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Every week, I post what I have been listening to, watching and reading lately.


With a major rain storm hitting the east coast RIGHT NOW, I thought I’d make a playlist of some of my favorite songs about rain to listen to while the wind is beating on your windows and you’re scared shitless you’ll lose power. It’s only an hour, yet it includes Patrick Swayze, Cheryl Cole AND Destroyer. Enjoy. 😉



I have been spending more time than ever watching TV. Everything–The Voice, the shows I mention here, but also catching up on The Affair and Masters of Sex with our free Showtime–and I think the nondiscriminatory method that I’m bringing to me TV viewing is really helping me enjoy it more. Would I have watched Minority Report in the past? It might have made it onto the DVR but I likely would delete it after six months of inactivity like Revolution and Alcatraz.

I’m letting go and not feeling guilty at all about shirking responsibilities. While I am reading less, I feel more relaxed and I’m spending more time with friends. I know that not hiding under my blankets playing Two Dots could be because I’m happier at work, or that yoga and running have changed my outlook, or that I  just have more free time (no grad school, and sadly, fewer posts here). When I haven’t been boozing it up with my friends this week, I have watched the following shows I have attempted to review in two sentences:


Minority Report: Stark Sands is definitely the strongest actor out of the two leads, which I really notice–I hope Meagan Good can ease into sci-fi a little better–but Wilmer Valderrama sticks out like the giant F-list celebrity screwer that he is, and it’s really distracting. I’m mildly interested in where the plot is headed, and it reminds me of Fringe in early seasons with part storyline, part procedural (preventing murders each week).


Quantico: I picked a winner–I added this to the DVR based solely on the trailer in our TV preview post, and I LOVED the first episode. I was hoping it would be similar to The Good Wife, but we are in a post-Shonda world (what was I thinking??) and Quantico is a semi-serious drama that seems to touch on sexism, racism and working for the FBI with a heaping side of crazy soapy fun.


Scream Queens: In every Ryan Murphy show I’ve watched, he makes his evil characters mouthpieces for using really racist/ableist/sexist language, and I think he does it to try to show how truly evil those people (they are so evil they make fun of people with disabilities!) are but it’s lazy, cliche, and it’s starting to reflect poorly on him–like he’s really the bully here. But the clothes in this show are FABULOUS and so are Jamie Lee Curtis, Nasim Pedrad and Niecy Nash.



Since I’ve become aware of tumblr feminism and its media arm, Rookie, I have felt very warm and squishy inside towards millennial feminists. They have an even greater knowledge of history and are even more anti-patriarchy than I was at their age (and I majored in Women’s Studies!) but now they have the additional experience of growing up in a world surrounded by words like “intersectional feminism” and people like Laverne Cox. It’s just too wonderful. Adding to that millennial-feminism-excitement is the Lenny newsletter from Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, which, in the first issue, is more diverse than Girls as a whole.

The first newsletter showed up in my box Tuesday and it’s great. Besides the requisite interview with Hillary Clinton (but they talk about her shoulder dress which is wonderful), there’s a recurring piece on less known female writers and artists (this time, June Jordan, who was generally amazing, but she also created an unrealized redesign plan for Harlem), one woman’s experience with queer marriage, the triumphant return of Jessica Grose (well, to me, I am sure she has been doing other things), who has a Rookie-esque advice column about women’s health, sponsored by Planned Parenthood, and a mostly photos-free trend piece about denim.

I don’t know what Dunham and Konner have planned in the not-so-distant future for Lenny–a website? book? world domination?–but I am happy to have these emails.

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What pop culture have you been getting into this week?

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