Smart ladies love the 2014 Academy Awards, LIVE



It’s finally here the greatest night in Hollywood or more accurately the greatest night of FASHION in Hollywood!

Welcome to the second annual SLLS Oscar Liveblog, where we will talk about fashion, gossip, movies we haven’t seen and most of all BOREDOM (this will come around 9:30 when our sugar highs will be gone and we will have possibly drank too much for a Sunday night)!



  1. Where’s Michael Wier?

    • Hey Uncle John, Johnny Weir and Tara Lapinski are on Access Hollywood, which is produced by NBC but it doesn’t appear to be on channel 4.

  2. Good job so far guys. Thanks for the shout out Kate. I’m loving Lupita’s dress, but the green one from the BAFTAS is still my favorite

  3. Maybe no one wants to talk to the interviewers.

  4. Access Hollywood will air tomorrow at 7:30 on channel 4

  5. Lupita. Lupita. Lupita. The new darling.

  6. I liked his speech. I don’t think he is a douchebag at all.

  7. So, I wish I could dislike Jared Leto. I loved his speech. And in my eyes, he’ll always be Jordan Catalano.

  8. There weren’t too many great dresses tonight. Way too many off white, way too drab! Blah

  9. Kate you can freeze cake in small pieces, it keeps good and thaws quickly!

    • This is the greatest comment in the history of comments thanks Aunt Jackie, I had never thought of that which is weird because we used to buy those Pepperidge Farms frozen cakes 🙂

  10. While I did miss watching the Oscars with my daughter, Melissa, I must admit, I thought
    Everyone got up Saturday am and said, “What should I wear to the Oscars?” Boring outfits except for a few. Meryl looked like a sack of potatoes! Not the glam night I was expecting! Next year, I’ll make sure the wine is flowing!

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