Smart ladies love fashion, the best and worst dressed at the 2016 Grammy Awards


I’m not going to lie to you, this was one of the most boring red carpets I have ever recapped for the blog. Some of the performance outfits were moderately better, but still pale in comparison to most Grammys. I don’t think there were enough STARS–Meghan Trainor is no JLo. We are both growing increasingly nervous about the fashion at the Oscars, but hopefully the fall lines that are being shown right now (and for the next few weeks) will give red carpet fashion the shot in the arm it needs.


Her face and makeup are just gorgeous, as usual. I think the dress is a little on the yawn side, but she is classic and can wear whatever she wants. -M

She is so delightfully herself and I love it. I also agree with M, her face is exceptional. -K

Jack Antonoff

The fit of this suit is amazing. I only put him in so there would be more stuff in this recap I didn’t hate. -M

This is a great suit and I love the crispness. -K

James Bay

James Bay definitely won “tightest pants with a suit on a red carpet” this year. -M

This is a waste of a beautiful jacket. -K


As a newly minted Cam Fan, I will say I am disappointed in this bird-like gown, and I wish she was wearing a necklace. Her hair and makeup is wonderful, though. -M

I love this is has ruffles for days and is ombre. I do agree with M that it needs a necklace. -K


This would be terrific if it didn’t show her entire hip. -M

Her face and hair are divine. I find the dress very flimsy. -K

Kaley Cuoco

Apparently this is pants. I kind of like it? She can’t really pull off the four-inch roots. -M

I usually hate Kaley’s red carpet looks but I think this is great. M is right about the hair but I’ll cut her some slack because she is transitioning it out of a pixie. Her face also looks good. -K

Andra Day

It’s sad that such good makeup is wasted on such a fugly ensemble. -M

This whole look is weird and confusing. Fur stole, fur shoes, mock turtle neck, mermaid tail, and a boob chain. -K


I’m so confused as to why she is wearing embellished pajamas. -M

I wish the whole adult onesie thing would die. -K

Flying Lotus

WOW. I adore how unusual this is. Great accessorizing, too. -M

His necklace and bracelets are lovely. -K

Diana Gloster

This fits her really, really well. I don’t care for the braid crown on the back of her head. -M

This was my first fave of the evening. It’s so fun and appropriate. -K

Selena Gomez

This is perfect for the event and she looks beautiful. -M

Her eye make-up is so effing good here. I also LOVE this color on her. -K

Ellie Goulding

Isn’t this the Pantone color of the year? The wrinkles in the middle are a bit weird. This is meh for me. -M

IT IS! Her hair is SO 1985. -K

Ariana Grande

I wish she would funk it up a little. This is the GRAMMYS. -M

Snore. -K

Skylar Grey

What the fuck are those faces over her boobs and crotch? It reminds me of this:



I wish her make-up was brighter (my new way of saying LIPSTICK). -K

Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum

They always look so rock and roll and chic. -M

LOVE THEM. Her face is great. -K

Bella Hadid


BABY HADID! Things I can do, tell all of the Hadid’s apart. Things I can’t do: tell all of the Jonas Brothers apart –STILL! Melissa has tried so hard. -K

Sam Hunt

This looked so wrinkled on TV; there’s a reason suits are mostly dark colors. -M

He looked way hotter on TV. Here he looks unattractive. I do not want to know you, Sam Hunt. -K

The Internet

The look like they are having fun and they are appropriately dressed. AWESOME JOB, DUDES. -M


Jamie xx

This relaxed suit is exactly what I would expect him to wear. -M

I guess this is okay. -K

Tori Kelly

This is a fine choice for someone who is introducing herself to America for the first time but it’s just too safe. -M

This fabric is luxorious and the color is good. -K

Elle King

Black lace AND feathers?? Elle obviously wants me to hate her. -M

I can’t even get behind this and I LOVE FEATHERS! -K

Lady Gaga

Between this and her Super Bowl performance, I really need some glitter eye makeup. This is how I like my Gaga: theatrical with a crazy wig and fabulously tall shoes. -M

