Smart ladies love fashion, Royal fashion round up winter 2015


Because it’s SO cold outside and we all LOVE fashion, here is a dead-of-winter royal fashion round-up –HATS, GLOVES, COATS, SHOES, AND MORE!

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

March 5, 2015

I’m sad Getty didn’t have a better picture of this (what do her shoes look like). This is typical Max, large hat, leather gloves (work those gloves), and flattering dress.

I also want to see the skirt of the lady on the right! Maxima looks perfectly queen-esque. -M

February 17, 2015

I love the tomato red shirt, shoes, gloves, and clutch. The hat is delightful.

This is boring for Max. It looks like something my mom wore to work in the 80s. -M

February 04, 2015

Her hair isn’t great here but I like the casualness of this outfit. I wish a certain someone in the UK would shock us with slacks (also slacks is a super fun word to say).

FABULOUS jacket. -M

January 27, 2015

This is at Auschwitz so it is very somber. Max wore a black pillbox hat and a really long black wool coat (she looks warm and regal).

I suddenly want large pearl earrings. -M

January 19, 2015

I could not find a photo on Getty where she wasn’t awkwardly getting out of the car. She is wearing red and burgundy, which is a fabulous color combo and a crazy ass necklace. I wish she was wearing some gloves.

I prefer this crazy ass necklace to those fug J Crew ones bloggers are still wearing. -M

December 02, 2014

OH DEAR! Max was swallowed by a beige sack.

I also hate all-beige with black tights. If this coat was black or worn with a different outfit, it would be so much more elegant. -M

Queen Mathilde of Belgium

March 03, 2015

Mathilde hurt her knee, if you are wondering about the crutches, but this has not stopped her from her duties. Here she is wearing a nice dress with a lovely chartreuse top.

That skirt part is too high-waisted for her, but I love the flats! -M

February 25, 2015

This is so similar to the dress above so I must compare. I like the color and neckline better in the one she wore later in March.

But this one appears to fit better! Sigh. -M

February 12, 2015

If Max was swallowed by beige then Mathilde was swallowed by grey. I kind of want a wool wrap coat.

I love everything about this. -M

February 03, 2015

This color is nice. The collar is CRAY!

I am repulsed by this shade of brown and I hate the muppet at her neck. -M

January 27, 2015

Mathilde as also at Auschwitz and she chose to wear fur. She looks kind of like an extra in the remake of Doctor Zhivago.  I’m also not sure a Nazi death camp is the right place for red lipstick.

I could have used that hat this winter. -M

January 14, 2015

Great color dress, weird hair.

Yes, it’s so American politician’s wife. -M

January 07, 2015

Mathilde likes to wear dresses that are the same and yet also slightly different. Green one was better.

I like this shape better! It’s so youthful and the sleeves are great. -M

December 17, 2014

This looks like it is too loose. Cute family.

It is also boring. I’m sure it was stunning in person. -M

Queen Letizia of Spain

March 05, 2015

Letiza is my fave because of her love for SLACKS and BLAZERS. I love this.

What a crazy cute tee shirt! I want all royals to wear printed tees. -M

March 2, 2015

She is also super pretty. This dress is kind of boring but the tiara is great.

The one on the left is fun for being black lace, but Letizia’s is too generic starlet. -M

March 01, 2015

Cute skirt, boring shoe.

So much work fashion inspiration from European royals! -M

February 26, 2015

Meh. Though I do like that she is wearing turquoise suede shoes and not black pumps.

Yeah, I don’t like this dress either, I think it’s the white part on top. -M

February 25, 2015

LEATHER DRESS. I love the shiny shoes.

I wish she wasn’t wearing the blazer, though I understand it’s purpose. -M

February 19, 2015

This is so cute. Her hair and skirt are fun and flirty. They are also very different than what she usually wears.

Adorable! The clutch is fantastic. -M

February 18, 2015

Fun clutch!!!

Stepping up her purse game, I see. -M

February 16, 2015

I like these shoes. They are simple but very interesting. The dress is nice.

