poor Amber Valletta, she tried so hard. -M

Anna went for it and won! -K

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