Smart ladies love Golden Globes 2013, Melissa’s Best and Worst Dressed


The fashion of the Golden Globes can be described in one word: red. There was a whole lot of mediocre and also a lot of fug. Here are my favorite looks from Sunday night. I was sad that not enough people took crazy risks. As with the Emmys, anyone with bad hair and/or nude lips was given less consideration for the “good” awards. I couldn’t completely discount them, because, well, not much blew me away.

Best Dressed

Kerry Washington

I screamed when I saw her in this Miu Miu dress. I love the length, the sheerness and the beading. I’m really into Scandal right now AND K. Wash’s recent fashion run for her Django Unchained promotional tour.

Katharine McPhee

You know my feelings about Smash. Because of that, you will know that making Katharine McPhee one of my best dressed at the Globes is a huge thing for me. This Theysken’s Theory dress has pockets! The plunging neckline and high slit look so great in the textured black fabric. I’m still not going to watch your shitty show, though, Kat!

Naomi Watts

This was my favorite red dress. I normally think trains are fussy, but with the open back and simple 40s-style front, it really worked. Plus: long sleeves! She knew it was going to be in the 50s in Hollywood.

Sally Field

This woman is the same age as my dad and she looks fucking amazing (my dad does too, good genes, thanks!). She knows how to dress her age–nothing sexy but nothing matronly either. This color is heavenly, too. MORE NAVY, everyone!

Emily Blunt

Sparkles, as usual, were huge on the carpet, but this Michael Kors dress also had cut outs and looked so sophisticated on Emily Blunt (up close the dress looked like it was covered with spikes, which is really cool). She always has gorgeous jewels, hair, and makeup.

On Warning

Zosia Mamet

This dress is seriously fabulous and interesting, with its leather inset pieces and cool sleeves. HOWEVER, Zosia needs to stop being afraid of lip color. She would look perfect if she added a little pink lip–even a nice sheer one with a hint of color–and some more exciting jewelry. With that, she would easily be on par with Kerry Washington.

Lena Dunham

I appreciate the shape of this dress, and everything above the neck too. However, this fabric is very, very wrong. The color made me think of poop. The fabric was so thick that the seams looked completely overworked and puckering. I really want Lena to look better and represent us normal-sized ladies, and I think she is going in the right direction. Lena, you have two major awards now, get some Oscar De La Renta STAT.

Worst Dressed

Eva Longoria

She is too short to keep dressing like this. I know it’s not incredibly ugly but it’s incredibly boring. She needs to find a new stylist because she’s beautiful and has an amazing body but she’s veering into Lea Michele territory with this crap.

Olivia Munn

The beading on the top half of this dress is gorgeous, but the uneven waistband and skirt look very cheap (it didn’t look that way on the runway). I am learning to love Olivia, even though she’s on The Newsroom; however, I don’t think my affection for Sloan and her glasses can make that ugly necklace work on the red carpet. Her clutch is also too big.


  1. I loved Julie Bowen’s dress!

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