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(This video made me laugh, because I needed it.)

It’s been a REALLY rough week, and I’m not ready to talk about it. But! As an act of self-care, I have put myself on a news blackout. No MSNBC, no Nightly News… Everyone deals with things differently, so please take care of your friends and family and don’t push them to do what you are ready to do.

What does this mean for you? More blogging! Since I’m actually consuming other forms of culture, I can share them with you.


A few Chicago folks (GO CUBS GO!) first, since they all guest on each other’s tracks (Noname is on all three of these).

I’ve talked about Jamila Woods before, but I recently downloaded HEAVN –if you’re looking for protest music to help you get through your feelings from the week, HEAVN‘s intersectional feminist revolution is a welcome perspective.

Noname’s Telefone is more personal, like a diary set to beats.

I heard of Saba through his great guest verse on Noname’s “Shadow Man.” I haven’t spent too much time with Bucket List Project, but it sounds promising so far.

The other genre of music I can’t stop listening to is “sad lady folk.” Itasca was on my husband’s Discover Weekly–for every band after, I kept saying “this is no Itasca” and then he finally put on the whole record and it’s beautiful.

On Front Row Seat to Earth, Weyes Blood has grown significantly into a confident artist who embraces her sound.



I was initially inspired to write this because I watched three (!!!) movies yesterday. I teleworked in the morning, and instead of watching The Today Show, I put on HBO. Joy was by far the best movie I watched, even though it was intentionally plotted in such a way to make Joy’s rise to QVC stardom very obvious. I might just be a David O. Russell/Jennifer Lawrence fangirl, whatever. I wished I had watched How to Be Single with Katie, as it was a shitty romcom that wanted to rip off the Garry Marshall oeuvre (multiple people who may or may not know each other try to find love!), but ultimately seemed just as dated and out of touch [I keep meaning to watch this. According to Comcast I watched Joy but I don’t remember it, maybe I sleep watch movies. -K]. In the evening, PJ and I watched Big Eyes, which is on Netflix. There was definitely a good movie in there but Tim Burton just couldn’t find it–I was so mad he essentially wasted Krysten Ritter and Jason Schwartzman. The midcentury mansion the Keanes moved into was stunning, though.


There was a lot of new, amazing late summer/fall cable TV and I’m behind on all of it due to my inability to turn off the news: Atlanta, Quarry, Queen Sugar, Insecure, etc. I watched one episode of Divorce and I may only binge it one day because I miss upstate New York. I have the whole season of Better Things on my DVR, which I will get to eventually. The only new network show I’m caught up with is This is Us, which I love despite all the cheesy tears and Dan Fogelman-y twists. I’ve seen the first two eps of The Good Place, but waiting to watch them all with PJ. All of Pitch is on my DVR, and Katie likes No Tomorrow, so I might look into that. I really enjoyed the first few episodes of The Crown, so I will definitely go back and finish when I have time. Son of Zorn, episode 1 made me laugh a lot but I almost feel bad about it? It’s a typical sitcom except for the weird He-Man-ish bits. [I think I’m dumping Pitch, it isn’t bad, I just don’t seem to care enough to watch it. My favorite show sadly of the new season is Lethal Weapon –it’s pure escapist garbage. -K] 

As far as returning shows, the only ones I passionately adore and have watched every week are Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex Girlfriend. As far as I’m concerned, they are the best shows on network television [AGREED nothing this season has brought me as much joy as these two shows. No Tomorrow is trying to do the same things with rom-com genre subversion but isn’t quite there yet, I have hopes if the CW sticks with it it will get there. -K]. I watch Superstore too, because is a half hour and easy to fit in my schedule. We’ve also tried to keep up with the Fox comedies, but petered out during baseball playoffs.


I will be returning to my obsession with longreads soon, I promise. Until then, here’s some gifs of Raylan Givens being sexy:






What pop culture have you been  getting into lately?

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