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Every week, I post what I have been listening to, watching and reading lately.


Unquestionably, Joanna Gruesome’s poorly named Peanut Butter will be in my top records list of 2015. This makes it even more unusual that I hadn’t heard of Trust Fund, who are also from the UK, released a split with JG AND Alanna (who is sadly, no longer in JG, but that’s a frustration for another post) sings on their new LP. Seems Unfair is the SECOND record Trust Fund have put out in 2015–both it and the equally great No One’s Coming For Us are available on the band’s bandcamp–and I am so impressed that Ellis Jones can write so many catchy as shit songs. In this breakdown of each song on NOCFU, he noted that he wanted three different songs to sound like Radiator Hospital, and others to sound like Swearin’, Waxahatchee & Tony Molina. So I love all of his references and now I love him. You can get both records digitally for about $18, a low price for so much heart-swelly, head-boppy jams.

There was a time, at the height of Dayvan Zombear uploading ten albums a week, that I listened to at least five bands that sounded like The Mantles. Or The Mantles of 2012. Now they’ve signed to Slumberland with a grown-up-garage sound that none of those other bands got to find.

I think Claire Boucher is a goddamn genius and the new Grimes record builds on everything she’s ever done, but with much stronger melodies.



This week I saw Suffragette with my favorite feminist rabble-rousers. Intellectually, I liked it: I think Carey Mulligan is a lovely actress and she seems smart and I want to support her. The story certainly hit the main reasons for women demanding equality, but I had some (minor) gripes.

  • Meryl Streep should not have done press for the movie because she was in it less time than Judy Dench was in Shakespeare in Love. After the movie, I turned and told Shannon this and she said, “she didn’t help much,” which was so true. Meryl, shut your mouth.
  • The climax of the movie happened five years before women in England were granted the right to vote. I know World War I put the whole thing on hold, but it seemed like a weird place to end.
  • Even though I cried every time I saw the trailer, I didn’t cry once during the movie. And this is someone who cried for twenty minutes after all those sheep fell off a cliff in Far From the Maddening Crowd.

Inspectors 1

Inspectors 2
I am OBSESSED with this trailer Katie sent me of The Inspectors, a show about hero postal inspectors. Episode titles include “The Heart is a Lonely Scammer” and “Threatening Letters,” which would be like naming an episode about a show in MY field, “Benefits Orientation.”


The Troublemaker. Through another article, I discovered this gem written by Sam McPheeters* about a man named 26, who used to go by Doc Dart when he was in the Crucifucks, a word he can no longer say because he stopped cursing. It’s a beautifully written story of mental health, family, politics, and of course, punk rock.


Oral History of the Nerdier Half of Freaks and Geeks. Everyone knows Bill Haverchuck was the best character in F&G, one of the most perfectly wonderful but still disappointing because it was fucking cancelled, one-season shows of my college years (recently, I’ve been hurt by Ben and Kate and Enlisted). Fun fact I didn’t know till I read this: John Francis Daley wrote and directed the Vacation reboot, and wrote in a reunion for the geeks.

* Sam McPheeters was in Men’s Recovery Project and Born Against. He’s fantastic, especially his Wiki photo. Once I read a record review he wrote that said something like, “I tried to listen to this while I was vacuuming but it wasn’t very good.” He lived in Richmond for a while and I would get really starstruck when I would see him on campus or at shows.

What pop culture have you been getting into this week?

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