Smart ladies love fashion, the wardrobe of Olivia Pope on Scandal

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Like every other normal person in America, I am obsessed with Scandal and the wardrobe of head “fixer” Olivia Pope. I was planning to screencap Olivia’s outfits in season 2 but thankfully Vulture has done that for me. How thoughtful!

[note: Congratulations to Kerry Washington on her finally announced pregnancy! I hope this does not negatively affect OP's pretty pretty clothes.]

Often clad in white and soft grays, Olivia’s clothes say she is powerful, wealthy and probably amongst the more fashionable women who frequent the upper echelons of the White House and Congress (sorry, Nance). What else do they say?

Olivia looks better in bed than all us plebes

Olivia Pope Bed 4
They’re so beautiful she can receive the White House Chief of Staff in them.

Olivia Pope Bed 1
How all these gorgeous silk things don’t have wine all over them is a true miracle.

Olivia Pope Bed 2
I will never look this good in my stretchy Gap pants and vintage “Ithaca is Gorges” tee shirt.

Olivia Pope Bed 3
She’s just taunting us.

Olivia never spills on herself and/or has the world’s greatest dry cleaner

Olivia Pope White 1
It’s just unrealistic that in a big city there is never a speck on these white and pale grey suits.

Olivia Pope Coat 2A white jacket over a white top? Who DOES that? Olivia Pope, fixer extraordinaire, that’s who.

Olivia Pope 53
She even works out in white! DOES SHE EVEN SWEAT??

Olivia derives her power from unusual collars

Olivia Pope 26
In her signature color, of course.

Olivia Pope Blazer 5
This one is tan too! I would wear the shit out of this to work and feel fancy like Livvie.

Olivia Pope Blazer 6
Her quintessential structured blazer, with funnel collar!

Olivia Pope Blazer 2
This one too. I love how she works those shoulders.

Olivia Pope 38This is during the campaign months when dressed more casually.

Olivia buys her coats in heaven because they make her look like an angel

Olivia Pope Coat 1
This is the coat to end all other coats. I will sing to it “did you happen to see the most beautiful coat in the worrrrlllld?”

Olivia Pope Coat
I have always wanted a short sleeved coat even though I know it is so wrong.

Olivia Pope gray coat
I need this.

Olivia Pope 29

Olivia Pope 25
A coat WITH an unusual collar!

Olivia Pope 49
This is a different coat than #1, it is a very very pale pink.

Olivia makes dress pants NOT look dumpy

Olivia Pope Pants 01
I have never successfully worn wide leg dress pants (I am shorter and like 4 sizes bigger than KW) but dammit if I don’t want to try now.

Olivia Pope 30
Even this casual sweater looks fantastic. Sigh.

Olivia wears color sometimes to fuck with us

Olivia Pope 45
I think I own this outfit.

Olivia Pope Color 1
Blue is so lovely on her!

Olivia Pope 34
It’s almost as if she has added blue to her limited pallet.


Olivia sometimes gets it wrong

Olivia Pope Wrong 1
This drapey tee shirt toga is fugtastic.

Olivia Pope Wrong 2
Jackie O is not really Olivia’s thing. Maybe Mellie should have worn this. It DOES have a great collar, though.

Olivia Pope 40
Dove grey long sleeved leather gloves? Just say no.

Blazers go with everything

Olivia Pope 28
Even campaign tee shirts. BONUS AWESOME MELLIE. <3

Interviews with Scandal’s stylist Lyn Paolo can be found here, here & here. This is her Twitter.

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