Smart ladies love the Golden Globes 2013, Katie’s Best and Worst Dressed


Melissa brought this up but I just want to drive the point home: PEOPLE, WEAR LIPSTICK WITH A COLOR…NUDE MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A DEAD ZOMBIE!

I took a very stream of consciousness approach to the Golden Globes but I did reorganize and put them in order from best to worst (I included some of Melissa’s picks but only where I would rank them and my first impression in the list, she covered everything I would have said about them yesterday with more zeal and passion)!  Also judging by how many are in my best list (and that I deleted some because they were on Melissa’s list and my list seemed too long), I liked the clothes more than Melissa did.

The Best

Lucy Liu

Best patterned gown and braided hair…if this had been on someone else I would have thought it twee but on her she rocked it.

Michelle Dockery

Most improved from the Emmy’s…I love Lady Mary and she is such a lovely actress but her Emmy’s dress last fall was a sad sack, this dress however is GORGEOUS!

Julie Bowen

The “Aunt Jackie award for best dressed (TM Patent Pending)”…I also loved the color and the length my only wish is that she had worn sparkly shoes that matched the metal in her bangle bracelets (I liked this look Melissa felt it’s too casual) and her earrings OR wore pink shoes that matched the stones in her earrings. [I also want to continue to take any opportunity to ask the powers that be to put ED on fucking DVD please OR at least put it on Netflix…how do we make this happen people?-SLLS]

Jessica Chastain

Best color and I loved her hair…I liked this dress when she was walking on the red carpet but it did not photograph well and even though at first I thought there were no fit issues it appears that instead of wearing her clothes a size too small she is now wearing them a size too big. [I was shocked when I saw the photos of this! It was so pretty on the red carpet! -M]

Amy and Tina

Best couple…but that is a no brainer.  I would like to say that I loved the length of both Amy’s pants and Tina’s dress…PERFECT!!! This is also an excuse to post more Amy and Tina GIFS!!!

Ariel Winter

Best for the under 20s…this dress is fantastic for a kid her age.  It’s also very different from some of the gowns she has worn on the red carpet before and I’m wondering if this is further evidence that her sister is a much better caregiver than her mom.

Emily Blunt

Best earrings!

Connie Britton

Best Column and SPARKLES and most importantly hair to covet…ALSO she had bangles which I have decided I am on team sparkly bangles…oh Tami Taylor I am so sad you didn’t win 🙁

Kerry Washington


Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Best Lace and Brown color…Lena Dunham wore bad brown, you however wore good brown almost a black/smoky grey.  I would also like to point out that this and Lucy Lui’s dress is how you fit into and wear a ball gown NO “SLOOPY BOOB (TM Patent pending)” here!

The Mehs

Anne Hathaway

Most disappointing…but not bad, more meh,  just not AWESOME…

Jennifer Lawrence

Worst FUCKING BUST detail…which was so sad because it was a great shape and lovely tomato color…

Rosario Dawson

The boobs that made me the most sad…and they also looked like they might hurt.  The color was nice though.

Zooey Dechanel

Most likely to be pulling up  the top of her dress because of “sloop boob (TM Patent Pending)”…it was also red and not a deep red like Jennifer Garner (she would be on this list but I just can’t add anymore people), burgundy like Naomi Watts or tomato like JLaw nope its RED RED BORING RED…nice pearls though.

Taylor Swift

person who needed MORE…more purple, more sparkly, more everything…and her hair was like a helmet.

The Bads

Thandie Newton

The dress most likely to make Melissa and I have a long conversation about how to fix it and what the fuck is going on with it…UMM is that a STARBURST OUT OF HER BOOB…are her shoes lavender (I think I might love them)…why does Thandie feel so depressed?!?!?! [WHY didn’t we see this on Sunday? It is ghastly! She is having some fashion issues lately which makes me sad. -M]

Rachel Weisz

Worst waste of a date…if your husband is Daniel Craig then you dress better than this…what is it, is it polka dots, is it a cocktail dress, is it making me sad that you have money, hair and a body like that and are wearing THAT…WHAT IS THAT!?!

Eva Longoria

Most likely to take pay for sex…You’re wearing panties instead of a skirt and then you are thrusting your leg through a slit up to your waste…sadly I might have liked this in a purple and if it had sequins but instead you look like the wife of a pimp at his funeral…

Debra Messing

Most likely to have people wondering if she is expecting a child…even though she is separated from spouse and might possibly be sleeping with old coworker from season one of Smash. [I didn’t know she split from her husband, he was really cute! Not as cute as Julianna Marguilles’ hubby, but who is? -M]

Guilianna Rancic

WORST PERSON, WORST HAIR, WORST MAKE-UP, WORST FUCKING DRESS…Trixie at the Gem wouldn’t even wear it…


  1. I agree with you and I did love Lucy Liu’s dress and loved the pockets in her dress almost as much as the dress!

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