Smart ladies love fashion, the best and worst of the 2015 Independent Spirit Awards


The Film Independent Spirit Awards take place during the day in a tent next to the beach in Santa Monica California and the fashion has a fun vibrant beachy cocktail party vibe (which we love). This year there was a lot of good (so much colorful patterns and shapes) and then a lot of heavy black (which screams more funeral and less vibrant fun).

The Best

Cate Blanchett

I love this dress and I am so happy she didn’t pair it with black shoes. YAY for colorful shoes! I really love the length of the dress and all of the embroidered colorful hearts.

This shocked me when I saw it because of how fabulous it is! I like that Cate can surprise me, after years and years of red carpet moments. -M

Matt Bomer

Dear People, until you make either Matt Bomer or Idris Elba Sexiest Man Alive your list is invalid. This man knows how to wear the hell out of a properly fitted suit.

Why don’t they ask US to vote on these things? We would always pick right. -M

Hong Chau

Hong was on the gone-to-soon sitcom A to Z and in the Altman Award winning Inherent Vice. Her hair and make-up is very southern California clean and I LOVE the dress length and vibrant colors.

Woah, this is crazy good! I would not have guessed she had this in her from A to Z. -M

Marion Cotillard

I’m not sure why she didn’t walk the red carpet but I really loved this whimsical sheer embroidered skirt and sweater. It reminds me of what a fancy person would wear on a cool day at the beach.

I think Fashion Critic said the black made it NOT beachy, to which I reply, people wear black on the beach all the time. I love this print–it’s not like all the other galaxy prints I’m sick of. -M

Carmen Ejogo

I am usually not a fan of a jumpsuit but this looks so cute. It is an excellent example of how you can wear black and have it not look like you are attending a wake (Patricia Arquette). My only nit pick is I would have preferred a sandal to the black pump.

I agree on your shoe assessment, Katie, but I also want to say the bangs are really working for her. -M

Mel Eslyn

Mel was the a producer on The One I Love, and she too is showing how beachy can also be funky. One quibble I don’t really think the suede booties were the best choice in footwear.  I would have loved a really vibrant kitten heel.

This lady and I have the same name, taste in dresses and we look extremely similar. Let’s be besties, Mel! We can do a Mel X Mel podcast. -M

Gillian Jacobs

I LOVE THIS! It’s so pretty. I really appreciate the red pumps with a spike edge. Her hair and make-up scream beach!

Gillian and I ALSO have the same taste in dresses, but since her name is Gillian, we cannot do a podcast together. Sorry.

Aja Naomi King

The How to Get Away with Murder star looks stunning in this yellow shift with snake-skin pumps.

Cute but I hate the wrinkles below the waist! -M

Rinko Kikuchi

Finally somebody wore sandals. I also love her blue eyeshadow and matte red lippy.  Also when Pacific Rim stops playing on HBO and Cinemax both Melissa and I will be sad.

I’m sad I didn’t know anything about Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter before the awards! It’s about a girl who sees Fargo and thinks it’s a treasure map so she goes to Minnesota! -M

Jena Malone

Jena is wearing Ulyana Sergeenko whom we here at SLLS love. A lot of her clothes are hand stitched including the skirt on this cocktail dress. I love that Jena has styled this so that the dress is the star. Her hair and make-up are simple or the occasion and super pretty. LOVE IT!

This is definitely one of my favorite looks of awards season. I don’t even hate cut outs when they’re done like this. -M

Julianne Moore

This scream 60s Palm Beach and I LOVE IT! Julianne Moore really rocked all of her 2015 award show looks and all the of her speeches.

I love that this resembles a high fashion rendering of a vintage dress. I didn’t care for the color at first, but she totally pulls it off. -M

Joanna Newsom

Joanna is super cute and love this outfit. This is the perfect occasion for a giant twee heart necklace.

The different fabric on the bottom seems odd but I like her quirk. -M

David Oyelowo

David really did rule the red carpet throughout award season. His tailor also deserves a pat on the back.

Another incredibly well-fitted suit, but in an unexpected color. He looks very handsome. -M

Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey is rocking this super bright mini dress and red sandal. I am going to miss Parks and Recreation so much (seriously I cry during every episode).

She is coming into her own as a fashionista, like Gillian up there. -M

Emmy Rossum

Melissa will think this is too twee but I love it. Also look at those magenta pumps!

Yes, I very strongly dislike this, especially the icky tan fabric underneath. -M

Jenny Slate

Jenny’s look is my FAVORITE! This is so beachy and she wore gold sandals. Jenny Slate is a goddess.

Comedians don’t always do so well in the fashion department, but Jenny has great natural style. -M

Marisa Tomei

Not only does Marisa’s outfit look super beachy but also super comfortable.

