Smart ladies love fashion, the Best and Worst Dressed at the 2016 ACMs



It is understandable if you thought there was just a country music awards show recently–the CMAs are in November. I made this handy chart last year to set you straight:

Country Awards Show Comparison

And no, I did not watch the ACMs (baseball’s back!!!) and I don’t know who most of these people are but it is fun to talk about their wacky clothes. I did have a thought when I was texting Katie bad fashion: why are the only people in jeans men? If I was a country star I would wear jeans to this shit like half the dudes. Not that any female artists go to awards shows in jeans except Rihanna, and then the next time she’ll wear a $50,000 Givenchy gown.

Best Dressed

Kacey Musgraves

Lipstick deficiency aside, this is some high fashion realness. No one looked this good. PERIOD. -M

The fit of this is fantastic and her eye make-up game makes up for the lack of pigment on her lips. -K

Dierks Bentley

He could have gone in the men’s or couple’s categories (his wife is adorable), but he deserves to be in Best Dressed. His suits are always interesting and perfectly tailored. I don’t know why every country superstar isn’t using the same stylist and tailor as Dierks. -M

I even like his shoes and his hair is perfectly disheveled. -K

The Band Perry

I’m not in love with Lady Perry’s dress there but Neil’s suit is a thing of wonder:

Both suits are perfectly tailored. Those silver shoes need to be in my closet. -K

Renee Felice Smith

I do not watch any of the NCIS franchise, but she is on the Los Angeles flavor. I think she looks darling and different. Great job! -M

She looks like a glam witch, I dig it. Also dig her lipstick. -K


I think yellow is Cam’s thing–it really looks fantastic on her! I love how this fits. -M

This is amazing. I think it’s better than her yellow Grammy dress. I’m down with a blond in butter yellow. -K

Carrie Underwood

I like the Gatsby-ness of this dress, which is miles better than what she has been wearing lately. Her hair is especially lovely. -M

My only quibble is the sheerness BUT her hair and eyes make up for that AND all the sparkles. -K

Miranda Lambert

The neckline is a little wide for my liking, but I love the necklace, hair and colored shoes!! -M

Miranda is WORKING it! LOVE! -K


She was on The Voice!! This dress looks really fun and I love the color. If she was at any other event this would be a Meh due to the hair, but this was a tough night. -M

This is my favorite dress of the night. I too wish her hair was not so drab but at least it’s not sad. -K

Cyndi Thomson

The dress is great and fits her perfectly, but her hairdo is very high school cheerleader. -M

Dress is very pretty. Her head needed some more work but again it’s not awful. -K


Charles Kelley and Cassie McConnell

Charles is in Lady Antebellum and I can always count on him to look impeccable at these things. I think the fringe of her dress is a little much but her hair is so shiny and she looks lovely. -M

I’m taking that fringe as an ode to Crystal Gayle whom I was obsessed with for most of my youth. -K

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

I don’t like that someone tried to one-up Kacey. I would appreciate Nicole’s gown more, but the red parts remind me of skin sickness. Keith always looks the same, which is fine, because it’s foxy. -M

These to are totes on my list for my imaginary celebrity dinner party –current guest list includes, Nicole and Keith, Felicity and Bill, Ellen Page, Ed Holms, Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen, and the Obama’s. -K

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer

I think they’re both having an off night–his shirt is cheesy and so is her dress. -M

She needs lipstick. -K

Canaan Smith and Christy Hardesty

Him: fine, but sleazy. Her: tie-dye summer nightie with some of the ugliest shoes ever. -M

That velvet blazer deserves better. -K

Drake White and Alex White

I like his jaunty hat but preferred his blazer when I thought it was denim. She looks like she is wearing a dress pattern made of paper that is missing some pieces at her abdomen. -M

This is NOT my favorite. I don’t even like his boots. -K

Eric Decker and Jessie James

He plays football, she’s a singer, and together… they look acceptable. -M

I love her gold sandals. -K

Randy Houser and Tatiana Starzynski

Her dress is better than her makeup and I can’t get down with his u-shaped vest. Usually I don’t look these people up but I wanted to see if she was anybody, and she’s just his songwriting partner’s sister-in-law. Also: she’s Australian and 18 years younger than Randy, who has a 3 year old! Mazel to the engagement, you kids! -M

I love this dress but wish she was wearing the gold sandals from the above photo. -K

