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While I was watching The Fault in Our Stars the other night (I had to! For Laura Dern!) I noticed that while the girls were swooning over Augustus Waters, I was staring at Sam Trammell, cast as Hazel’s dad. I’ve officially reached the life age where I am way more into the dads than the young stars. They’re hot because of the way they treat their wives, kids and the nasty sonsofbitches of Harlan, Kentucky.

Coach Taylor, Friday Night Lights
Deputy Jackson Lamb, Super 8

Kyle Chandler is king of the hot dads. I just can’t pick between Coach Taylor, who has a catchphrase AND looks hot wearing those headphone things during football games, or Jackson, who helped save his kids (and the whole world) from an alien invasion in Super 8. Sigh. [RAWR! Seriously Coach is the best dad ever. That time he walked Saracen home after 7 sucky dad died was a thing of acting beauty and still makes me tear up. -K]

Michael,  The Fault in Our Stars

Via. There are no gifs of him from the movie so I used one from True Blood.

Via. There are no gifs of him from the movie so I used one from True Blood.

The few times I’ve watched True Blood I’ve seen something gory enough to make me change the channel. I am sorry for ignoring you, Sam Trammell. Michael is kind of bland, but also considerate and supportive: exactly the kind of father a teen girl suffering from cancer would want. And ohhhh the gray streaks. [I don’t say it enough because there is so much shit going on True Blood (except for this week in which basically nothing happened) but Sam Trammell is one of the most consistently good things on that dumb show. -K]

Raylan, Justified

Speaking of gray hair… there’s no way I could write this and leave out new daddy Raylan Givens, who, against his better judgement, had a baby with that snoozy plot device Winona. I’m sure Raylan is partially responsible for the (sexxxy!) return of the denim shirt. Other than that, he can handle his bourbon, he is a fine marksman (but not as good as Tim, sigh…), and his “friendship” with Boyd Crowder is one of the most entertaining relationships on TV. [I have ten episodes of Justified on my DVR, I’ve been hording them for the dark times this summer when I have watched everything good on Netflix and I can no long watch Halt and Catch Fire because I have finally conceded that it is terrible and/or Lee Pace suddenly decides to cut that beautifully coiffed mane. But back to Raylan who not only looks fine in a denim shirt but also has made me have not so PG thoughts about dudes in henleys. -K]

Sandy,  The OC

I absolutely refuse to listen to debate about the hotness of Sandy vs Seth Cohen. Seth was obsessed with his best friend, was too into comics and slept near a plastic horse. Sandy, on the other hand, was a lawyer, liberal crusader, and arguably the best/smartest guy in the world. He was the real hero of The OC. [I have always loved Peter Gallagher even though his eyebrows kind of terrify me but he is a terrific comic actor –WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING 4EVA!!! -K]

Rufus, Gossip Girl

I am rewatching Gossip Girl on Netflix (very slowly, I have been on episode nine for two weeks), and maybe aside from later-period Chuck, there is no one hotter on the show than Rufus.  Not only is he is a musician and gallery owner but he makes amazing waffles and stores his very excellent (probably) record collection in his cool loft. Dan never stood a chance. [Dan’s dad was totally hotter than Dan ever was or could be! Also I need to watch Gossip Girl for the first time; I couldn’t watch it when it was initially on because it conflicted with too many other shows. -K] 

Julius, Everybody Hates Chris

Via. There were not a lot of gifs of TC from EHC in English (lots in Spanish though!) so here's one from Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Via. There were not a lot of gifs of TC from EHC in English (lots in Spanish though!) so here’s one from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

You might remember Chris’ cheap-ass dad from this great little CW sitcom (it is not on Netflix, but seems due for a resurgence); however, you might not remember Julius was played by SLLS favorite Terry Crews. He was funny and foxy, even when he was lecturing his kids for hours on end. [Terry is also an excellent dad on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, that time he put together the pink play castle still makes me giggle. -K]

Phillip, The Americans

Despite the fact that he is married to two women for the cause (ie spying on the US for Russia),  Phillip is a total babe. He wears a lot of disguises, which HAS to be hot in the bedroom. He hates organized religion as much as I do and he usually feels bad about killing people, unlike his robot wife Elizabeth. [I also need to watch the season finale of The Americans. I adore Phillip even though he is a spy, travel agent, husband of two, he still makes times for those adorable Russian moppets. Also I love Paige and Henry on The Americans so much more than like 95% of other kid actors on American TV shows –good casting Americans people. -K]

Keith, Veronica Mars

I like to think Keith was the cornerstone of Veronica Mars because if he hadn’t been ousted as sheriff, most of the action of the show wouldn’t have happened. He offered Veronica guidance, but not too much, because she pretty much did whatever she wanted and got away with it because he raised a really smart daughter. [PAPA MARS! God, maybe I love him more than coach. Man I think I might need to rewatch the movie. -K]

Deacon, Nashville

Deacon just found out he was a dad, to Rayna’s first daughter Maddie, but he has gradually become a wonderful, if not indulgent, father. I love how he is bonding with Maddie over music, though I wish he could find a nice drama-free relationship, perhaps with someone who has never fucked Mayor Teddy. [There are times when I almost give up on Nashville (mostly when the show focuses on Scarlet, Will’s wife –Lyla, Lila, Lana, Lorna, Jill?– she is so terrible she kind of makes me like Scarlet, OR GUNNER oh god stop showing me Gunner) then I look into Chip Esten’s eyes and I remember that I can’t give up on Deacon (nor Juliette nor Avery nor TAMI TAYLOR) because I am a sucker and desperately want Deacon to be happy. -K]

Frank, Sleepy Hollow

The Captain is a quintessential hottie divorce, who loves his daughter a whole bunch. Now, I still have three episodes of this show left on my DVR (I don’t want it to end!) but his flirtation with Jenny is the second best pairing on the show, after Ichabod &  Abbie, of course. [Remember when we were in college and I was obsessed with Orlando Jones because of that comedy Evolution where he played David Duchovny’s BFF and colleague –GOOD TIMES! -K]

Rev. Eric, 7th Heaven

I know Katie is laughing hysterically at this one–I chose it because not only is Eric like the perfect husband and father ever, but because when he was younger, Stephen Collins looked like this:

Enjoy! [YOWZA! -K]

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