Strange crotch fit. -M

Sheila Vand

Sheila is in State of Affairs (which neither of us watch) and she looks discotastic in this silver sparkly romper.

I only know what that show is because the CIA fact checks it. I am not mentaly ready for rompers in February but she looks adorable. -M

Kristin Wiig

Kristin looks fabulous in this black (or navy) strapless cotton muslin dress. I also loved her funky shoes.

Thank god she is dressing better. -M

I like it but it could be improved

Ava DuVernay

Ava looks great and she is definitely on theme but I really wish this was shorter. I think it’s way too long for the event.

I would also wear this! She wears different colors at every event! Love. -M

The Bland

Katie Aselton

Katie is fantastic and she is so pretty but this jumpsuit is giving her a weirdly tight and yet droopy crotch. I LOVE her shoes.

Blah, she usually does so much better. -M

Selita Ebanks

PJs on the red carpet are not edgy. They are PJs on the red carpet. Hair and face are lawless.

Worse: WHITE silky pajamas on the red carpet. -M

Anne Heche

Hmmmm… I like the navy dress with black shoes. I like the gold belt. I think the top part is weird and might have looked more interesting I she had put her hair in a pony.

There is nothing redeemable about this AT ALL. SO UGLY. -M

Rene Russo

Rene is gorgeous but this is very mother-of-the-bride.

Tea-stained napkin. -M

Enough with the black lace dress

Jessica Chastain

Jessica looks like she forgot that the Spirits were this weekend and just threw on the first cocktail dress she found in her closet then paired it with the saddest shoes on the planet. I am also so over this style dress (Kate Middleton owns three and I wish wee toddler George would take some safety scissors to them).

Katie and I DID decide we would like this on Lena Dunham. -M

Emma Stone

Emma is also wearing the lace black dress and hers is more youthful and fun but it’s also so boring. She too is wearing sad black pumps.

Seeing this next to J Chastain makes me hate it. -M

You’re at the beach not a wake

Patricia Arquette

This is so heavy for this event and in some photos it made her look heavily pregnant (which she isn’t). Positive this length is super flattering on her.

Stumpy! -M

Clea DuVall and Natasha Lyonne

You can wear black and not have it look so heavy and depressing. Natasha’s shoes are such a bright spot here. I think if this were later in the day and Clea’s look wasn’t so fall I might be more positive. I just think I am done with black.

Clea’s so pretty and I like her outfit because I wear something like that to go out. -M

Lorelei Linklater

I like this a whole lot better than Clea’s look above and I love that she looks so happy. I actually think I have talked myself into really liking this. I mean she is wearing appropriate footwear.

Very questionable shoe choice. -M

Scarlett Johansson

And ScarJo just brings us down. This isn’t bad as it is boring.

More crappy shoes. I can’t take it anymore! -M

Kerry Washington

I think this is trying to hard to be edgy. I also wish it didn’t have those sleeves. And more sad black pumps.

I still don’t have a strong opinion on K Wash’s look, even though I LOVE her. -M

Katherine Waterston

This suit fits beautifully. The shoes make me hate life.

Why is she so sad? Is it the plain black pumps? -M

The Weird

Sandra Bauknecht

I think it was kind of chilly in LA on Saturday regardless the tights are a big fat no. Also a no, the sad black pumps. Also also a no, the giant black single ruffle. The skirt could have been something.

Katie, she does look like a beach umbrella and that’s completely event appropriate! -M

Kristen Bell

More sad black pumps and a dress that is confused. Is it a summery pastel mini dress with flower appliques OR is it a simple black dress with neon belt. The dress she wore during the show made her look like a sister-wife.

Silver lining: good hair and makeup. -M

Princess Isabelle zu Hohenlohe-Jagstberg

Unfortunately there is NOT a Wikipedia page for this German Princess (Germany doesn’t have a monarchy anymore but rich people with titles can call themselves anything they want). This dress is very California but her hair and shoes are CRAZY ugly.

Way to ruin a cute dress with shitty hair. She looks like a loon. -M

The Worst

Stana Katic

Stana’s sack dress looks like it caught a fungus. I might have liked this in a mini. At least her hair is starting to look great again.

I like this WAYYYYYY more than Katie does. I think it’s cool and effortless! -M

Sylvie Meis

I have no clue who Sylvie is but she is inappropriately dresses for the Spirit awards.


Olivia Munn

The pros Olivia’s hair looks good and this dress isn’t too tight. The cons are her make-up is super harsh and her dress needs to have about 3 feet cut off the bottom.

The middle is so overly complicated. Plus what Katie said. -M

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