Smart ladies love fashion, Met Gala 2015, “China: Through the Looking Glass”

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We have been SOOOOO EXCITED for the Met Gala 2015: China: Through the Looking Glass since the theme was announced months ago. I look forward to seeing how both the celebrities and designers honor the theme especially when they can veer towards too much cultural appropriation rather than the exhibit’s intention of inspiration and/or the blurring of the two. The link above from The Cut gives you an understanding of the exhibit plus a slideshow of some of the items displayed.  Ultimately this year should be interesting because celebrities nor designers are known for restraint when it comes to honoring any culture other than there own. Since the fashion comes in slowly and there is so much of it celebrities are in alphabetical order.

Dianna Agron

I’m in embroidery/pattern heaven with this theme. I appreciate that Diana went birds instead of floral. -K

She always does vintage-inspired so well. This is perfect on her. -M

Lily Aldridge

She did a lot of unnecessary preening and posing on the red carpet, kissing her bag and shit. Despite that, I like her Lorde lipstick and the simple elegance of this ruffled gown. -M

This is very pretty. I too am a fan of the dark lippy with light colored dress. -K

Elizabeth Banks

I feel like Elizabeth does not understand the concept of a theme. This color is amazing on her though. -K

Elizabeth is one of the people I would think would really stick to the theme, she is so committed to fashion. Maybe this is her interpretation? Though really, she looks amazing so I don’t care. -M

Kate Beckinsale

This is so refreshing when you compare it with the types of dresses she normally wears. -K

And her hair isn’t in an unnecessarily high pony! -M

Fan BingBing

This is one of the best of the evening. I love both the gold dress (SO MUCH GOLD) and the cape is beyond beautiful. -K

That cape is SO GOOD. Definitely one of the most memorable looks of the evening, non-Rihanna edition. -M

Emily Blunt

Just when I was thinking wee needed more blue Emily Blunt rises like a phoenix in a lovely dress and deep navy blue cape. -K

CAPE ALERT. I love the embellishments on the dress, too. -M

John Boyega

So HANDSOME! I like to think that even Anna Wintour LOVES Star Wars.-K

The red tie is perfect here. He is really adorable. -M

Alison Brie

Snooze city. -K

It’s like she pointed to a random embellished dress and said “That one!” -M

Rose Byrne

I feel like this could be more on theme but the deep v is lovely on her. Also Bobby Cannavale is gorgeous. -K

HOTTEST DATE. I really love her makeup here. I am meh on the dress. -M

Lizzy Caplan: Donna Karan Atelier

Very pretty but kind of boring. I feel like after I saw SJP everyone was just meh. -K

I do not like the color AT ALL and I think this could have been more dramatic. -M

Jessica Chastain: Givenchy

Dear Jessica start wearing more gold and having your gowns sized a half size bigger then you think they should be. -K

I like this! Is it ombre gold? I wish she would size up too. -M


Love the dress not sure of the wig as it is Cher I expected more crazy. -K

This is fine and would probably work better on someone who has not walked red carpets mostly nude. -M

Amal and George Clooney

This is a lovely dress but I wish Amal had worn her opera gloves. Also this is not on theme but I do love the top of her dress. -K

“It’s on theme! It’s red, the color of China!” This is what many of these people said when they got dressed. I like weirder stuff at the Met Ball. This is nice, but doesn’t move me. -M

Lily Collins

Lily I don’t think you had any idea of the event you were attending. -K

So cute! I don’t care! This does remind me of some of the little dresses in the exhibit. -M

Jennifer Connelly

This fit of this looks slightly off. -K

Why are the sleeves so big? -M

Miley Cyrus

Her hair is weird. I wish someone else was wearing this dress. -K

I dislike her so much. -M

Claire Danes

I wanted more from you Claire Danes, however I love your make-up It is AMAZING! -K

Green is the other color of China! Again, I expect more at this event, but I love this on her anyway. -M

Cara Delevingne

I am loving all of the pants at the gala this year. This looks like it will be comfortable to drink in. -K

Pants! Usually I don’t like anything she wears but this feels refreshing in a sea of red gowns. -M

Karen Elson

I love this. Gold crown, gold bodice, and a giant tulle skirt what is not to love -K

