Smart ladies love fashion, the best and worst of the 2016 SAG awards


I roll my eys at the media trying to make a big deal about everyone rolling there eyes.

I roll my eyes at the media trying to make a big deal about everyone rolling there eyes.

The Screen Actors Guild awards were on Saturday night and since it was actors giving awards to actors who mainly marry other actors there is a lot of fashion.

Uzo Aduba

This green dress is so flattering and the color is DIVINE. -K

I was watching the SAGs with my best gals and we all agreed this was probably pretty comfortable. I thought the color was a reference to The Wiz, but no one agreed. 🙁 -M

Sola Bamis

Sola played Shirley on Mad Men and she was always one of the most fashion forward characters here she is definitely making a statement with that giant bow. The color is gorgeous. -K

We were SO OBSESSED with this dress–the marigold color is so stunning and I love the bow–but no one knew who it was.  I hope she continues act in good things (I don’t think Stitchers is going to win any awards) so she can rock all the red carpets. -M

Mayim Bialik

This is a lot better than her Critics Choice dress that I’m willing to give it a pass but the make-up is NOT good. -K

I don’t even know if a lip color could save this look; though give her a crown and she’s appropriately dressed to go to a Ren Faire. -M

Julie Bowen

I love this dress and I really enjoy the deep red clutch. -K

Why is Carol Vesey cringing? ps. Are y’all watching Ed on UP? They bleep out “ass,” but it’s so fun! -M

Carrie Brownstein

I love the length and fit of this dress. I hate the shoes–they are like shoes teenage girls wear to prom. -K

She is so rad but that ombre hair IS NOT. -M

Anna Chlumsky

Anna looks fierce. She is also my favorite character on Veep. -K

This is the first of many dresses that looked better on TV than in photos. -M

Priyanka Chopra

PAGEANT QUEEN! My Nanny would effing love this and therefore I cannot hate it. -K

She is so friggin gorgeous, which makes me so disappointed that she is wearing a costume from Pretty in Pink. -M

Gwendoline Christie

I would wear this and it would be comfy and magical and FANCY! -K

The paperbag waist reminds me of the less creative contestants on Project Runway. And the belt should be silver. -M

Emilia Clarke

HOT PINK BALLGOWN! This is amazing I love it. -K

I appreciate the deep-V but I think she usually dresses better. -M

Laverne Cox


I’m tired of this pose, but this dress looked fantastic on TV. She has really stepped up her fashion. -M

Kaley Cuoco


Her hair is pulled back so tight. Is that to hold back the tears? -M

Claire Danes

Claire Danes kills it in this dress. The color and fit are great and it just looks so natural. -K

This is a high fashion kite. And it’s fucking fabulous. -M

Viola Davis

Viola as usual looked fabulous and gave a great speech when she won. -K

UGH THE WHOLE TIME she was talking, I was going on and on about how this looks overworked, like something Zac Posen would do and GUESS WHAT I was right. -M

Stephanie Drake

Meredith from Mad Men is one of my favorite peripheral characters and she is wearing one of the only types of hi-low dresses I enjoy, the ones that show your shoes. Good job Meredith! -K

And she has great lipstick and bangs! Cheers! -M

Anna Faris

Every time someone shows there leg like this I just want to punch Angelina Jolie in the face while pointing and scream “LOOK WHAT YOU HATH WROUGHT!” Regardless I love this dress. -K

I think I would like it more with long sleeves and in a different color. -M

Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig

Tina’s dress is fit perfectly and Kristen is rocking PANTS! -K

This is one of Tina’s best looks and I’m so pleased Kristen has moved beyond sad dishwater dresses. Pants are definitely her thing. -M

Joanne Froggatt

I got the Downton Abbey final season Blu Ray and watched it Friday night so I am very tender where Downton is concerned. I think Joanne knocked this out of the park. If I wasn’t so tender I might hate her shoes. -K

I stopped watching when Dan Stevens left, so I will be the one to say her shoes suck ass. -M

Diane Guerrero

This color is great but I really hate the mermaid gown. -K

She’s really pretty but this is very dated and fussy. -M

Kathryn Hahn

Is the bottom of this dress fringe or ruffles, WHO CARES this will be so much fun to dance in. -K

Kathryn Hahn is such a cool girl. -M

Christina Hendricks

She reminds me of Scarlett O’Hara and the curtain dress. On the positive the fit is good. -K

I would like her to work with a designer that is NOT Christian Siriano. -M

Gaby Hoffmann

Gaby looks FABULOUS. -L

Again, this was way better on TV. It was custom made for her! I love her giant hair. -M

Carice van Houten

Carice is really pulling off European fashion forwardness and I love it. Also those are perfect lips. -K

I would not like this as much without the jacket. Really rad. -M

Sarah Hyland

Great color, put your leg back in your gown. -K

The lightened hair looks good on her. I am bored already. -M

January Jones

Grecian GODDESS! The color is just so pretty. -K

It looks like fancy teal tissue paper and I adore it. -M

Ellie Kemper

Ellie’s dress is so lovely. The fabric looks like really expensive scarves. -K

This wasn’t very well-reviewed but I love it and the fabric is beautiful. -M

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

I was kind of blown away by Nicole’s dress it’s just so bright and sparkly. I’m not sure if I like it but it’s definitely different. Keith Urban should be back at Idol HQ cutting more people. -K

KEITH, MAKE MORE CUTS. UGH! Ummmmm Nicole looks like Barbie. I don’t think the green necklace goes with the dress. -M

Diane Lane

I don’t think Diane ages. She is good in Trumbo. She should be in more things. -K

