Smart ladies love fashion, The 2015 BAFTA Awards


The Good

Amy Adams

This dress might be a little long but it is interesting and her hair is lovely (I am seriously thinking of taking it as a picture to my next hair appointment).

How did she walk in this without tripping?? I actually don’t like anything about this except her hair and makeup and I feel really bad about it. -M

Dianna Agron

I heart Dianna Agron. I keep hoping she has a career outside of Glee. In terms of the dress it is magnificent AND I super love the solid gold bracelet.

Fancy cinched trash bag! I love it! -M

Laura Bailey

This Laura Bailey is a British model/writer and was born in 1972–let’s not confuse her with Laura Bailey the American voice actress. Fun Fact: she has a daughter named Lola Tiger which is adorable. I also really like this dress and styling.

I am failing to be excited by this. -M

Douglas Booth

Douglas is handsome and looks sharp with his stubble and green velvet tux jacket.

Great color jacket!! -M

Jenna Coleman

I love Jenna Coleman, and therefore have put her in “best dressed” when she might be more “fine dressed” BUT she is so pretty and her dress has a pattern and pockets.

The print is totally overwhelming her. But she was adorable in Death Comes to Pemberley! -M

Sarah-Jane Crawford

Ms. Crawford is a radio presenter and has a really great face hence her inclusion in “best dressed” when her dress is very bridal.

Sarah-Jane hosts The Xtra Factor and she is super beautiful. This is bridal, Katie, AND has a sort of peplum. Ugh. -M

Natalie Dormer

Natalie is wearing a fave color combo AND lace finger-less gloves. ALSO she has the best red carpet face. She is totally killing it in the Game of Thrones.

I really want gloves to come back. Let’s hope Natalie can advance the cause further than that beautiful, smart lawyer married to George Clooney. -M

Holliday Grainger

This is so pretty. It’s old world glamour and also quite modern. I wish I didn’t always have to look up who Grainger is though.

Every day’s a holiday with Holliday! I am sure she is tired of hearing that. I don’t know her either, so I wish Sarah Paulson would have worn this first. -M

Laura Haddock

Laura is on Da Vinci’s Demons AND she is married to Sam Caflin who plays Finnick Odair in those Hunger Games movies with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson (PEETA). This dress is lovely.

Pretty, but the middle part is so very BLAH. -M

Keira Knightley

I love that Keira’s dress is not floor length however it is totally appropriate because of all the sparkles. It’s also twee and kind of kooky which makes me love it all the more.

I will miss her wacky pregnancy fashion after she gives birth. -M

Stacy Martin

Stacy here played the young Joe in Nymphomanic, like the older counterpart Charlotte Gainsbourg she is Franco-English. She also seems quite delicate which might just be because everything about this is delicate and also sophisticated.

My faaaaaaavorite. I want this, and I would absolutely wear the sparkly top with jeans. -M

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

I wish the color of this were slightly brighter but it’s still stunning.

The hip flaps are really interesting to me. -M

Julianne Moore

This is gorgeous but I do wish it did not have the neck piece (it just looks uncomfortable).

I hope she is saving something really amazing for when she finally wins that Oscar. -M

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe

Wait Eddie in velvet what!!! Eddie Redmayne rocks a velvet tux like nobody else. His wife Hannah also looks lovely. I still want Michael Keaton to win the Oscar.

I want Michael Keaton to win too. We should start an anti-biopic Oscar campaign. Hannah is in Valentino and I love it SO MUCH. -M

Rachel Riley

Rachel is a TV presenter, she is also wearing a lovely colored dress and a stole. This only thing I do not like is the weird arm bow on her left arm.

This is confusing. It is also not 1946. -M

Kristin Scott Thomas

Kristen Scott Thomas is very foxy.

Classy! Maybe needs a cool brooch or something? -M

Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci

Both of these women would make a sack look good but they are really pulling out all the stops. Lea is a vision in mustard yellow and bright red lips and Monica is rocking the bell sleeve/skirt combo and making it look sophisticated instead of wacky (I do wish her lipstick was brighter).

Lea looks so freaking amazing and Monica is one of the most beautiful women in the whole universe. -M

Imelda Staunton and Jim Carter

How the fuck did I not know that Imelda Staunton was married to Mr. Carson from Downton Abbey. She also looks nice in green even if that dress has maybe one too many folds and pleats and tucks.

There is way too much going on here and I can’t follow it. -M

Julie Walters

Julie Walters is giving us good sparkles in this really simple yet elegant silver gown. I also love the bracelets. I really hope that Jim, Imelda, Kristen, and Julie got tanked at the bar and complained about all the youngsters.

Did her scarf get caught in a paper shredder? -M

Reese Witherspoon

Reese is in purple and she looks divine.

When I saw this, the first person I thought of was Katie. Way better than her Globes dress. -M

The Fine

Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch

Sophie and Benedict are the very definition of “fine dressed.” Also his suit doesn’t fit.

She is usually much more exciting. I need a print, Soph! -M

Felicity Jones

This dress is also fine but it ALSO doesn’t fit. Felicity really peaked at the Globes.

I REALLY REALLY love this so maybe she is one of those women that look best in non-formal wear? -M

James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff

They look fine and also like wedding cake toppers. His pants need to be hemmed.

Ugh that dress is so cool and 20s from the waist down and from the waist up it is STRAIGHT ICE DANCER. -M

Rosamund Pike

I wanted something weirder but this is pretty.

I much prefer when she does modern and different. This is snoozy. -M

And the ummmm…

Hayley Atwell

No one was really bad but there were a lot of what were you thinking. Case in point, my beloved Hayley Atwell who I think might have confused the Awards show with the cocktail party the day before. Her face looks good and though this dress is snug it’s a nice navy color. It’s just NOT appropriate for an awards show. SHE ISN’T EVEN WEARING ANY JEWELRY!

Is she trying to be this ANTI Agent Carter? She must have completely misread the invititation. -M

Alice Eve

Is this dress velvet? Is it growing sparkly moss? Why is she showing us her leg? Did she forget to do her hair? So many questions.

I can’t find anything nice to say about this. -M

Claire Forlani and Dougray Scott

Why is Dougray Scott always so sweaty? Why? Why did Claire leave the house without hair or make-up?

Claire needs to better wrangle her girls. -M

Romola Garai

I want to start this by saying if Romola was on a Cannes photo-call she would be best dressed, but in the second picture, even she looks like she knows she under-dressed and she is just going to sell the hell out of it. Again, this is great, it’s just NOT Award-show appropriate.


Sienna Guillory

Everything about this screams MOSS. I think if it were shorter and a better fit I might like it with those turquoise shoes that are poking out of the bottom.

The fit is horrible and it reminds me of what Marchesa was doing five years ago. This lady is about my age but she looks 55. -M

Charlotte Riley

This isn’t bad it’s just blah.

She drew a feather on her dress with glue and threw glitter on it. -M

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