The crown is totally the best part. -M

Colin Firth and Livia Firth

Classy. -K

This is nice but a bit of a snooze. Her hair is divine. -M

Maggie Gyllenhaal

I feel like any other day of the week I would love this at this event I just feel meh. -K

I think the belt really sets this apart and makes it look unusual. I wish the top was fitted better but this is one of my favorite looks. -M

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burka

It’s nice two see these two going so classy since last year they looked like they had escaped from a circus. -K

Much better from last year! But the twinsies thing is weird, right? -M

Anne Hathaway: Ralph Lauren

This is the best she has looked in a while. I love this so much. I always say more people should wear gold on the red carpet and look at those lips. -K

I love this too but I wish she was wearing a bra. The hood is so great. Bring on the hoods! I think this dress is going to be pretty decisive. -M

Taraji P. Henson

There has been so much color that I actually am really excited by Taraji’s black and white floral gown. -K

This is so classy and I love the earrings. -M

Katie Holmes: Zac Posen

While I like the embroidery of this gown I feel like there is something off. I also do not like the harsh bob. I kind of feel like this is very on the nose. -K

The embroidery looks like mold. I dig that. I like this better now than when I first saw it on twitter but her hair is really aging her. I love bobs, though! -M

Kate Hudson

Color me surprised I don’t hate this. -K

That’s because it looks like everything else she wears. Yawn. -M

Kendall Jenner

I do hate this. -K

This pose is THE WORST. And she’s A MODEL? I wish this dress had more fabric. I probably still wouldn’t like it. -M

Kris Jenner

This reminds me of Dynasty. -K

And those shoes and earrings are too heavy. She could have been more fun! -M

Dakota Johnson

This is not on theme and is boring. -K

At least her hair looks better than when she was on the 50 Shades of Grey tour. -M

Michael B. Jordan

He looks so fab in this embrodered tux. -K

Seriously one of the best dressed male actors in the world. -M

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

I honestly think this is the best she has ever looked –GOOD JOB! -K

She’s kind of rocking it lately. -M

Liya Kebede

MORE PANTS! This is a great look. -K

WOWWWWWW! I love this and I was kind of surprised by it. Really cool interpretation of the theme. -M

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys your earrings are divine. I love your embroidered jacket and crop, I am less sure of the tulle skirt. -K

That skirt is a nightmare realized. Why is she wearing black underneath? Ick. -M

Karlie Kloss

Great earrings boring dress. -K

She never impresses me, and I think she’s one of the reasons I don’t care for models at these events, so many of them don’t have great personal style. -M

Beyonce Knowles

I don’t know how I feel about this, particularly the hair. The dress is clearly a work of art, but I think I’m letting my own feelings towards public nudity shape my opinion. Like, what if you have to fart? How can this really be comfortable? What is you catch this fabric on someone’s watch and it runs? -M

This reminds me of the country costumes Miss Universe contestants wear and I am not sure that is a bad thing. It is very naked but I don’t hate it. -K

Solange Knowles: Giles

See it’s outfits like this and SJP that make this one of the best events all year. So nutzo, so lovely. -K

I gasped when I saw this. It’s even better when you see it move:

When your wife is a drama queen and y’all have an exhibit to yourself 😕

A video posted by Solange (@saintrecords) on

Solange, you are my queen. -M

Zoe Kravitz

Fancy chain mail –FUN?!?!?! -K

She looks super stoned. I would have to have several shots of Jameson to be around all these people, so I understand. Other than that, she looks rad! -M

Diane Kruger (Chanel Couture) and Joshua Jackson

Of course The Krug is on point on theme (THOSE EMBROIDERED PANTS) and ultra modern! She is a gem. Also hot boyfriend. -K

Not only is this awesome, but look at how perfectly the pants are hemmed! -M

Lady Gaga

I feel like this is exactly what I thought she would wear. -K

No surprises from her any more. Literally there is nothing she could wear that I would react to positively unless she wore jeans, Vans, a Bikini Kill tee shirt and her NATURAL HAIR. It’s sad that when she spent years shocking us we can’t even be moved when she looks decent. -M

Brie Larson

Brie was one of my favorites from last year and I find this years gown fun an youthful. I am also a sucker for sparkles! -K