(Sometimes) Dashing Dudes

Tom Hiddleston

Did he promote the Hank Williams movie? I am really hoping it’s good. You can tell Hiddles is an actor because he looks better than everyone here except Dierks Bentley. -M

I find Hiddles so delightfully charming. -K

Brothers Osborne

I don’t know anything about TJ and John Osborne and I’m sure they’re annoying hipsters but they have style, so hooooooray!!! -M

Are John’s pants pleated? -K

Brodie Smith

Is this Ultimate Disc League player wearing an unbuttoned leather shirt? Related, what is the Ultimate Disc League? -M

This man looks super stoked to be here! -K

Jake Owen

GREAT color. Music awards shows are so much more fun. -M

And great fit! -K

Frankie Ballard

The cool factor is lessened slightly by the striped vest under the jacket, but overall I dig this look. -M

I want those boots. -K

Easton Corbin

I love this awards show because men wear pink suits! -M


Eric Paslay

I see from some light googling that blank baseball caps are his thing, but I wish it had a baseball logo on it or something. His ensemble needs some spark–it’s clean and it fits well but it’s boring. -M

He makes me sad –Eric you need some SPARKLE! -K

Sam Hunt

Sam has started his slow change to become the country Adam Levine. -M

We do NOT need another Adam Levine. -K

Jon Pardi

100% Pure Country. -M

This is so TIGHT. -K

The Swon Brothers

If you want to be in country music, go on The Voice and join Blake’s team. I am sure Left Swon’s jeans were $300 but they look like they’re from Old Navy. This is also where I’ll note that I wish the men of country music would decide on a new haircut. -M

I should watch The Voice. -K

Meh Dressed

Maddie and Tae

They are young and I wish they were wearing more color but the shoes of the one in the jumpsuit are just SO freaking cute. -M

Jumpsuit girl is my FAVE. -K

Lauren Alaina

I love her lipstick, but Lauren Alaina is TWENTY-ONE. Take a tip from RaeLynn and try something more youthful. -M

I wish the front of her dress was a little lower and a pattern and that her shoes were cuter. -K

Cassadee Pope

Another Voice alum! This is the very definition of “meh.” I am not moved. -M

Those shoes are TERRIBLE. -K

Maran Morris

This is a little Kardashian-y but I appreciate the colors. The shoes are heinous. -M

She is too young to be showing me her thigh. -K

Mickey Guyton

Good: color and cutouts. Bad: limp hair, too-tight bodice. -M

Melissa is on point! -K

Worst Dressed

Katy Perry

In thumbnails, I thought this was Bellamy Young, which is… not a compliment. I like her sense of whimsy (AND the boots!!!) but the jacket is too small, the crop top looks like what I wear to the gym, and it’s all just generally fug. I think it’s hilarious she brought Jeremy Scott to a traditional country music awards show. -M

It is too tight but you have to commend Katy Perry for sticking with a theme. -K

Karen Fairchild

Are these leggingboots? How high do they go, exactly, and why is did she pair them with what Scarlett will wear when she eventually marries Gunnar? Furthermore:

The second guy in Little Big Town is Jimi Westbrook and the whole band should have dressed based on his great outfit. These people never look like they know each other. They need a stylist who can give them a consistent look like Lady Antebellums does. Curly there probably insisted on a ballgown like a brat and now I hate her because of the imaginary personality I’ve given her.

I am NOT okay with boots for pants! Also that ballgown is the WORST! -K

Maggie Rose

I don’t know what is worse–the too-low belt or the peep-toe ankle booties. -M

This makes my laugh whenever I look at it. -K

Kelleigh Bannen

Aren’t we done with high-waisted panties under ugly lace dresses? Why won’t this trend die? -M

I want someone to go completely batty and wear RED high wasted underpants under an ugly black lace dress. -K

A Thousand Horses

I like the low-slung jeans, but guy on left in the purple blouse should have followed the memo. Mostly I’m offended at the over-accessorizing here. -M

I want to know the second dude from the lefts hair care regime. -K

Rascal Flatts

A Thousand Horses in twenty years. -M

That is a sad sad fate. -K

You Do You, Dressed

Billy Gibbons

Billy Gibbons can do whatever the fuck he wants. His episode of WTF was one of my favorites. -M

I love the beading on his jacket. -K

Dolly Parton

Ladies, take note of Dolly’s lipstick. Fabulous. -M

I love that she looks like she is going to hug us all! -K

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