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I had to. Via.

I had to. Via.

Every week, I will post what I have been listening to, watching and reading lately (& maybe an “other”).


This week, I have mostly been listening to two records that have the potential to end up on my Best of 2015 list.

Because they’re named after a character in Tender is the Night, and were so clearly generic dude indie rock in my mind, I never gave Dick Diver a chance. So stupid! They are magical pop music with boy-girl vocals.

Lady Lamb was briefly mentioned in a Hopscotch preview post a few years ago, and I liked her first record a lot, but After is so driving and beautiful.

I cannot believe “Billions of Eyes,” about a lack of connection in a modern world, was written by someone so young: “The kind of high I like/is when I barely make the train/and the people with a seat/smile big at me/because they know the feeling/and for a millisecond/we share a look like a family does/like we have inside jokes/like we could call each other by little nicknames.”


Saturday, while I was waiting for eight hours in the pouring rain to see Dave Grohl’s mechanical throne, I spent a lot of time texting Katie about True Detective. I have seen season one, and she has not. We had seen the first two episodes of season two at this point:

Katie: Tim Riggins’ second scene was him getting administrative leave for allegedly soliciting a blow job during a tragic citation, which is an incredibly Tim Riggins thing to do.
Mel: I hate everyone on it so far except Vince Vaughn’s wife. [I have since learned to love Rachel McAdams, kind of. And I did not mention Rick Springfield, who was obviously awesome.]
Katie: I only hate Colin Ferrell–I hate how violent his storyline is. The plot is so dumb, and how does Rachel McAdams keep randonmly running into family members or people who know her family? That is really stupid.
Mel: And why are all the women introduced by their sexuality somehow? [I stole this from Todd VanDerWeff] I think Pizzolatto is just a hack writer.
Katie: Do you think Tim Riggins is secretly gay and stupid Pizzolatto made him an impotent homophobe, because you KNOW that’s original?
Mel: Yeah I think the fact that he’s gay is a distinct possibility. [We were 100% right on] Or Colin Ferrell so he can show that gay people can also be violent. [This did not happen but we now know that all the men have problems with their penises and the central female character, who some would say is very masculine and tougher than the men on the show, is obsessed with sex. THIS IS THE ACTUAL PLOTLINE, YOU GUYS.]
Katie: I’m very invested in Tim Riggins. I’ve seen Battleship 50 times. Currently I’m not impressed with the writing at all.
Melissa: I want him to do well. The writing is not helping him catapult to superstardom. He should have done Fargo instead.
Katie: His ability to do dramatic and funny would have been perfect for Fargo.
Melissa: Then he would be reunited with Jesse Plemons! He could wear a Crucifictorious shirt during promotional interviews.

And on and on. We also went to lunch the following day, and talked about it some more, much to the disappointment of my poor sainted husband, who does not understand hate-watching. Even though episode three was mildly more interesting (and the most interesting bit was a David Lynch rip off), True Detective season two is a big old fail in my book.

Why is everyone so serious? All these ridiculous things are happening around them (Rick Springfield, everything at the mayor’s house) and no one is cracking even a tiny smile! I just want one of the three cops to act bemused when something insane happens. Show me a little Raylon Givens. Some Tim Gutterson sass.

I am now convinced Cary Fukunaga, the director of season one, was the real auteur of this show. Maybe he had influence on the structure. He was absolutely able to get better, more varied performances out of his actors. I’m definitely going to follow his future projects.

AND we haven’t even mentioned here what a drag Vince Vaughn is when he’s suppressing his inner Wes Mantooth. Or how the only humor is dudes making fun of Ani for her e-cigarette. REALLY YOU CAN’T GET IT UP AND YOU’RE HARASSING THIS POOR WOMAN WITH AN ADDICTION FUCK YOU.

Also! I’ve been watching these Fargo promos on repeat:

The 70s set and fashions, the snow, the mood… the excitement is definitely building!


Hey I took this! Carries boot.

Hey I took this! Carries boot.

Carrie Brownstein and Taylor Schilling: DATING. This was posted before my mini-vacation, causing me to miss the new exciting celebrity gossip! My girlfriends and I talked about this nonstop at the bar the other night. We all think that Carrie was the winner in the post-breakup new girlfriend war (St. Vincent is dating the model/actress/terrible dresser Cara Delevigne). While I wish Carrie and Annie could have gotten married and had twenty rock and roll kids/dogs, I really like Taylor Schilling in interviews. She seems normal and has a great sense of humor. Mazel tov, you two!

The Lost Girls. Kim Fowley, manager of the Runaways, died in January. This story, discussing his gross sexual behavior towards young girls and his rape of Runaways bassist Jackie Fox, will forever tarnish his memory. It is incredibly riveting, but long–read it when you have more than a few minutes to spend.

The Truth, in Mode & Matter. I never thought Rectify was something I wanted to watch, but once I learned that Ray McKinnon created it (he is dreamy AND a great actor) and is written as gothic southern fiction, it immediately moved to the top of my to-watch list. This is a really beautiful piece with great pictures, and the show was already renewed for a fourth season, so you can watch it without fear of cancellation (though it is on Sundance, which is not a part of my very expensive cable package). [I keep meaning to watch this. When are we going to watch The Wire? I think I would rather watch Rectify. -K]

We Keep the Other Bad Men from the Door. You already know what I think of True Detective. But I appreciate graphic design and how the artist, Nigel Evan Dennis, uses it to build intrigue and toss people into categories (bad, good, not quite sure, could be bad).

Campy Couture: Barbie’s 70s Rivals Flaunted the Fashions We’d Love to Forget. I cracked up at this slideshow when the writer said one faux-Barbie looked “like a space alien in drag.”

What pop culture have you been getting into this week?