Oh man, this is fabulous! She looks like a lot of fun. -M

Melanie Laurent: Tory Burch

Love the floral sparkle embellishment and effortlessly beautiful face. -K

She is so freaking beautiful. I wish there had been more dresses like this last night. -M

Jennifer Lawrence: Dior

Well JLaw this isn’t the worst Dior you have worn and it’s on theme but I also feel like it is missing something. Hair and make-up are super cute. -K

I don’t hate this as much as I probably should. I like the shape it’s making her body and that bib is strangely attractive to me. -M

Gong Li: Roberto Cavalli

Does Gong Li even ever age? She looks AMAZING. Her make-up and earrings are amazing! I am also a super big fan of the deep fuchsia color. -K

The back looks like tattoos! I especially like her earrings. -M

Jennifer Lopez

I love JLo’s naked dragon dress. -K

I generally like it when JLo is mostly naked but aside from the dragon, I feel like she’s worn this before. -M


This reminds me of Angelina Jolie’s winning oscar dress, I am unsure whether this is a compliment or not. -K

The simplicity is nice but I just yearn for something more avant garde from her. -M


I expect more from you Madonna. -K

I kind of like this, but maybe not for this event. It photographed really well and I kept seeing her in pictures online and wondering, who is that?? -M

Kate Mara

And this is why you always invite a Mara. -M

This is one of my favorite florals. It is on point for theme, classy, and flawless. -K

Sienna Miller

And more pants! These are very sparkly. I think I am in red overload -K

The front is so wide open, I wonder if she was uncomfortable. Anyway, I think she looks modern with still having classic Chinese influence. -M

Helen Mirren

After so much embroidery (not complaining) the laser cut detail of this dress is refreshing. Great earrings! -K

Wow, this is really sexy on her! Go Helen! -M

Janelle Monae

Thank you Janelle for wearing a cape and different length. You are always amazing! -K

This is truly stunning. She got the accessories exactly right too–the shoes, clutch and jewels are lovely. -M

Julianne Moore

Why are you not in GREEN? -K

I like the detail of this bodice, but because the dress is black it’s not as easy to see if the dress were green (like Katie suggested) or even a deep teal. -M

Chloe Moretz

Totally inappropriate for the event. -K

I didn’t know the wrinkled napkin look was in. It might be cute for a date in the park but she looks too casual. -M

Carey Mulligan

Is it possible that Carey Mulligan is pregnant and that’s why she keeps wearing sacks? This is boring. -K

I like her in sacks!!! She is one of the only people that can pull them off because she has such a good attitude in her face. -M

Olivia Munn

Good job Olivia Munn I don’t hate this. Clarification this is not bad for her. Most of what she wears is god awful and too tight. This at least fits. -K

Unfortunately, I do. This is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen in my life. -M

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

I feel like the Olsen’s wear this out fit every year. -K

It’s soooo similar to last years! Ugh. -M

Sarah Jessica Parker: H&M

Another year another crazy get up from SJP. I am in owe of the hat it is cracktacular. It has a tassels! Her dress has one sleeve and a cape! You are a national treasure.-K

Sooooo many poppies. The hat is crazy but no one else could pull this off (except Rihanna). -M

Katy Perry

At least it’s not offensive??? -K

A+ for dressing totally insane. I don’t like her hair or makeup AT ALL. -M

Imogen Poots

Ummm what is it about a theme that you do not understand? Good eye make-up. -K

Pretty! Still, this is black lace and I am automatically against it. -M

Maggie Q

It’s like a side-boob sack and I both hate it and love it. -K

I vote LOVE! The white is gorgeous on her and I’m officially ok with a tunic/dress over pants, even though I wouldn’t wear it in real life. -M


RiRi brought the crazy and it is glorious! Oh thank you for being amazing! -K

She wore a Chinese designer, too. This is so obviously the best of the night that I will not even include her in my favorites list. -M

Keri Russell

Keri Russell you look like a black swan or a mallard duck and I mean that as a compliment. I love this it is divine. -K

A little heavy on the eye makeup. I feel like Keri is America’s Sweetheart and doesn’t need all that crap on her face. -M