Ugh, that lipstick does not match her style. The dress is so flattering and again, looks like something I’d buy on clearance at Banana Republic for work. -M

February 12, 2015

BOOZE! Also she looks great in red.

This dress suits her in every way. -M

February 04, 2015


Let’s talk about the ugly hose/shoe combo on the lady to her right. So unfortunate. -M

February 03, 2015

OOOOOOO….gray and burgundy, I like it.

I am getting to the point where I want Letizia to wear some pattern. -M

February 02, 2015

This is a lovely orchid suit.

I also like the cream blouse she wore underneath and how it’s not black. -M

January 30, 2015

Nice gray dress. I wish she had not gone matchy matchy on the shoes.

This would be better with large flowers on it. -M

January 29, 2015


And pretty earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -M

January 28, 2015

Suit and flat shoes. This is kind of boring but I love that she doesn’t always wear heels.

I would not look twice at this at work, but since she’s a queen, it feels fresh. -M

January 27, 2015

I fucking want a red pea coat NOW. This is so good.

Really great bag, too. -M

January 21, 2015

This looks super comfortable for a gown. I’m not sure that’s a complement or a snarky comment.

I’m not sure I love the belt but I like simple black gowns. -M

January 19, 2015

This is also a super cute coat.

I don’t know anyone with a wrap coat but I see them all the time on rich people. -M

January 12, 2015

Now see this is an appropriate use of red lispstick.

She looks really young here. -M

January 06, 2015

This is a nice color on her. She has to wear a lot of gowns.

It’s simple but has enough visual interest in the embroidery that I love it. -M

December 10, 2014

More pretty wrap coats. I love this color.

Not sure why I don’t own this coat. -M

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

January 01, 2015

I love this purple velvet cape. It brings out the pink in her ruby tiara. I also love a simple long sleeved gown.

CAPE. The first one of this post. So sad. -M

December 26, 2014

I would like a blanket wrap, not one in this pattern but in general I want one.

Seasonally appropriate! -M

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

February 19, 2015

There were NO photos of Crown Princess Victoria on Getty –THE HORROR –except for these cute photos of the family at a ski competition. SO CUTE!

I need more Vicki! She’s my favorite. -M

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

February 18, 2015

The dress is meh BUT the coat is divine. I can’t even talk about those stupid shoes.

I would like the dress more if it was more literal in its vintageness. -M

February 12, 2015

Another awesome coat and a super cute dress with tiny boats on it.

All these royals wear watches! This dress is cute, super LL Bean. -M

January 19, 2015

And yet ANOTHER adorable coat!

Squueeee the pockets! -M

January 16, 2015

She wears this dress a lot I prefer it with boots.

Blah. -M

January 15, 2015

I love this dress, in fact I wish I owned it.

I like when she goes full on New England preppy like this. -M

December 25, 2014

Pretty tweed coat but I think it might be a little long.

Man, Prince William totally married up. Not aging well. -M

The sisters York (Beatrice and Eugenie)

February 21, 2015


I like this jacket a lot. I hate the cross-legged-gotta-pee stance. -M

December 25, 2014

I love Eugenie’s white coat and bright orchid hat! Beatrice also looks cute in silver and black, though she looks a little cocktail party for Christmas Day mass.

If you can’t go cocktail party for Christmas mass when you are a royal, then there’s no reason to be one. -M

Sophie Countess of Wessex

February 10, 2015

I wish this dress was a little shorter or maybe tighter. I like it but it needs something.

Definitely shorter–right above the knee. I wish this length would go away, it is unflattering on so many. -M

January 20, 2015

Kicky! Also this was her birthday!

This is my favorite look in this whole post! GO SOPH! -M

December 28, 2014

That hat is hilarious. I feel like Mathilde would love it.

Interesting! I also applaud her love of wedges. -M

Marie Chantal of Greece

Because we will never be done with the 2015 Academy Awards, Marie wore this Alexander MacQueen to the Vanity Fair party and it is ill fitting. Her earrings, though, are great.

I don’t know why I don’t like this on her, as it would be fab on Naomi Watts. -M

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