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Every week, I will post what I have been listening to, watching and reading lately.


Salad Boys

I love this video and how he is wandering around in the woods singing into a microphone with a cord hanging off it, plugged into nothing. This song? Such a sweet bit of pop.

Laura Stevenson

I have been so out of it that I missed the news Laura Stevenson has a record coming out next month! Admittedly, I am still worried if Cocksure won’t measure up to Wheel, but “Torch Song” is pretty fucking great.

Roadside Graves

And in other Don Giovanni Records news, they’re releasing a record by one of their favorite bands, Roadside Graves. Give this song a bit of time, it gets GREAT at the end–you might also want to turn it up really loud to get the full effect of the “hallelujahs.”

Car Seat Headrest

New Matador signee Car Seat Headrest has had a cult following for years and now lives in my state and this is the FIRST I have heard them. “Something Soon” has that great jangly rock sound that is definitely getting more popular, with Beach Boys-esque harmonies.

Striking Matches

I heard about this band on Twitter and by the second listen, I was like, how do I already know the words to this? That’s because Nashville has been using their songs for a while–six in total have been used on the show. Their T Bone Burnett-produced record will make fantastic fall listening.


It’s relatively early in the new TV season, and I still haven’t gotten to Minority Report and Scream Queens, but I did watch two shows, and OF COURSE I have strong opinions about them.


Since I want to end on a happy note, I will start with The Bastard Executioner. I only added it to the DVR because I once loved Sons of Anarchy, and my husband watched it with me because he actually finished SOA, which is even more impressive. Once we got over the initial shock of the first episode being over two hours long, we settled in to watch the first episode… for approximately 30 minutes before we turned it off. PJ hates period pieces, but he also couldn’t stop talking about how many of the storylines seemed similar to SOA (daddy issues, forming a gang) and I would just rather watch Vikings because the acting is better.


And in shows that even fewer people I know liked, The Muppets was actually a really funny workplace comedy masquerading as a cute ABC sitcom–30 Rock with puppets. I am not a Muppet purist, so the characters’ inconsistencies across other shows and movies don’t register with me. I know the pilot is not always the best assessment of a show, so I hope The Muppets get weirder and throws in MORE jokes like “Dancing with the Czars” in future episodes.



Dev X Julian. Dev Hynes and Julian Casablancas interviewed each other for Oyster magazine, but the story was cut for space, and the editor chose to remove all the interesting words the two men shared about race–this is the full interview.

The Masterful Mockery of Father John Misty’s 1989 Jibes. Shortly after Ryan Adams released his cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989, FJM posted two songs, calling them covers from Ryan’s “classic” album. This is a great piece that was released the day after FJM’s songs appeared/disappeared. In response, I have been listening to “The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment” all week.

What Was Street Style? Pt 2. I think the author missed why the magic of street style fashion is gone for so many of us–the homogenization via style bloggers, most of whom don’t have jobs except taking money from mattress companies and Nordstrom–but I liked her analysis of magazine editors and fashion week. Maybe she’ll write a part three!

What pop culture have you been getting into this week?

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