Amanda Seyfried

Great lipstick Amanda! -K

It looks like she has flowers growing off her hips. Which is nice, I guess. -M

Chloe Sevigny

This is cray and I want to love it for it’s daffy glory but also need more boob support. -K

I don’t like the top at all and her makeup and jewelry are terrible. That said, the skirt is really cool and I wish she could have made it work with something else. -M

Bee Shaffer

Bee was one of my favorites last year and she is on point this year too. She is totally on theme with the silk embroidered gown. Face and hair are great too. -K

Look at how tiny her waist is! Anyway, the color of this amazing dress is lovely on her. Really good job, Bee. -M

Hailee Steinfeld


I hope now that she’s grown she doesn’t stop wearing patterns. That would have been so great here. -M

Ivanka Trump

Just because it is silk satin does not make it on theme Ivanka. This is much better suited to last years theme. Your floral earrings are on point and I would like to possess them. -K

Oh this would have been good for the Charles James thing. Well, you don’t HAVE to dress on theme, apparently, but we would really prefer it if you did. I do love the color and at least she didn’t wear red. -M

FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson

I’m really pulling for these two because they seem so in love and she makes me like him more. -K

This dress is crazy good and I love the glowy face she always has. -M

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade

I love this color on Gabrielle and her lipstick is divine but this is playing it a little safe (at an awards show she would totally be in best dressed). Dwayne Wade however brought the crazy with his regal tuxedo. -K

Katie is right, Gabrielle is too safe. Dwayne Wade is super handsome in his wacky suit. -M

Kerry Washington: Prada

UMMMM…Even me with my love for the ballgown feel like this is off. I really love the pink and green but the top looks too big and unflattering. I also do not understand the differing skirt lengths. -K

I will say some nice things about this: the color of the shoes and the bows at the straps. The shape is so wrong for KWash. Has she lost her red carpet mojo? I am concerned. -M

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

Every year someone looks like Barbie (not a complaint) and this year that honor goes to Olivia. I really love the gloves. -K

They look like they stepped out of an old movie and I could not love this more. -M

Kristen Wiig

I love the gold jewelry but I want to punch the dress in the face it’s so boring. -K

Ugh, she was so wonderful last year! I wish she would have done something a little kookier with her hair, like slicked back one side or spiked it. -M

Allison Williams: Giambattista Valli Custom Haute Couture

I feel like she picked this because it’s red. Also she needs lipstick. -K

This is kind of boring for the Met Ball, but I really love the top, it looks like a tee shirt. -M

Ruth Wilson

I feel like she could have done better. Also those shoes are the worst. -K

Bad, matronly shoes. I otherwise enjoy this, though it’s not my fave. -M

Anna Wintour: Chanel Couture

The hostess with the mostess went bright and floral. I love this it is on theme but deconstructs it as I would expect from the editor of Vogue. My only complaint is that I sometimes wish she would did something different with her hair which I know is insane. -K

More poppies! How much cooler would this be if it was a tunic over pants? SOMEBODY STOP ME FROM THIS MADNESS. -M

Reese Witherspoon

So boring. I expect more from you Reese. The fit is pretty nice though. -K

I am going to fall asleep right now. Good thing her name is later in the list. -M


So much red so many crowns. I kind of find this high/low skirt fun and youthful but I’m tired. -K

Crazy! Zendaya always wonderfully commits to every event she attends. -M

Zhu Zhu

This is classic black and white gown but I want more from it. I really love the lipstick. -K

I wish this outfit had some more ZING! -M

Zhang Ziyi

This is simply divine. It might be the best ballgown. -K

Wow, how pretty is this?? Both classic and modern. The BEST gown to end on, as it exemplifies the theme so well. -M


Not as fun as the past two years, but really, much better than any other event we will see this year. My favorites that aren’t Rihanna, SJP or Fan Bingbing (objectively “the best”) are Olivia Wilde, FKA Twigs, Solange, Brie Larson and Liya Kebede. -M

Okay so my top five (after Rihanna, SJP, and Fan Bingbing) are (and these are not in order) Bee Shafer, Anne Hathaway, Zhang Ziyi, Karen Elson, and Keri Russell. The Krug was best in pants.