This coat is my everything. The embroidery is so delicate and just AMAZING. -K

Lianne La Havas

I think it’s too shiny, but no matter, as the pattern on the fabric is really interesting and her hair looks amazing. -M

This color is so beautiful. I also am really digging her shoes. -K

Little Big Town

A red and pink color pairing I can believe in. They all look freaking fantastic. -M

I love that red and pink dress so so much. Everyone else also looks good. -K

Tove Lo

Her shoes do NOT go with the dress. -M

This looks like a slip/nighty. She needs to go home and get her dress. -K

Demi Lovato

Black often loses a lot in translation and this looks so lifeless and dull. -M

I wish she had worn the white jacket and necklace she performed in. -K


Because epaulettes and boob fringe are so in right now, huh, lady? If you are going to wear a naked dress to get noticed, at least make it cute. -M

Her booties MIGHT be cute? But yeah I second everything Melissa said. -K


There is NOTHING interesting about this. Marcy is hard to Google but Getty says she’s a “singer.” -M

Or an accountant who LOVES Cher. -K

Bonnie McKee

The pink hair is exactly what I wanted to see at the Grammys, as is the shiny suit. Good job, Bon Bon! -M

This is fabulously FUN! -K

Ashley Monroe

I love this teal 70s-style goddess gown and the great slit in the front. However, I never like her make-up; it’s always the wrong color and she needs lipstick ASAP. -M

This was so good and then you look at her face. She needs to keep the stylist but find a new make-up artist. -K

Kacey Musgraves

The color gradiations on this are fantastic. -M

THIS IS MY FAVORITE! I’m even starting to like the lipstick, which I was on the fence about earlier tonight. -K

Taylor Swift

I LOVE the bob and the lipstick but I find myself not knowing how to feel about the outfit. I think the woman from Little Big Town wore these colors better. -M

It’s like a really cute bikini with a formal skirt attached. She is basically Day to Night Barbie. -K

Carrie Underwood

Carrie is giving us Glamour Shots vibes in a very unfortunate way. -M


Jacqueline Van Bierk

Apparently this woman is a “model, musician and photographer.” She should also add “dresses like an ostrich.” -M

She is one of many women dressed as a contestant in the Miss Universe pageant. -K

Florence Welch

Even though she wears stuff like this all the time, I like the accessories and the embellishment. -M

I love this, Florence and I are really into TWEE. -K

Diamond White

I think the black and white is too high of a contrast for a dress like this. It reads too bordello or French maid. -M

I wish this was lined. Her make-up is excellent. -K

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh

Things were getting pretty dire before my favorite fashionably dressed couple showed up. They are perfection. -M

These two always bring the Grammy funk to the party. -K

Lee Ann Womack

This is cute-ish, but doesn’t seem fancy enough for this event. Then there’s the shoes. -M

Lee Ann wandered in from a dinner party. -K


This mullet and black suit is not what I needed from my Zendaya. -M

I hate this, but man, every time I see her I am stuck by her loveliness. -K

Z La La

Dumb name aside, Lady Gaga has worn ten things like this already. No one will remember your name, honey. -M

I loved it in a bad way as it reminded me of Cher and Bob Mackie. -K

Melissa’s Best Dressed:

  1. Lianne La Havas
  2. Flying Lotus
  3. Ashley Monroe (ignoring the makeup)
  4. Selena Gomez
  5. Little Big Town

This is literally the saddest Best Dressed list I’ve ever had to write. -M

Katie’s Best Dressed:

  1. Kacey Musgraves
  2. Diana Gloster
  3. Lady Gaga
  4. Florence Welch
  5. Bonnie McKee

I agree with Melissa this was a really hard list to make. Most of the fashion was the same. -K

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