This is very elegant and lovely and perfect but it doesn’t make me feel things, you know? -M

Brie Larson

This dress was more fun on TV because all the cords are super sparkly. It also has this weird bright orange strap on her back. Her shoes are meh. -K

This is the most disappointing for me. I don’t care for her new stylist or look. -M

Eva Longoria


The back is completely see through. I hate this so much. -M

Joe Manganiello and SofĂ­a Vergara

These two are really too hot. I’m super happy Sofia is NOT wearing a mermaid gown. -K

No mermaid gown, let’s all have a party! Seriously this is monumental. -M

Kate and Rooney Mara

Both Mara sisters wore Valentino and Kate admitted to pre-gaming the show with champagne . -K

I preferred Rooney, because Kate’s hair was a little weird. Unlike some, I did not mind the extreme sideboob. But really, both of these are boring. -M

Julianna Margulies

Julianna I feel like you didn’t even try, normally you wear more interesting and fun gowns. -K

She’s so over The Good Wife and you can see it in her clothes. -M

Rachel McAdams

I love this so fucking much. This is definitely one of my favorites. -K

She is killing it this awards season and I cannot WAIT to see her Oscar gown. -M

Helen Mirren

In the thumbnail I thought Helen was Marilyn Monroe and that about sums up just how fabulous Helen is. -K

I would also like to a take a minute to point out her always-perfect hair and makeup. It’s J Lo-level good. -M

Julianne Moore

I love the color of this so much that I don’t care that the fit is weird. -K

I think I strongly dislike this but I give her a pass for all the blah black Lanvin she usually wears. -M

Hannah Murray

This reminds me I need to dye my hair. -K

Stand up straight, your dress is awesome! -M

Jessica Pare

Lovely lip color, rest of face , and hair. The dress is okay. -K

YAWN. I usually like her more. This is the same thing I said about her performance in Brooklyn. Bad-dah-dahhhhh. -M

Molly Parker

Great color Molly and a reminder to everyone that they should watch Deadwood AND that we are getting a new movie at some point. -K

I didn’t know she was on House of Cards until I saw her sitting at the table. She looks great. -M

Sarah Paulson

I told Melissa that Sarah murdered a Muppet for this dress and that I liked it. This is really fucking fantastic. -K

This is a lot of fun! She is also looking wonderful lately. So many good dresses! -M

Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet continues to dress as if she is going to go to bed in her gown. Does she ever wear make-up? -K

I feel like singing a sad ballad about those droopy boobs. The wide stance of the straps does not help. She should hire Olivia Wilde’s stylist. Good news: she’s not wearing black lace! -M

Lori Petty

Never change Lori Petty. I hope you always do you! -K

This is so freaking fug. She was creepy as fuck on OITNB, and I am glad she’s getting more work. -M

Amy Poehler

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….Oh sorry this post is long and this dress is boring. -K

I’m warming up to her new hair color! -M

Laura Prepon

Melissa can you see her boobs? I think I can see her boobs. This dress is confusing. -K

I don’t notice, because her hair is too dark and it ruins everything. -M

Lily Rabe

This is really fun but I think the dress color makes her hair green. I don’t care I still like it. -K

WOW this is exactly the kind of fun party I wanted to see! -M

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe

Eddie isn’t even trying this year but thankfully even pregnant Hannah is still a wow! -K

She is my favorite red carpet spouse. -M

Christina Ricci

Christina’s eye make-up is WAY too HARSH! -K

I almost like her dress but I’m distracted by the raccoon eyes. -M

Emily Robinson

Emily is on Transparent. Her dress and make-up are great. -K

Why is there a dickie stuck to the front? -M

Saoirse Ronan

A lot of ladies went simple and sophisticated. Saoirse pulls off this pink column with great hair and make-up. Her earrings are also super sparkly. -K

I especially loved her hair and makeup. -M

Kiernan Shipka

PERFECTION! This is my favorite of the night. It’s a purple, patterned, ballgown! -K

I knew Katie would love this as soon as I saw it. -M

Sarah Silverman

Dirty bath water and whoever fit this dress to her is terrible at their job. -K

She was SO PROUD on the red carpet that she was wearing Vivienne Westwood but usually these Westwood dresses fit better. -M

Marisa Tomei

LOVE! This is perfect sophistication. I love her hair color. -K

This is a nice take on those sparkly column gowns that everyone wore for a few years. I love the rich green. -M

Sophie Turner

I love a ballgown and I love this BUT I wish it was a color. I am a picky bitch. -K

I am falling asleep. -M

Alicia Vikander

So sleek, simple, and sparkly! -K

The pattern is fantastic. I kind of wish her hair was pulled back but that’s a minor issue. -M

Naomi Watts

I wish this was better hemmed but I’m not going to harp on a person wearing blue, cap sleeves, and wearing lip color that fantastic. -K


Maisie Williams

I don’t really like the fabric of this dress it makes it look lumpy BUT the color and length are perfect for her age. -K

Her makeup, however, ages her 20 years. -M

Kate Winslet

Kate has this dress in every fucking color. -K

She really does. It works for her, but there has to be other things in this shape/fabric that are not exactly like this… right? -M

Ariel Winter

This is very nice though I wish she had worn something more youthful (See Maisie above). -K

MORE aging makeup. GOD what is wrong with people. -M

Katie’s top five:

  1. Kiernan Shipka
  2. Rachel McAdams
  3. Uzo Aduba
  4. Alicia Vikander
  5. Julianne Moore

Melissa’s top five:

  1. Claire Danes
  2. Laverne Cox
  3. Rachel McAdams
  4. Gaby Hoffman
  5. Kristen Wiig

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